- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 50 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 Playthroughs (See Preparation part of Roadmap).
- Number of missable achievements: 3 ("Shadow Ranger," "The Musician" and "Redemption").
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None
- Is there DLC? Yes

  • Ranger Pack
    • Time to 110: 10 hours
    • Difficulty: 6/10
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: Yes, (G). See Roadmap.
  • Faction Pack
    • Time to 90: 2 hours
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: No.
  • Tower Pack
    • Time to 30: 2 hours
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: No.
  • Developer Pack
    • Time to 60: 3 hours
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: 1; “Arachnophobia” (see description).
  • Chronicles Pack
    • Time to 60: 2 hours
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: No.

Welcome to Metro: Last light, the thrilling sequel to Metro 2033. The game is set in post-apocalyptic Russia. You will take the role of Artyom, the main protagonist from the previous game. There are a total of 50 achievements for 1000. There are currently no glitches or unobtainable achievements. The game is rather straight forward, and all achievements reflect that. Players have the ability to select levels from the main menu if any achievements are missed while playing the story.

First things first, when dealing with the collectables, check out this guide here. When collecting the diary pages, the game saves automatically, so you can reload chapters that you missed and go back to collect them. It is recommended that you split this game up into two playthroughs. Your first playthrough, getting the "Redemption" achievement, and "Shadow Ranger" achievement, as well as collecting all collectables, and exploring the world. Your second playthrough can be used for the ranger mode achievements, as well as any other miscellaneous kill achievements you may have missed.

First Playthrough:
For your first play through, you'll want to keep and eye on this guide and this guide. Be sure to set the difficulty to Easy. Both will help you immensely as you play. This will be your bulk play through, getting to know the areas, earning the "Redemption" achievement, as well as the "Shadow Ranger" achievement. Use this playthrough to find and use all musical instruments, as well. Doing so will earn you "The Musician" achievement. Missing an instrument will void this playthrough, and you will need to restart. Stick to knocking out enemies throughout the entire game using the . Killing any human whatsoever will completely void your play through and you'll need to start a brand new one. While going for the "Redemption" achievement, you will also earn nine other achievements along the way, most of which are story related. While sneaking through each levels, you will earn five achievements for completing levels without a kill/raising an alarm.

Second Playthrough:
If you happened to miss an instrument, or happened to kill an enemy accidentally, use this as a secondary play through to take care of them. If not, use this playthrough as your ranger mode hardcore play through. You can also use this play through to earn any miscellaneous achievements that you may have missed. Do not earn any of the killing achievements while in this playthrough if you still need Shadow Ranger, though. Any kill achievements can be earned while utilizing chapter select. You can use this play through to disarm traps for "Ever Vigilant," or break/turn off lights for "Edison" and "Tesla." If you haven't bulk up on grenades before leaving Venice so killing Shrimps will be easy while playing through Sundown and Nightfall. Collecting all the equipment stashes there will earn you "Equipped."

After you've completed your play through (and your second if need be) and earned all missable achievements, you can complete any achievement you may have missed via the chapter select. You can use this step to find the remaining diary pages, as well.

Ranger Mode DLC
For those of you who originally downloaded the game when the DLC first came out, it was broken. At the moment, there seems to have been a fix found; If you delete the DLC from your hard drive, reinstall it again, and play through on Ranger Mode (or continue from where you originally left off) the achievements should unlock normally. If you did not download the DLC originally, you will need to dedicate an entire play through for Ranger Mode.

Metro: Last Light is a thrilling sequel to the Metro franchise, and while it doesn't follow any particular canon with the books, it does a great job of telling a fantastic story on its own. With great atmosphere, breathtaking set pieces, this game will have you thinking about the choices you make and how they effect those around you.


Faction Pack DLC

The Faction Pack expansion allows players to take the roles of other inhabitants of the Metro aside from Artyom and the Rangers. The level SNIPER TEAM has a Red Line Sniper infiltrating a Reich base. The level HEAVY SQUAD pits the player as a Reich heavy weapons expert defending against a Red Line invasion. And the KSHATRIYA level puts the player in the shoes of a Polis Ranger Trainee sent into the Great Lenin Library to retrieve valuable pre-war artifacts.

Each level can be accessed from the Chapter Select in the Main Menu. Press to bring up the “New Chapters” and choose HEAVY SQUAD, SNIPER TEAM or KSHATRIYA to begin one of the levels. Once a level is completed, you’ll be brought back to the Main Menu where you can repeat the process.

