Museum Master Achievement in Megamind

  • Museum Master



    Complete "The Museum" Level as Megamind

  • How to unlock Museum Master

    Story Related and cannot be missed. Simply complete level 1, “The Museum” and the achievement unlocks shortly after grabbing the DNA Tracking device. I'm going to state it once at the beginning, play the entire game solo as Megamind. That is the only character that you can unlock the achievements with.


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  • If you were thinking about being a lame achievement whore and buying the game for achievements like the guy above, dont. I honestly dont believe 1000gs and a completion is worth 30$. The cheapest way to complete the game would be to rent it from RedBox as it is only 2$ a day.
  • Actually, I'd say that Gamefly is a better deal since those $2 purchases could add up quick if you're renting a lot of games as Megamind. Also, I've heard that only a few RedBoxes let you rent games as Megamind. Then again, this info might be outdated since I got it a while ago from a back-issue of OXM.
  • rented this game was so easy got every achievement in around 2 hours.

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