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  • Problem Solved, Series Over



    Create the Ocelot Time Paradox

    This is a Metal Gear Solid 3 achievement.

    When Ocelot and the GRU soldiers are all knocked out after a cutscene, shoot the unconscious Ocelot for this achievement. Be aware that the game will be over and it will count as a kill even if you continue. If you’re going for the PEACE WALKER achievement, save your game before attempting this, and load your old save after you get the achievement.

    Refer to this video for further assistance:

  • LOLz - I remember getting the "time paradox" in MGS3 on the PS2 (without knowing about it). To get this, you need to kill Ocelot at a certain moment in the game, while he's lying on the ground unconscious, which will trigger a "Game over - you have created a time paradox". It's incredible they made an achievement for that - one of the best and most creative cheevos ever. Well done, Konami.
  • The achievement name is hilarious.
  • Lol what an achievement...
  • @1 I remember doing the same exact thing and then realized, "wait... okay, yea, this makes sense!" haha
  • Snake... you created a time paradox DUM DUM DUM DUUUUUUUM
  • This may be the greatest achievement ever. I remember doing this in the game, just to see what would happen.
  • Kojima is a artistic genious. I heard rumours of MGS5 on the web and Hideo saying its time to make it. I always think when a MGS game is over, there is no way to make another one, then Konami surprises me.
  • "Snake! You cant do that! It will create a time paradox!" i just stabbed him in the forehead 15 times
  • very funny easter egg......the 1st cut-scene you meet him in (Virtuous Mission)hes knocked out on the ground just shoot him in the head with a LETHAL weapon :)
  • I doubt it would end the series, the patriots would have another operative to send in... But they do seem to love using families in and around each other...
  • Yeah, we may have had EVA mooching around every metal gear game, spinning her broomhandle mauser.
  • Amazing.
  • I knew about this back on PS2 but I never did it except to get the Achievement.
  • hey isn't that the Colonel's voice?
  • "Snake, You've created a time paradox! You can't go changing the future like that!"

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