- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4-5/10
- Offline: 39 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate time: 25 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (Alternate endings)
- Missable achievements: 27 (See explanation below)
- Does difficulty affect Achievements? No
- Unobtainable achievements: 0
- Extra equipment needed?: None
- Avatar Awards: 0
- Cheats: 0
- Is there DLC? Yes

  • Ranger Pack
    • Achievement Difficulty: 4/10
    • Amount to 240: 10-20 hours (Depending on playthroughs)
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: None

The world of metro is a rather odd but interesting place. You play as Artyom, a survivor of a post-apocalyptic world event who lives in Moscow's metro system. You will encounter all sorts of weird creatures and hostile soldiers as you make your way through the metro. This may be a first person shooter, but it plays very differently compared to most games. You will have to think very carefully how you approach some areas and how you deal with certain enemies.

Most of the achievements will require you to complete certain events. There are several which will unlock through story progression.

1st Playthrough: (Easy/Medium/Hard)
Your first playthrough will earn you most of the achievements if you know which weapons to change over to, what to collect and what objectives need to be completed. Difficulty doesn't affect the way you play the game, though if you want a more authentic experience the harder difficulties may be more to your liking.

On your first playthrough you should be aiming to complete the following achievements:

Weapons: ("Ka-Boom!", "Pyro", "Old school", "Air gunner", "Cowboy", "Ninja", "Slice & Dice", "Heavy Metal")
Most weapon based achievements will come with just playing through the game, if you use one weapon more than another you will either need to play from a previous level or start over. are the achievements you should be aiming for.

Objectives: ("Rescue Ranger", "Raider", "DJ Artyom", "Merciful", "Quick Draw", "Soft Touch", "Invisible man", "Hedge-hopper", "Metro dweller", "Explorer", "Generous", "Realist", "Quick-witted")

Your objectives will be made of interactions with NPCs or completing small misc tasks. They're fairly easy but you will need to reload several chapters to earn them all on one go. You cannot reload chapter to earn "Soft Touch" or "Explorer".

Collectibles: ("Ranger", "Scrooge", "Sherlock")
These are mostly ammo based, if you pay attention to your surroundings and follow the guides you shouldn't have any trouble finding each locations.

Dead City Cache & Soldier Locations
Sherlock Military Grade Ammo Locations Guide

Military Grade Ammo: ("Wheeler-Dealer", "Metro Trader")
You will find Military Grade ammo all through the metro, you will need to use it to buy other items so be sure not to waste it. You will also need to use it as ammo from time-to-time.

Though this ammo is used for currency you can also use it as ammunition for your machine gun. If you are working towards the military grade achievements make sure you use other weapons that don't require Military Grade ammo. See "Scrooge" for a list of weapons that do. You can use these weapons, just make sure you have dirty rounds and don't change over to the military grade unless you have to.

Kills: ("Nosalis hunter", "Fire in the hole", "Heavy Reader", "Inquisitor", "Pathoanatomist", "Sniper")
These achievements should come from natural progression through the game. Some of them stack others don't, if you keep track of what weapons you need to use this shouldn't be too difficult.

Endings: ("Enlightened", "If it's hostile, you kill it.")
If you manage to earn the "Enlightened" ending you will be able to earn both achievements in one go. If you missed this alternative ending you will have to replay the game a second time. See "Enlightened".

2nd Playthrough: (Easy/Medium/Hard)
If you missed the alternative ending to the game where you help the Dark Ones you will need to play through and trigger the alternative good ending. You may also want to use this playthrough to earn other achievements you may have missed out on.

If you are lucky enough to trigger the alternative ending you won't need to play through a second time. If you are still missing certain achievements you can reload the level you need achievements for. If you missed "Explorer"

Ranger Pack
Difficulty Achievements:
It's important to note that the two difficulty based achievements do not stack, however it is possible to complete the game on Ranger Easy and only the last part of the game on Ranger Hardcore for credit toward both using a workaround found HERE.

NOTE: You can also do the workaround for the normal difficulties to save even more time.

