Shadow Ranger Achievement in Metro: Last Light

  • Shadow Ranger



    Complete the game without killing any Humans unless forced to.

  • How to unlock Shadow Ranger

    This will require an entire play through on its own. This is obviously done much more easily on the Easy difficulty. There are a few points in the game that will require patience as well as cunning. The best option is to use stealth throughout the entire game, and using the to knockout opponents when you need to. Killing mutants does not void this achievement, so do not worry about killing them.

    Red Square
    When playing through the game, you will come to the Red Square level where you must face off against Pavel and his crew of snipers. Do not kill any enemies here. The best strategy is to wait near the back of the area where you are protected. After waiting for a bit, Pavel will send the snipers down to take care of you personally. When they reach you, you will have the ability to knock them out. When this group is knocked out, you can proceed to the door, as Pavel will send more guards to take care of you. Knock these guys out, too, and proceed to where Pavel is.

    There is only one point in the entire game where you are forced to kill an enemy human. This happens at the end of the game with the Flamethrower. During this point, you are allowed to shoot your opponent. You may use the Minigun to kill the shielded enemies, so killing the Flame Thrower enemy is easier to kill. However, please note that it is possible to kill the Flame Thrower enemy with a sniper rifle. You do not need to kill the shielded enemies.

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  • ...930G maybe?
  • Maybe there will be a way to incapacitate enemies, or even avoid them. Hopefully the game will give you a prompt like 'you can kill these guys' and 'done for now, avoid more kills'.
  • This one is glitchy
  • Doesn't sound THAT hard... It's just a mostly stealth playthrough.
  • Homaz, could you fuck off please.
  • Surely there will be a way to take humans down non lethally. If not just do this on an easy difficulty.
  • Just run, don't shoot anything.
  • looks like a PAIN!
  • Seems like the only original achievement in the list. I'm surprised they didn't just go with the typical "kill N enemies with X weapon for 5 G" type of shit.
  • Seems like this game will take two playthroughs then as there is an achievement for killing 100 human enemies. But thats not bad this may be a pain though.
  • @#10 It says you can kill humans when "forced" (however the game handles that). Theoretically, if there are 100 humans you are forced to kill throughout the game and you stealth everyone else, you could get both in one playthrough.
  • i'm guessing the human enemy would be the bandits or German soldiers like off M2033
  • sweet cant wait to yell at myself when i fuck up lol
  • This is a game that is meant to be played more than once. Hopefully everyone enjoys it enough to do that anyway. I played the first one at least 3 times that I remember. Has a very unique feel that at least I could experience many times without getting bored.
  • Homaz is right. I beat this game like april 1st and it didnt unlock!!! definitely glitched.
  • Somewhat spoilers ahead. So, I completed the game as nonlethal as I could and didn't get it. Knocked out every enemy that I encountered, knocked out the two Nazis when rescuing Pavel from being hung, spared both Pavel and Lezninsky, only killed enemies during Pavels base (only the ones on the ground, not the ones in the windows), rescuing the dark one from the train and during the last stand. I'm thoroughly convinced it's either glitched or the expectations for the achievement are unrealistic.
  • I don't think you are supposed to kill the guys on the ground either. i believe that you can run past them once you shoot out the lights. i would think you could load chapter from there and try from then on.
  • @16 during that fight in red square you dont have to shoot anyone on the top floor except the one with the red laser sight the rest is just a waiting game till they open the door. I knocked out every single human, saved to Pavel and the other guy as well as by passed as many mutants as I could. the only guys I killed was the flamethrower guy and the guy on the train car where you untie that guy on "bandits" and all I got was the good ending? I wonder what they mean by "forced to" that might answer alot.
  • So far I have not been forced to kill a single person and I'm almost done with the game.
  • @#15 what do you mean you beat it April wasn't even out yet. And it is not glitchy.
  • I am now in the QUARANTINE level and i have not killed anyone.
  • I finish the game whitout killing anyone but the flamethrower at the end and i still not got the achivement
  • @ #18 do u have to kill the guy on the train car because I cnt get around it
  • I did yes I tried to get up on the train and knock him out. I only killed 2 humans the whole game him and the flamethrower guy at the end. and I DID NOT get the achievement. but to answer yes I did kill him. not sure there is another way unless you can make him get down from the train but dont try that while trying to save the people because you will need to alert him.
  • god damn I want to progress in the game but I don't know if I should kill him
