Global Warfighters Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Global Warfighters



    Unlocked a soldier from each unit

    How to unlock Global Warfighters

    This should unlock for most people between the level of 13-15+. The achievement is unlocking at least 1 soldier from each unit (country), and there are a total of 12 units. This achievement can occasionally be glitchy if you do not fully complete games by quiting or disconnecting in a while that you have levelled. If you have had problems with it, just keep playing and it should eventually unlock.

    You can also view your progress of Battlelog under the Soldiers tab, by looking in vertical columns.

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  • Just play as normal and you unlock them! If you pre ordered and recieved the sniper then that speeds it up!
  • This is another achievement thats glitched for me. Im level 33 and i have yet to unlock this. This game is crap.
  • i am in 53 level, when i get it
  • i am level 80 and have all unlocked and no achievement :(
  • This game is ballz. I have 5 left and still nothing. Can't wait to finish hardcore so I can take it back.
  • whe they say unit do the mean all 6 of the same contry?
  • I have unlocked each, and every person I can. I have yet to get the achievement. My buddy unlocked it at level 25. I'm level 86, and still nothing.
  • I have just unlocked this at around level 20. Been playing multiplayer for about an hour or so. Definitely sounds glitched if some of the people with high ranks haven't unlocked it.
  • If you passed the level to get this before they patched it, I believe it doesn't unlock. I just need to find a way to get it to give it to me. :(
  • has there been a way to unlock it or just keep playing?
  • does anyone know if they fixed this yet?...ive had this for months now and this is the only achievement im missing cause of this suck ass glitch..
  • ima 104 and still dont have it...
  • Is still anyone playing this game online?
  • I'm attempting matchmaking achievements if anybody is also trying. boyd83
  • Looking for boosting partners for the online achievements. Gamertag: Akashic Buster

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