Weapon Achievements:
There are multiple kill achievements based on the new weapons in this DLC (the Volt Driver and the Heavy Auto Shotgun), sticky grenades, pneumatic weapons, and the knife. You will most likely want to finish up all of the Volt Driver primary (50 kills) and secondary kills (25 kills), as well as the knife kills (50 kills), at the top of the infinite-spawning escalator enemy spawn outside of Cursed Station (See "Stunning" for a more detailed description). Doing so will free your inventory slot up for the Heavy Auto Shotgun you get in Armory Station, which you'll need to get 50 kills with. Over the duration of the game you will also need to get 30 human kills with pneumatic weapons (Helsing/Tihar), which you can get with relative ease in the stealth portions of the game, and you can also work your way toward the 15 stick grenade kills when you want to go loud in these areas for some easy sticky kills after sneaking up on an enemy.

Overall the game isn't too difficult, there are several tough enemies and several achievements require concentration. If you have managed to follow the guide and earn all the achievements and alternative endings you should be well on your way to completing this title.

[XBA would like to thank Fizzmatix for this Road Map]
[XBA would like to thank Shiftie for the DLC addition]

Metro 2033 Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
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There are 48 achievements with a total of 1240 points

  • Make 10 deals in weapon shops.

    In each friendly colony you will find weapon shops to buy upgrades and various other things. Buy 10 items and the achievement will unlock.

    You may want to stock up on several items which you will use on a regular basis. Weapons also count towards this achievement.

    These are the cheapest items but you will probably buy these on a regular basis.

    • Sticky Grenade - 20
    • Grenades - 15
    • Throwing Knives - 10
    • Gasmask Filter - 10
    • Medikit - 10
  • Exchange 500 Military Grade 5.45 rounds at Exchange kiosks.

    As you collect Military rounds you will either use them as bullets or save them to buy ammo and supply's. Once you are within the safe areas of the metro make your way to an Exchange Kiosk. At some point you will need to buy ammo, this achievement should come over time. If you don't use the kiosks on a regular basis, save your military rounds and make several large exchanges.

    Polis Quick Exchange Method
    This will be the last place where you can exchange ammunition and earn the achievement. You can do this earlier on but that's down to the players digression

    When you enter a Exchange Kiosk sell all your ammo, you should have around 260 military grand bullets in the end. Now you with your 260 bullets buy and sell the cheapest bullets back and forth until the achievement unlocks. Hold down to buy and sell faster.

    You will always sell back ammo at twice the price of buying ammo. You can do this with any ammo type, the cheaper the easier this will be to do. If you don't have enough military grade ammo to buy and sell after you have sold all your ammo you may have difficulty pulling this method off.

    Once you complete this reload your previous checkpoint and carry on as you would normally.


  • Kill 30 nosalises.

    The Nosalises will be the first enemy you encounter, you will have to fight quite a few as you progress though the story so this should come with natural progression.

  • Kill 20 lurkers.

    You will encounter Lurkers fairly early on but only briefly. They look like large mutated rats, their fairly easy to spot as they will jump in and out of holes on the walls and floor.

  • Kill a librarian.

    Librarians are fairly strong ape like creatures. They will take a lot of bullets but seem to died fairly quick when using a shotgun. You will find the first Libraian on the sub chapter "Depository". The best technique to kill these creatures seems to be walking backwards while jumping when they lunge or swipe at you.

  • Explode 10 enemies.

    Blowing an enemy up may fairly simple but may take some time. If you throw a grenade at a group of enemies they will always run out of the way. If you have access to sticky grenades throw one directly at the person you want to kill. They won't be able to run away from the grenade, you may also kill surrounding enemies.

    This achievement accumulates over time so you can reload checkpoints to earn ten kills. The last small station in "Front Line" is a good area to perform these kills.

    • Grenade
    • Sticky Grenade
  • Ranger



    Find all Ranger stashes in Dead City 1 and 2

    You will enter the Dead City towards the end of Chapter 2 "Bourbon", there are several dead solders located all over the city. Most are out in the open, others are hidden behind walls and out of view.Loot all of these soldiers for benefits and to survive this harsh wasteland. You will need all the ammo you can find.