  • Yeah I hear ya maybe try to alert him like throw a grenade at him see if you cant get him to jump down you wont be stealthy but that might work
  • For the guy on the train, when i closed the light near him he get off the train, or you can simply knock him out ( i did it ). My only human kill in the entire game was the flamethrower at the end, but i did not get the achivement. But i killed someone by mistake and load the last checkpoint. I will try to beat the game again whitout this mistake.
  • when you kill the flamethrower guy he blows up killing the riot shield guys too any ideas on how to not do that? and also when you shoot the tank and it blows up that can kill a few guys too. thanks for the tip on that train guy tho that was annoying
  • i turn on the light but he dosent get down. how do u knock him out when hes on the train
  • Anyone know how to beat the final platform without killing anyone? Im stuck on the tank.
  • So basically by the sound of it cant kill anyone? -.- yay the fun but curious can you kill the prison gaurds well in the prison basically chapter 3 or do I gotta crawl past them?
  • BioSkell - Just so you know im on the last chapter and have not killed anyone. Just sneak behind EVERYONE and knock them out (X button) and if push comes to shove just run and health pack it.
  • I just got shadow ranger. Shooting Only the spots lit in red on the tank. And shooting the shields off the flame thrower group and letting the other guys take the kills
  • And havnt killed a single person period threw out the rest of the game. No exceptions to those who said I only killed that one guy or these few people. It means nobody.
  • jisulive - thanks. Im gonna give it a shot. the tank part just has me stumped.
  • does anyone know how to get past the guy on bandits
  • I'm not sure "forced" is when you get caught and need to kill them or they will kill you.
  • Playing Ranger hardcore, but cant get past the two rail cars after the river of fate. Before you board the train, they keep on killing me.
  • Got up to The Chase level on ranger hardcore without killing anyone. I don't see any way to get passed that level without kills.. unless you're on a lower difficulty or something.
  • Yeah, I'm stuck on The Chase too. I managed to get onto the train by taking meds in the sidecar but there's no cover on the train because the bullets go right through the boxes. Tried knocking out the first guy but most of the time he won't let me because he's ducking or because I die while doing the knock out animation. Tried just charging forward at a run and I die almost immediately. Can anyone who got past this part illustrate how they did it?
  • P.S. Okay, I can knock out the first two guys if I'm lucky but after that there are two shotgunners who just kill my ass immediately after I drop the second guy. Man, I did not put this many hours into a Hard No Kill run just to find out it's impossible on this difficulty level.
  • Okay if any one has a problem somewhere in the game with getting this achievment just message me GT is JiSuLIVE and ill offer help. I really didnt have trouble except the end of the game. Feel free to massage me on here or xbox. and yes, i got the achievment lol.
  • @42, feel free to massage you? Sorry can't help you there, but I will ask what you did for the tank part on the last level? Do I have to worry about hitting any guys in the process of trying to shoot the tank and what is the part that gave you trouble in the last level? I'm on The Crossing right now but I'm just worried about things I've heard about the sniper part & the last battle. I'm really worried about making a mistake at the end.
  • LOL! Why not? Haha my bad for the typo. Message. Okay pick up the sniper, and just wait a few minutes and try to hit the middle of the tank, do not hit people. And soon there will be parts that light up red. The connectors to the wheels, then the wheels, then the gun. As long as you hit the red areas, youll be fine. there will be an explosion and people will die. Just dont directly shoot someone in the process lol. After that explosion comes even a harder task. The shield team. What you do is with the gatlin gun knock the shields off the people, and let your team mates do the killing. once all the shield guys are gone the flame thrower guy will be mowed down. Bla bleep. Cheevo. Once the cut scenes start.
  • It's impossible. I got to the checkpoint right before you're supposed to jump and I have no health packs. I die every time. This is ridiculous.
  • Just a heads up "The Chase" does not count against this achievement because they are shooting at you first.
  • #46 Not sure to believe you but I want to know if this is true because doing this on Ranger is really bullshit I cant get to the 4th guy im lucky enough to get to the 3rd on the train hell I was lucky just being able to get on the train.
  • God I love the creator's of this game -.- yeah enemie's have infinite ammo they can also see you right through boxes yeah sure that's bloody realistic.
  • i tried this twice now making sure i only knocked people out and not killing them, i only killed the flamethrower guy and riot sheild guys. the achievement did not pop. am i not supposed to shoot the sheilded enemies? reallydont wanna play it again and get the same outcome. alot of wasted time :(
  • #49 i just did that and nothing popped up for me too. WTF is going on with this stupid cheevo is it glitched?
