Brothers in Arms Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Brothers in Arms



    Won a round with a Friend as a Fire Team Buddy

    How to unlock Brothers in Arms

    For this achievement you will have to play online in a Fire Team with someone who is on your friend's list. This achievement isn't too bad, as you must only win the game, and not finish first. Select a game mode like TDM where the games are short, and both teams have a pretty much equal chance at winning.

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  • any one want to team up for this achievement
  • Yeah for sure, I'll add your GT.
  • I need a buddy. Add me.
  • I need a buddy. GT BrandonJ30
  • I'm not on as often as I like, but if you add me and I am on, we can get this done along with any other online achievements. PsychoticMunkey
  • GT Smoggysplash Hit me up for a match but I have no mic tho
  • I'm going to need a buddy for this, so far I don't have any friends getting this game. GT: WARMOOTH
  • I'm confused on this one. Me and a friend have been in the same fire team and won a round but no achievement. Do we need to come in first or what am I missing.
  • Any still in need of a buddy?
  • Well this must be glitched for me. The whole game me and my friend were in a fireteam and we won and got top fireteam and I still did not unlock it.
  • Anyone can add me if you want a partner. Gone4aDuck
  • add me if you need it. Gamertag: ELITEx97
  • Everyone feel free to add me. I need this achievement and also just people to play. No one I know bought this. Gamertag is stimshady2001
  • I need buddies to play with also, and to get this achievement. Add me on XBL: ME5HUGGAH (that's a five, not an S) ;D
  • I need to get this. Add me: DroidyBaby
  • Hello, I can not unlock the achievement. At the BACK button, I click on Open Party in Fireteam A slot 1 I am, in slot 2 call this a friend of mine in my friends list, he comes in and we do it in the game. Win and finish first in team, but the achievement anything. What should I do then? thanks
  • i think you need to have the person you are doing it with as a friend on origin (battlelog)add me on xbox and battlelog and invite me to a game and we shall do this achievement :) Tacticz I B3AST
  • Tacticz I B3AST ok ;)
  • I need a buddy GT: xDecap1tatedx
  • You are trying this the wrong way basically a friend on your friends list has to be in a game already, you then click on fire team buddy and hopefully it will find said friend then you should get an option to join said friend or it will put you in a queue to join. Once you are in a game with friend you then have to win a round I think possibly be top team as well. This achievement opened for my friend only and not myself so I now have to try it the other way round in that they then join me - hope this makes sense :-)
  • I am looking for someone for this achievement. Possibly someone who has not done so and that it is now avaible and kind. My tag is DNC Black Jack.
  • Could do with a fireteam buddy for this cheevo, will be on most night this week. add me: DroidyBaby
  • Guys feel sree to add me for this one: Razer343
  • Need a fireteam buddy. GT BrandonJ30.
  • GT: apieceofenergy feel free to add me
  • Hi need this achievement add me if interested. GT: DjentLives
  • I need this achievement and will help others get this and other MP cheevos. Send msg GT: Akimbo Smokes
  • i need this one and i will help whit others GT UrsineRobert
  • i need help add my GT shadowash9169 thanks
  • I don't get this... Add me: Cheecheroo :D
  • I also need a partner for this. Add me: NullMuenze4
  • Hey does anyone want to boost for the apache achievement? My gamertag is oDrugsBunnyo420. just add me!
  • Need partner add me T6G dinosaurs
  • gt is M1sta KR4ZY
  • Gt is Filip36365. Add if you need the achievement.
  • need partner for this gt- Digi7al Ilusion
  • Looking for a partner for this, Gamertag is DamianWayne777
  • How do you get this?
  • Looking to do the online achievements, send me a message GT: GavlarNinjar

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