    Be careful not to ignore any corner of the city, if you are struggling you can find all the locations in the guide below.

    Dead City Cache & Soldier Locations

  • Kill 30 enemies with the double-barreled shotgun.

    You will be given a double-barrel shotgun fairly early on while making your way to Riga. This weapon is very powerful and will kill most enemies within one shot if they are at close range. When using the standard shotgun remember to press after each shot. Killing 30 enemies shouldn't be an issue unless you trade it for an automatic shotgun.

    • Duplet (Double-Barrel Shotgun)
  • Complete levels "Ghosts" and "Anomaly" without dying.

    Once you start these two levels follow Khan and do everything he tells you. If you decide to run off you will die. When you enter the first train car move up to the middle of the car when Khan is and stay to the far left near the doors.



  • Blow up the tunnel and airlock at "Cursed" station.

    This is a story related achievement and will unlock with natural progression.

    You will need to destroy two access points with explosives. Once you destroy one tunnel and close the airlock, you will then be able to proceed on with your journey.

  • Kill 30 enemies using pneumatic weapons.

    There are several pneumatic weapons as you make your way though story. Once you find one of these weapons you will know as they have a pump stock. When you are ready to kill, pump the weapon by holding and pressing the :rt:, you will need to pump six times. Pumping allows you to deliver a stronger hit and a silent but instant kill.

    • Helsing
    • Tihar (Light Sniper Rifle with Silencer)

    These weapons are stronger and good to use for a stealthy approach.

  • Cowboy



    Kill 30 enemies using revolvers.

    This will be one of the first weapons you acquire, the revolver may be loud but packs a punch when fighting a group of enemies. Kill 30 enemies with this weapon.

    • Revolver (includes Silenced, Extended Stock and Extended Barrel mods)

    Press or to cycle through your weapon, the revolver resides in the second slot.

  • Kill 2 demons.

    There are several Demons in the game, be prepared if you decide to attack on in the open. You will be able to kill two Demons will little to no effort on the chapter "Outpost", once you climb to the roof of building you can hide in various doorways or the wooden shack with the broadcasting equipment.

    Once you find the shack on top of the building you have two options, standing in this shed will protect you from the Demons attacking. You can stand their with a weapon of choice and keep shooting until both Demons are dead.

    Another method is to use the sticky grenades which will find the shack. These grenades will kill the Demon with one grenade, though you have to time your throw and aim carefully. If you're not so good with throwing grenades just keep shooting the demons until they die.

  • Save a group of "Reds" from Fascist captivity.

    As you make your way through "Front Line" you will enter two chambers, one large and a second smaller one. Enter the second chamber and you will hear a Fascist Soldier shouting at the three Reds sitting on the ground (below the rails and to the right).

    Clear the area of the Fascist Soldiers and then you will be able to talk to the Red in the middle. There are eight soldiers in total to kill before you can talk to the captive. He will stand up when the area is safe and clear of Fascists.

    If you take too long the Fascist Soldier will shoot the captive you need to talk to.

  • Destroy fascists' Panzer.

    Towards the end of the the sub chapter "Trolley Combat" you will enter a large room with a train on the other track. A Panzer tank will enter the room on the other track and push the train car off the rails. You driver will alert you to shoot the struts holding up the track, quickly do so and the achievement will unlock.


  • Raider



    On the level "Depot" silently kill the first guard and break into the Fascist station unnoticed.

    At the start of "Depot" your driver will tell you several things about a tunnel and an upcoming abandoned station. As you turn left to enter the station, a Nazi Soldier will be standing in the middle of the tracks. As he starts to run up towards the station kill him before he gets to the platform and alerts the other guards.

    Use the machine gun and military grade ammo and shoot for his legs or head. If you go for the chest his armor will save him from a quick death. You can use other weapons but you may miss and have to attempt this several times.

    If you make a mistake reload the previous checkpoint and try again.