  • If you erase "Preferences" from your Hard Drive for 'Metro last light' specifically, then replay D6 with only killing the flamethrower guy you'll get it. I had actually killed guys on the Chase level and Redline (the one with the snipers) and this achievement still popped. I saw this somewhere else on the internet I just can't remember the name of the guy who told me how to do it. But for some reason erasing the Preferences erases any records of your kills. I should also mention i did this after erasing Ranger mode and then downloading it again to get those two achievements. Not sure if they're related. Hope this helps.
  • Complete the game, delete game preferences in memory, replay D6 only killing the flamethrower, achievement unlocked. Saves another playthrough.
  • Just did as #51-52 said and it worked like a charm. I actually killed the shielded guys through the slits to expose the flamethrower guy, then blasted him in the tank. 'Cheevo popped during the final cutscene.
  • now i figured it out just try to knock out only the ppl in your way try to avoid knocking ppl out for some reason i did this and then at the end got the cheevo.
  • Thanks for that #51 & 52 that also worked for me after having a failed run. However I think it has also erased the progress towards all the other achievements, when I played D6 again I could pick up the notes again then I checked and they were all GONE, luckily I got them all yesterday!
  • How do you delete game preferences? or do you mean saves
  • would have to be the most annoying achievement on this game to get.
  • nr.51&52 thank you so much.only erased preference and played d6.hoppa.
  • Curious, if you shoot and thing in the prologue will it void the achievement?
  • Hi, This achievement tend to glitch, so here is what you want to do (easy way). Simply play the game as usual and kill people, don't bother sparing them all, just play as normal. After you complete the game, when you get the ending and then the game backs you to main menu. Go to your Xbox360 settings, storage, hard drive then to section where your Metro Last Light saves are stored and there delete PREFERENCES. Then come back to game and start a game from chapter select 'D6'. simply complete the level killing ONLY the FLAMETHROWER guy and wait till end. And here you go, a cheevo for you. Easy and 100% working. Hope it helps.
  • What i want to know is can i kill creatures or is this achievement for people only? there are plenty of parts were it seems like id HAVE to kill them, like when waiting for the ferry. Also, how would you get past the ambush in The Red Line.
  • it's tied to people only. I'm pretty sure that you can't get past the ambush in The Red Line, it's part of the game.
  • Wow that erase preference thing actually worked!
  • Im typing this during the battle on D6 but I erased as said in 51 and then i remembered I only had 1 note to collect lol gutted..but I am doing another play anyway
  • #60 i didnt think that would actually work, but it did! thanks dude for this helpful tip, got metro 100 percented alot quicker cuz of you
  • yup, just got the bloop after deleting preference and killing only the flamer guy
  • Confirmed. Deleting my preferences worked like a charm.
  • The dark ones / watch men at the very begining count as humans, as when you kill them human bodies fall to the floor, you are forced to kill one of them,
  • I think I failed this. I remember going through the Reich stations. There were 2 instances, where I came up on Reich soldiers that surrendered to me but I was trigger happy. :(
  • I got this legit.. Really not bad at all. It reminded me of Deus Ex a little lol but that was a lot more difficult. It seems like a lot of people just did the little "Preferences" trick.. Idk.. for me at least, I enjoyed working towards this cheev and getting it normally. Just use stealth, avoid firefights and stay hidden. Theres almost always an alternative path through. :-)
  • I cannot help wondering whether I am going to fail this achievement because as I go through the Depot level, when I knock them unconscious I then take their filter, which I would imagine would have the effect of killing them. I wonder whether that therefore counts as a kill? In other words, should I not take their filters?
  • I cannot help wondering whether I am going to fail this achievement because as I go through the Depot level, when I knock them unconscious I then take their filter, which I would imagine would have the effect of killing them. I wonder whether that therefore counts as a kill? In other words, should I not take their filters?
  • Simply move the preferences under the Metro Last Light file into a USB and remove it. Do not delete it. Choose the D6 level and dont kill the enemy, let your partner do it. Destroy the train and only Kill the flamethrower guy at the end. The achievement should pop up later.
  • The Delete preferences trick worked like a champ. Deleted preferences, played D6, only killed flamer. Boom Achievement Popped. Thank you all for the help.
  • If you came here to look for a solution for the PC version - it works the same way! 1. Go to C:UsersAppDataLocal4A GamesMetro LL11000010177f61b (or similar) and delete / move the User.cfg. 2. Load the D6 chapter and shoot only the 4 highlighted points on the tank, as well as the flame thrower (with a sniper rifle). 3. Achievement unlocked! WARNING: deleting the user.cfg will reset your diary (collectibles) progress, and presumably also the music instruments. It will keep your morality points though.