It should go without saying that the easiest way to obtain these achievements will be to play on standard easy difficulty (as opposed to ranger hardcore difficulty). If you have a recent save of the main game, the difficulty level of the DLC will be set to that save’s difficulty level, so it is recommended that you start a new game on standard easy so that the difficulty level carries over.

Play Through the Levels:
Three of the six achievements, Hail Reich! Kshatriya and Saboteur will be awarded for simply completing the three levels contained in the DLC: HEAVY SQUAD, KSHATRIYA and SNIPER TEAM respectively. The remaining three will require that certain conditions be met while playing each level, so they can be missed. The most difficult of these three seems to be Homo Homini Lupus Est as killing 100 enemies with heavy weapons can be a little tricky, followed by Artifact since the placement of the artifacts in the level are randomized, and with the easiest being “Sniper because there are far more than 10 enemies in the level to snipe with headshots.

An enjoyable DLC that expands the universe of the Metro giving the player opportunities to play characters that are only NPCs otherwise. And while HEAVY SQUAD and SNIPER TEAM do not provide any kind of context to connect them to the main storyline, the KSHATRIYA level is inspired by events in the first novel and game, Metro 2033. It offers the player the ability to re-explore the Great Library which alone is worth getting the DLC.


Tower Pack DLC

The Tower Pack introduces the player to an experimental virtual-reality combat simulator cooked up by the scientists in D6. The player must complete five levels of arena combat with increasing difficulty levels. This difficulty can be further ratcheted up depending on the path through the levels chosen by the player. Every encounter is a stand-up fight, so stealth tactics cannot be used to avoid combat. Completing a level will also grant the player a better selection of weapons for use in the following level. The level can be accessed from the chapter select in the main menu. Press to bring up the “New Chapters” and choose TOWER to begin the level. Once the level is completed, you’ll be brought back to the Main Menu.

It should go without saying that the easiest way to obtain these achievements will be to play on standard easy difficulty (as opposed to ranger hardcore difficulty). If you have a recent save of the main game, the difficulty level of the DLC will be set to that save’s difficulty level, so it is recommended that you start a new game on Standard Easy so that the difficulty level carries over.

Play Through the Levels:
Progression is pretty straight-forward after you are dropped into the simulation and you will have to survive five levels of arena combat to complete the DLC. Once in the simulation, the weapon selection wall will be on your left and the portals to the arena levels will be straight ahead. These “portals” are merely blue boxes created by the simulator that tell briefly what will be encountered in each arena should the player choose to enter it. The difficulty level of the portals goes from lowest on the left to highest on the right. With the exception of choosing the arena on the far right for the second mission to obtain the Willpower achievement, it is advised to take the easiest path on the left for all other arena choices to complete the Tower and unlock the Test Complete achievement.

While playing the levels, you are scored and rewarded military grade ammo (MGR) according to how you kill your enemies and for passing waves. You get one MGR per enemy killed, and this can be augmented for additional MGR by accomplishing Headshots, Distance Kills, Double Kills and so forth. These MGR can be used to purchase various weapons, support personnel or more ammo lying around in each arena. In general, you will be most interested in finding the ammo caches so you can restock between waves. Enemy corpses disappear upon death, so they cannot be scavenged. Also, the MGR earned do not carry over between missions, so feel free to spend them when you have them.

This DLC can be frustrating for players who generally approach the game using stealth tactics and it may take a bit for them to adjust. However, given a few exploits and some persistence, the DLC can be completed rather easily. Given that there’s not a lot of context to tie this DLC into the main story, it just comes off as a combat arena that can be quickly forgotten once completed.


Developer Pack DLC

The Developer Pack contains the stand-alone SPIDER LAIR level and introduces the player to the DEVELOPER level which is essentially a free-play zone that allows the player to test all of the weapons found in the Metro in the SHOOTING RANGE and also gives them opportunities to test their mettle against all of the games foes in the ARENA. Each level can be accessed from the chapter select in the main menu. Press to bring up the “New Chapters” and choose SPIDER LAIR or DEVELOPER to begin one of the levels. Once a level is completed, you’ll be brought back to the Main Menu where you can repeat the process.