  • Ninja



    Kill 10 enemies with throwing knives.

    Throwing knives are fairly common once you progress into the story. You can either find them or buy them from a weapons dealer. Something that you must do with throwing knives is hold down the . Doing so will allow you to throw the knives harder and perform and instant kill. If you just throw the knife without holding down the trigger you will only injure and not kill your enemy.

    Killing 10 enemies shouldn't be too difficult, but always do it silently and stay in the shadows. You will have to do this as you progress through the game, you cannot reload checkpoints to earn these kills. You can also use the to stab people with the same knife, if you run out of knives to throw you can alternatively stab your enemies.

    These have to be 10 kills as you progress, you cannot reload checkpoints.

  • Kill 20 enemies with the knife.

    You will always carry a knife as a last resort. If you are taking a stealthy approach to most levels this will be one of the more useful weapons. This should come with natural progression, you may want to start this achievement early as you may not always want to perform knife kills.

    Press or to cycle through your weapon, the knife resides in the first slot.

  • Complete level "Armory" without getting caught.

    This is a story related achievement but missible if you die.

    Once you enter the Armory follow the man who helps you escape, make a sharp turn left when he stops and puts his hands in the air to direct you. Follow the catwalk and the achievement will unlock.

  • On the level "Outpost" reach the radio tower and broadcast the commander's message.

    As you make your escape from the Nosalises on "Depot" you will find your way through to "Defense". Here you will need to help defend a friendly station. Once you help the soldiers the commander will talk to you, then give you a tape to broadcast. Take this tape through to "Outpost" and climb to the roof of the building you need to pass through. Play the tape using the radio and tape player.

    Remember to take the tape from the commander, he will place it on the floor. Press to collect the tape and proceed through to "Outpost".

  • Complete the level "Black Station" without killing any Fascist Soldiers.

    Make sure you take your time while completing this level. Blow out all gas lamps and break all lights. Remember, if your watch doesn't have a green light you will be seen if an enemy is close enough.

    This level is fairly short so you can run half the level while being shot at. It seems to be the fastest way to make it through the level, just make sure you sneak until you have to cross the main part of the station.


  • Pyro



    Kill 5 enemies with a flamethrower.

    Shortly after the library you will start your your journey to D6. As you make your way down the lines of "Dark Star" you will need to open a door. You will be attacked by Nosalises and be told to use the gun on the back of the train. You should have no problem killing five enemies with the flamethrower, it's fairly powerful and will kill the Nosalises very quickly.

    This is the only spot in the game to do this so make sure you use the flamethrower.

  • Kill 5 amoebas.

    As you descend to the reactor of D6 to bring the power back online, you will have to fight you way past a small horde of Amoebas. They die fairly easy, but if they get to close they will explode and cover you in a harmful substance. You shouldn't have any issues killing these small but deadly green blobs.

    Try to keep your distance from the Amoebas as they will kill you very quickly. As you progress and protect Miller shoot the pods that the Amoebas appear from. This will make this section a little easier but you still need to be quick.

  • On the level "Hunter" kill the nosalises before they break through the ventilation grilles.

    Shortly after you meet the "Hunter" you will need to defend the wounded and sick from the Nosalises. Pick up the revolver on the right side of the room and shoot at any Nosalises that appear in the vents.


  • Disarm 10 wire traps.

    You will run into traps all through the metro tunnels. Most are hard to see so be very careful as they will kill you instantly. When you encounter a tripwire you may have the option to disarm it. If you do, press when the disarm logo pops up on the screen. Disarm 10 traps and the achievement will unlock, not all traps can be disarmed so check each one carefully.

    You will find traps in the following locations:

    • Dead City 2
    • Front Line 5
    • Defense 4
    • Outpost 3
  • Sniper



    Make 25 headshots.

    This may come naturally to some players, if you are taking the stealth approach to most levels you will be able to take down enemies with a single head shot. Steady your shots and aim for the head. If you are already in a heavy firefight make sure you destroy all lights in your area and carefully aim at your enemies. They won't be able to see you as well which allows for easy headshots.