  • At the very beginning of the game do not kill any of the " mutant " because they are in fact your friends ,you will kill one in the small cut scene but that does not count, stealth everywhere you can , I found that I didn't even need to knock out 75% of the people I did in my first play through if you are having trouble on the train you can run up to the enemies and quickly knock them out until you get to the heavy armour guy in the back , just wait for him to get close and run past him, the cut scene will start, in the red square you can wait and knock out the final wave of guards when they open the door leading to Pavel who you obviously must save , needing ONLY kill the flame thrower in D6, which is easily done with the sniper rifle.
  • Also just using the heavy machine gun at the end to finish off the flamethrower works just as good, I still ended up getting the bad ending.
  • You can kill people while trying to get on the train with Khan and everyone in the last mission is fair game.
  • Right after the door opens after the snipers in Red Square, how do you get up the stairs? I keep dying here b/c I am trying not to kill him.
  • @#79 You can still shoot him, the only way to kill him is to decide to leave him to die.
  • Well, I haven't killed anyone and since this was my 3rd playthrough I say FUCK IT, this cheevo didn't unlock and I'm very pissed. I repeat, I didn't kill anybody and you don't unlock?! I'll play the dlc's since I have the season pass then I'm done with this shit, I can't stand this game anymore.
  • Completely works ... Thanks to #51 & #52 Deleted the game preference and reload D6 And only killed the flamethrower easy pop up :))
  • preferences trick works fine, but deletes your musical instruments and diary notes progress, do this achievement last
  • This chase scene with Khan really is a pain. I keep dying!
  • Some one knows how to beat that Chase scene?
  • I tried doing this legit, didn't kill a single person other than the tank, and the flame-thrower guy. Needless to say it's a tad glitchy so if you read this before trying it. Don't even bother, just do the deleting preferences glitch to make it unlock. I did it after retrying the chapter a few times trying to get it to unlock, and it worked first try. Good luck.
  • If anyone is wondering if you accidentally click kill instead of knockout and pause mid kill then try and reload this will NOT work.
  • Just got done deleting preferences and only killing the flamethrower guy on D6 and achievement popped. Thanks #51.
  • Deleting preferences also works when you missed the True Spartan achievement in D6 somehow. I played on regular hardcore and got killed in the process, while I had to reload the checkpoint. But after I received the bad ending (which you will get because the newer preference file contains no moral points) I also got Shadow Ranger and True Spartan.
  • Warning!!!! If your going for all the diary pages, musical intruments, good moral points, and no kills in the the same playthrough, wait till after finishing the game to delete your preferences. Doing so will delete all your progress in the mentioned areas, causing you to have to restart from the beginning. Just realised this halfway through the gAme.... :/ Im sure someone metioned it already, but i didnt take the time to read through all the messages
  • Un fucking believable - I spent hours stealting the game, ensuring I didn't take a single life, even with Pavel. I did unlock "redemption" but didn't get shadow ranger, which is bullshit. I never even fired a bullet at a human... Guess I won't be getting this one
  • Yep, glitchy achievement, I didn't even get redemption despite being a saint in the playthrough. Oh well, not every game can be perfect I suppose.
  • Still glitched, in case anyone needs to know. But do what 73 says, just move your "preferences" to a usb and move it back after popping. Saves tons of time
  • This achievement was easy, literally do not kill any person, human, through out the whole game. "Knocking Out" someone does not count as killing. There are missions where you have to rush and knock people out left and right like Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson. Utilize your med packs at these times. Do not kill people to make the mission go by faster, sooner or later the game will realize you are not killing anyone and just continue through. The only guy you have to shoot is the flamethower guy at the end, just kill him with a sniper rifle, the high powered one. I did this my first try, easy achievement, anyone bitching about it most likely made a mistake somewhere and fucked up and didn't realize. DO NOT KILL ANY HUMAN, except the flamethrower guy at the end, don't even risk killing the
  • shield guys at the end, just kill the flamethrower guy with the high powered rifle. And for the mission you are with Kahn riding the railcar, duck down at the beginning, use a med pack when your screen turns red, then the cutscene of Kahn blowing up the railcar in front of you will play. Then when you are on the train, that's when you utilize your med-kits.

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