Back in the Fight Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Back in the Fight



    Completed one tour with all classes.

    How to unlock Back in the Fight

    There are 6 total online classes:
    Heavy Gunner 
    Spec Ops

    For this achievement, you must earn a total of 50,000xp per class, before awards and bonuses.

    You can also view your progress of Battlelog under the Tours tab. The goal is to have "Best Grade" for each class. You can also see your current tour progress on that screen.

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  • Hmmmm. Is a tour going to be reaching max level? Cos this might mean 950g for most people, unless it's not as long to max out as other FPS games set in a modern environment!
  • Completing a tour means getting 50,000 points. So that's 300,000 points since there are six classes.
  • It isn't too bad at all tbh.
  • This achievement is bugged jst like three others. I got this along time ago and it never came up.
  • I take what i said last night back. It unlocked that night. It just took a couple of days to go through i guess.
  • bugged for me done tour 1 on all classes and no achievement just like the unlock all soliders this needs fixing and fast i dont want another crysis dedication achievement which took me 9 months to unlock
  • bugged for me 2, best get this and the soldier one as i have put alot of time into it, so annoying
  • Mine just unlocked, with me getting my 2nd tour on the sniper, bit strange but oh well just soldiers now
  • Hello everyone, I apologize now if my english is bad, but I'm using google;). Then I wanted to tell you that I have completed the tour with all classes but no achievement. Have updated November 1. I Unlock the achievement for all soldier, but nothing for the achievement Tour. Maybe we need to do a second round of Tour? Let me know please.
  • @9 and for anyone else having this problem. The way I got this achievement was completing the very first tour of all classes, then completing one more tour once that was done. Shouldn't be this way but like I said this is how it was done for me anyway.
  • Quindi mi stia dicendo di fare il tour un altra volta?Sei sicuro?
  • Ignore the first comment ;). So telling me to do the tour one more time? Are you sure?
  • I've completed a tour with every class yesterday and no achievement popped up...i'm going for the second one now in every class...annoying! :/
  • Glitched for me too. I am way pissed. I got the Soldier achievement 1 level early. But this one is stupid.
  • I got a tour on all classes, and got another tour with a class, still not popped, what the fucking shitballs.
  • I got mines no problem,went for demo class last and it popped up straight away.all i can say is check your battlelog just in case you have miss something.
  • There is a method to get this to pop on the battlelog forums. It glitched for me the first time and I did the trick and it popped the second time through after completing another tour.
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