  • Kill 15 enemies using stationary machine gun.

    There are several stationary guns throughout the game, when you do find one press to mount the gun. Mobile stationary guns also count towards this achievement.

    "Front Line" has several stationary guns through the station, you should be able to kill around 5 soldiers within this area. You will then need to proceed into the next sub chapter "Trolley Combat", play through this chapter and to try kill as many enemies as you can. You may need to reload the checkpoint until you kill enough people.

    This achievement doesn't accumulate over time so you need to do it as you progress.

    You will find stationary guns on the following levels:

    • Cursed
    • Front Line
    • Trolley Combat
  • Complete "Frontline" level without killing anyone.

    This achievement is fairly straightforward, but it's very easy to make a mistake and become noticed. If you are playing on easy you can just run through the level, though you will miss out on several key items and events. If you follow the video below you will be able to work towards the "Soft Touch" achievement and find several additional items and soldiers.


    Note: If you want to earn the achievement "Hedge-hopper" you will have to load the chapter a second time.

  • On the level "Frontline" kill all of the enemy Red Army and Fascist Soldiers.

    Once you start the level take your time and kill everyone in the station. There are several wounded and captive soldiers on the lower levels which you must also kill. Take your time and check every corner of the tunnels.

    There are several locations, make sure you check them all.

    + Two soldiers behind you in the tunnel
    + Two wounded inside the tunnel to your left once you ever the main chamber
    + 20 or so soldiers in the main chamber (upper and lower decks)
    + Three soldiers in a small stairwell off to the right as you make your way to the second tunnel area(see Invisible Man video for location)
    + Three Fascists sitting on the ground in the second chamber.
    + Two Red Army soldiers driving a Combat Trolley

    There are around 30 or so Red Army soldiers between both chambers.

    If you want to earn "Rescue Ranger" at the same time proceed to the second chamber, kill everyone and unlock "Hedge-hopper". Once the achievement unlocks press and reload the previous checkpoint, you can now save the Fascists and earn both achievements. See "Rescue Ranger" for further details.

  • Save 500 military grade rounds.

    There are two types of ammo within the metro system. One is a general "dirty" ammo which you will use as a common ammo source. Military grade ammo on the other hand can be used as ammo, but you will also need to use it as a currency.

    This achievement requires you to pick up and hold 500 military rounds at once. The ammo which is used as currency will be used in your machine gun, and several other weapons. If you want to save up plenty of rounds I suggest you use an alternative gun until you have found 500 military grade rounds.

    The following guns use military grade ammunition. Be very careful and check your ammo source before firing these weapons:

    • Bastard (Metro standard issue Machine Gun)
    • Kalash (AK-47)
    • Kalash 2012 (modded AK-47)
    • VSV Rilfle (Automatic Sniper Rifle)

    If you have dirty rounds for your gun, but have Military Grade rounds loaded hold down the to switch over the rounds you are using.


Secret achievements

  • A true metro citizen. You know everyone and have seen everything.

    This achievement unlocks and different times, for different people. After the "Prologue" you can wonder around "Exhibition" and "Riga". As you start out press on every door you can, and listen to every single conversation going going on. Once you encounter someone new stop for a moment and listen to what they have to say.

    If you knock on all the doors and listen to all the conversations you will unlock this in the bar when you get to "Riga". You will still need to listen to several conversations but the achievement will unlock soon after.

  • There is no place in metro you did not visit

    For this you need to explore every single room and area you can find. The achievement unlocks at different times depending on where you go. If you look in every single room when you enter each new area, you shouldn't have any issues with this achievement. You may notice when you find new areas, bodies or items the screen will flash either white or a warming red.

    There is reason to believe locating a certain amount of dead soldiers unlocks this achievement. If you look in every location and find as many bodies as possible you should unlock this no later than the "Caves".

  • Help the poor, a coin for the kid, medicine for the sick. You help everyone you see.

    The requirements for this achievement are fairly straightforward and won't cost you too much. You will need to make one donate in "Exhibition" and two in "Riga".

