Reunion Achievement in Metro: Last Light

  • Reunion



    Find and return the crying child's Teddy Bear.

  • How to unlock Reunion

    You will find the child crying with his mother across from where the shooting gallery is. He'll say he lost his bear by the shooting gallery after he was yelled at. Head over there, and begin. You will need to complete all three rounds before the curator gives you the teddy bear. Use weapons that have a medium-sized clip, and decent range. Avoid using weapons like the Helsing, Tihar or Bolt-action rifle. Stick with the Bastard, Kalash, or the Revolver. You'll need to kill 5 rats in 40 seconds in the first round, 10 rats in 40 seconds in the second round, and 15 in 40 seconds in the third and final round. You'll receive a nice amount of gold, as well as the Teddy bear. Head back over to the kid, and hand it over for the achievement.

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  • Awwwww :3
  • Complete the third round of the shooting range in Venice the kid is straight back from the stairs
  • In venice
  • Load up the "Venice" level, and after the boat sequence, find the shooting range. Pay the man to play the shooting game, win, and collect your earnings. Repeat this three times, and he will give you a teddy bear. Then, walk directly across from the shooting range the give the bear to the boy. Check out the video below for a more detailed description:
  • This can be done in Venice after you get off the boat. Just beat the minigame 3 times and you acquire the bear. Afterwards just go behind from where the minigame is straight and deliver it to the boy
  • you see teddy bears in a whole load of other levels "only if I knew teddy bears were in demand"
  • This was kinda BS all that money I spent just to get the Bear but, I did feel better after giving the child Bear :3
  • #7 Erm mate you don't lose bullet's you actually gain a lot. I got like 50 Extra after doing that rat kill shooting range.
  • I found this achievement fun. Got it on my first try. A friend told me where to look out for the child because i thought i had missed it. One good deed done... to bad the rest of the game was killing everything that moved. :P

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