Snake Beater Achievement

  • Snake Beater



    Get caught by Otacon stimulating yourself

    This is a Metal Gear Solid 2 achievement.

    During the Tanker Chapter, go to Deck A's locker room and find the sexy poster in one of the lockers. Use First Person View while outside the locker (the locker's door must be open) and look at the poster until Snake gets excited. Immediately call Otacon to trigger a funny conversation and get the achievement.

    Refer to this video for further assistance:

  • What the fuck is this!?!
  • Hideo Kojima humor at its finest.
  • I don't remember this, does anyone else?
  • haha i remember this one =) its when you stare at a poster and call otacon link below
  • Best cheevo name ever!
  • @5 agreed the names for loads of these achievements are awesome,
  • Omg, these achievements might be better than the Halo ones lol :D
  • It appears there isn't only ONE 'Solid Snake' this time around, heh. I'll get my coat.
  • What the heck
  • O_o
  • Haha oh man...
  • Thats fucking awesome lol!
  • JUST open the door from the closet with the chick picture, look at her, then call Otacon and u gonna see Snake masturbating ! Simple !
  • I was going to get this for ps3 but I saw this achievement so I am getting the 360 version
  • wow i like to beat off to asian chick too
  • is there anyway to get this with raiden too? or is it in the tanker only?
  • There is a room in the tanker with 8 lockers and 2 or 3 posters. You can knock out this and the kissing booth achievement at the same time.
  • Omg this 1 to funny!! This worth 10g haha
  • Will have to try and get this done tomorrow. This games looking gorgeous so far upscaled. Here's hoping that the Silent Hill collection will look just as good.
  • Such a waste of an achievement tile though. Otacon pushing up his glasses? Should have been Snake's face.
  • @21 should have been like this cartoonish smile and heart eyes on snake
  • Too bad they didn't come up with Achievements for Pissing off Rose or getting pissed on or sitting through the longest Codec Transmission in MGS History.

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