Job done Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Job done



    Complete 3 Combat Mission objectives

    How to unlock Job done

    In the "Combat Mission" mutliplayer game mode, you must plant and explode the bomb a total of 3 times total. These do NOT have to be all in 1 game. This mode works very similar to Rush in Battlefield, where there is an attacking and defending team for each game. The attacking team must destroy the 3 zones, while the other defends it. While on the attacking team, you'll need to plant and detonate 3 total bombs. Make sure to only arm when it is safe, and guard your bomb after you've planted it, to make sure it doesn't get defused.

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  • do you have to win the match of combat mission or just plant the bombs?
  • @1 I already won 3 matches but still dont unlocked.. maybe just plant the bombs but Im sure I already done it so anyone else with this problem?
  • i got this after i planted and detonated 3 bombs
  • Does this have to be in one game? Or can it be over a several?
  • Got this with the bombs they have to explode and I did it across multiple games.
  • This game is really beginning to piss me off. Its bad in so many different areas, but i just planted and detonated all 3 bombs in one game, quite surprised i managed it. It said on the scoreboard at the end that i had done so, but because i was dead at the precise moment when two of the bombs detonated, it only counted one!!! WTF!!! So still only have 1 out of 5 for my bomb medal and no achievement! this game is shit. Rant over.
  • Do they have to explode in one game or not??

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