    Once you start the level make your way to the market, you will find several people sitting on a bench (Just across from the weapon dealer). Look for a man who will ask you for a bullet as his kid is sick. Given him one of your bullets.

    After you have finished in the bar head down stairs, directly at the bottom of the stairs you will find several poor/homeless characters Give one of them a bullet and turn your attention to the kid standing in the doorway on your right. The kid will ask for a bullet to take you to a man, give him one of the your bullets and the achievement will unlock.

    If you want to complete "Realist" in the same playthrough reload your previous checkpoint.

  • A coin for a hungry kid? Get a job.

    Once you get to Riga you will encounter a child who asks for a bullet to guide you to a stranger. Press to say no and the achievement will unlock.

  • Found all gold ammo, hidden throughout the stations.

    You will collect Military Grade ammo to use as currency through the game. You will find this ammo hidden around each station. Most of it is fairly easy to spot, others aren't. You will need to look in every location possible.

    Sherlock Military Grade Ammo Locations Guide

  • What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

    This is a story related achievement.

    This will unlock once you complete the Prologue and first encounter the Nosalises.

  • Break the support and activate the chandelier in less than 20 seconds.

    Shortly after you enter the Library you will need to make your way around a balcony full of hanging tentacles. Once you get to the end of the balcony jump through the hole in the wall.

    Shoot the plank holding the door shut, once you are let out of the room run directly to your left and to the door at the very end. Turn to your right and shot through the door, once through the door aim up towards the chandelier and the achievement will unlock.

    If you're not fast enough just reload the chapter and try again.


  • Find the truth.

    This is a story related achievement, but missible.

    This is an alternative second ending to the game. In this ending you will save the "Dark Ones" from a horrible demise.

    Requirements for Enlightened ending
    This guide is rather lengthy but very detailed, everything you need to know about completing this ending can be found here.

    You will know if you have this alternative good ending by the time you make your way up the tower. There are several differences from the bad ending. The first is that the Dark Ones will say "he can hear us", "he can help us".

    Once you place the laser targeting system down you will see another vision of soldiers and Dark Ones fighting. Complete the dream sequence and shoot the Dark One at the end. You will return to the real world where Khan will be talking to you. As you stand up the targeting system will be counting down from 20, the Dark One will then reach towards the system, shoot the targeting system. This will then trigger a different outcome.

    If it's hostile, you kill it
    Once you have earned the "Enlightened" achievement you can reload your previous checkpoint, allow the game to carry on without destroying the targeting system. Doing so will earn you this achievement in the same playthrough.

  • Become a true ranger.

    This is a story related achievement.

    This is the most common ending to the game. This is considered the bad ending which if you listen to all conversations in the game explains its self. If you run through the game at your own pace you will most likely end up with this achievement.

    Unlike the "Enlightened" achievement the Dark Ones will say you are there to kill them and you must be stopped. Once you reach the end you will have no other options but to watch the video at the end of the game.

DLC: Ranger Pack

There are 9 achievements with a total of 240 points

  • Complete the game in Ranger Mode Easy.

    See "Last Man Standing" for more information.

  • Complete the game in Ranger Mode Hardcore.

    First off, the two new difficulty achievements DO NOT stack. However, you can find a workaround HERE which allows you to finish the game on Ranger Mode Easy and then redo the last checkpoint on Hardcore.

  • Gunman



    Kill 50 enemies with heavy automatic shotgun.

    The heavy automatic shotgun is one of the two new weapons in the game. It is first available after the chase sequence in Armory Station (it's the big gun on the bed you start next to). It's very important to get it here, otherwise you may miss out on the achievement. Note that it will also appear in Sparta in the pile of weapons obtained from Vladimir. The gun has a big clip and high power so getting kills with it isn't overly difficult.

  • Kill at least one enemy with each weapon available in the game.

