Warchief Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Warchief



    Unlocked all soldiers in multiplayer

    How to unlock Warchief

    You will gain this achievement when you become level 72 online. This is quite an undertaking, and will take a good amount of time.

    You can also view your progress of Battlelog under the Soldiers tab. The goal is to unlock every soldier.

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  • going to pick up the game in two hours
  • bugged
  • I have all the guys unlocked and no pop. But on battlelog it says i still need one guy. Idk what one but i have them all on the game. Maybe the download from gamestop? Idk unless its like the tour one an dunlocks after a few days.
  • I am level 77 now and didnt get the achievement for all soldiers unlocked...I read on battlelog that the last one should be swedish spec ops at level 74 or 75 but I unlocked him earlier.Dont know why. And now no achievement....any advice?
  • And one more... How do I edit my gamercard here on this website?
  • unlocked at 84
  • well thats what it said but never unblocked at 84
  • Last soldier unlocks at 72, so if you haven't gotten it yet then it is glitched for you.
  • unlocked the last solider and no achievement i liked this game online but this has ruined it for me
  • For those having problems with this achiveo, i think i have worked out the glitch, its the swedish spec op, i say this because when i select a soldier in spec op class it says its unlocked but when i look at my stats on the game and on battlelog its says i havent unlocked it, it keeps saying its my next unlock, but ive unlocked 4 or so soldiers since and it still says its my next unlock, im level 63 and it says ive unlocked 63 but i only have 62 so even tho it may say 72 out of 72, i think the game thinks that you have 71, hope this helps and someone else has seen this glitch and hope danger close or EA sort this out
  • tell a lie i do have 63 unlocked same as rank but if i count the last ones i need when i get to 72 i end up with 71 and swedish spec op still locked some major bullshity glitch
  • I am lvl 73 but still not have achievement :( battlelog schows i have 72/72 soldier unlock :/ any idea?
  • Oh my god :D i just start new game (quick match,all hotspot) and during loading map i get this ahievement :)
  • Yeah same here, just need weapon pins now
  • It is definitely glitched. I am at level 71 and it popped. Started a match, and ended up at the end of the game, I run 2 feet and die. Match over, achievement pop. WTF?
  • I got the glitch too!! @ #13/14 did you turn off the game and then start a new one or just go to the main menu?
  • This in not glitched. It unlocks once you reach rank 74.
  • If anyone wants to boost this, message me. GT: MrPeanut616
  • Hey Im trying to boost the apache achievement. Just add my gamer tag. same as user name here
  • I don't want to work for this just to have this sh** glitch on me. Man, hope it unlocks...

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