    The list of weapons is as follows:

    • Trench Knife: Starting weapon.
    • Throwing Knife: Can be found on Bourbon's gear in Dry Station, and most humanoids thereafter.
    • Revolver: Starting weapon. Dropped by most humans in the game.
    • Bastard: Starting weapon. Frequently dropped by enemies in the early portion of the game, and occasionally later on.
    • Duplet: Given to you while on the cart during The Chase. These are more frequently found on random corpses, than on enemies that you kill.
    • Kalash: Found at the end of the tunnel behind you at the start of Dry Station. Mid to late game humans carry them as well.
    • Kalash 2012: Can be acquired from Polis, Sparta or D6. These are not carried by enemies.
    • Helsing: Can be acquired at Dead City 1, Front Line, Defense and Outpost. Relatively hidden in each location, so keep your eyes peeled.
    • VSV: Can be purchased in the Armory. Can also be acquired at Black Station from Ulman, as well as a couple of locations later in the station. Also found in Sparta, and D6. These are very rarely carried by late game humans.
    • Tihar: Can be acquired from Lost Tunnels (head down the left tunnel near the start of the area to find it near a corpse), as well as Frontline.
    • Volt Driver: Can be acquired at the bandit station in Lost Tunnels (near the campfire), Armory Station (after the chase sequence, you can only take this or the heavy auto shotgun), or Sparta on the weapons rack.
    • Automatic Shotgun: Among the gear that Bourbon leaves behind at the beginning of Dry Station. Commonly carried by late game humans.
    • Heavy Automatic Shotgun: Can be acquired from Armory Station (on the bed after the chase sequence) or Sparta (weapons rack).
    • Grenade: Can be acquired from various human enemies, loot, merchants, etc.
    • Sticky Grenade: Can be acquired from various human enemies, loot, merchants, etc.
  • Get 50 kills with Volt Driver.

    See "Stunning" for more information.

  • Get 25 kills with alternative fire of Volt Driver.

    The Volt Driver is the second new weapon in the DLC, and it can be found in a few locations through Metro. The first location is in the Lost Tunnels, on an ammo bag near the campfire in the first room full of bandits (it's important that you get it here). You will also find it on the bed next to the heavy auto shotgun (you can only choose one, and I recommend you choose that), and you'll find it a third time in Sparta base on the weapon rack.

    The gun's power is based on its charge, which you must increase in a similar fashion to the NVGs or flashlight, but in this case you need to hold and tap to charge. This is very important to get the secondary fire kills needed for stunning (press to do a melee shock attack - aim for the head), and can mean the difference between one-shot kills and 0 damage. I recommend using only the Volt Driver until you reach the auto shotgun in Armory.

    Farming kills - When you're outside of Cursed Station and you need to blow up the tunnel and the escalator entrance, park yourself at the top of the escalator for an infinite stream of enemies, so long as you don't block off the entrance. Because they appear in groups, I would recommend getting Stunning done prior to this, and using the primary here as it is safer against groups.

  • Kill 30 humans with only pneumatic weapons.

    The Tihar and the Helsing are both pneumatic weapons, signified by their pumping mechanism which increases their damage. Be sure to keep the weapon pumped to maximum pressure using and obviously kill humans with it (they don't need to be consecutive kills).

  • Kill 50 mutants with your knife.

    This achievement is a pretty good reason to start on Ranger Easy first, as you will be taking quite a bit of damage while trying to stab enemies to death. While you can finish off enemies with the knife that you softened up with a gun, it's less reliable if you constantly kill the target with the gun on accident. Luckily, the alternate attack can be quite powerful if you aim properly (note: throwing knives do not count for this, primary or alternative fire).

    Farming kills - You can effectively farm kills for this alongside the Volt Driver kills at the top of the escalator outside of the Cursed Station (See "Stunning" for more detail).

  • Kill 15 enemies using sticky grenade.

    To effectively get a kill with a sticky grenade you'll want to stick the grenade to your target, as they'll run away from the grenade otherwise. Multiple kills with one stuck grenade will count toward this achievement. Sneaking up on enemies to ensure you stick the grenade to them is a good tactic. Other than that, you should get this over your playthrough via sticky grenades that you pickup and/or purchase from merchants.

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