It should go without saying that the easiest way to obtain these achievements will be to play on standard easy difficulty (as opposed to ranger hardcore difficulty). If you have a recent save of the main game, the difficulty level of the DLC will be set to that save’s difficulty level, so it is recommended that you start a new game on standard easy so that the difficulty level carries over.

Play Through the Level and Challenges:
The SPIDER LAIR level is fairly linear and will have the player escaping from a nest of those pesky Metro Spiders that can only be weakened by bright light. Finishing the level will unlock the Through the Fire achievement, while burning 20 spiders with your flame thrower will unlock Arachnophobia.

Then the player will have to complete 10 challenges in each of the SHOOTING RANGE and ARENA areas in the DEVELOPER Level. In each area will be a panel with 10 buttons, one for each challenge. When a challenge is completed, the text will turn green and the following challenge will unlock. Completing all 20 challenges will unlock the Specialist achievement. However long these challenges take to complete, the player must still spend a minimum of three hours in the DEVELOPER level to unlock the Developer achievement.

While the SPIDER LAIR level is quite enjoyable as more single player content, the DEVELOPER level challenges, especially in the ARENA section, tend to be reminiscent of the Tower Pack DLC. However, it is nice to be able to access all of the games weaponry and test it under conditions where the player has freedom to experiment while not under fire. The DEVELOPER level can be frustrating for players who generally approach the game using stealth tactics and it may take a bit for them to adjust. However, given a few exploits and some persistence, the Challenges can be completed rather easily.


Chronicles Pack DLC

The Chronicles Pack contains levels that feature major NPC characters from the Metro: Last Light storyline. During the levels PAVEL, KHAN and ANNA you will play as the titular character. Anna’s level in particular features exact scenes from the main campaign from her perspective.Each level can be accessed from the Chapter Select in the Main Menu. Press to bring up the “New Chapters” and choose PAVEL, KHAN or ANNA to begin one of the levels. Once a level is completed, you’ll be brought back to the Main Menu where you can repeat the process.

It should go without saying that the easiest way to obtain these achievements will be to play on standard easy difficulty (as opposed to ranger hardcore difficulty). If you have a recent save of the main game, the difficulty level of the DLC will be set to that save’s difficulty level, so it is recommended that you start a new game on standard easy so that the difficulty level carries over.

Play Through the Level and Challenges
The KHAN level will also feature Uhlman as a player character for a short time as he follows Khan through an anomaly- and ghost-ridden Metro tunnel. They will meet the ghosts of some men Khan knew that died during a tragedy that Khan witnessed, and will live through the memory of that tragedy while playing as Khan. Finishing the level nets you the No Way Out achievement and if you kill 20 Nosalises during the level, and there are plenty of them, you’ll score the Hunter achievement.

Pavel’s level begins with him in captivity in some unknown Reich location that you must escape. When you do, you’ll unlock the Head’s Up! achievement. If during your escape you locate all eight keys and their corresponding safe boxes, you’ll net yourself the Safe Cracker achievement.

Anna’s level has her covering Artyom with sniper fire during his encounter with the Young Dark One and then attempting to rescue him from the Reich. This sequence is taken directly from the main campaign and completing it unlocks The Sunset of Hope achievement. And during the opening encounter with Watchmen, if you can kill more of them than Artyom, you get the Eagle Eye achievement as a reward.

An excellent DLC that adds on three excellent story expanding missions. While the PAVEL and KHAN levels are out of context, other than Pavel’s taking place after his encounter with Artyom and Khan’s during some new excursion with Artyom, the ANNA mission is based on events in the main campaign. All of the levels can be approached with stealth or assault tactics (or a combination) and are just as entertaining as any level in the main campaign. None of the achievements are particularly difficult to obtain, but you will still have to put forth some effort to get them.


[XBA would like to thank Yunder for this Roadmap]

[XBA would like to thank Yunder for the Ranger Mode DLC addition]

[XBA would like to thank Jack Frost for the other DLC additions]

Metro: Last Light Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 70 achievements with a total of 1380 points

  • Kill 100 Human Enemies.

    You will more than likely earn this achievement just naturally playing through the game. All kills count for any weapon that you use. The achievement unlocks upon the 100th kill.

  • Kill 100 Mutants.

    You will more than likely earn this achievement just naturally playing through the game. All kills count for any weapon that you use. The achievement unlocked upon the 100th kill.

  • Shadow



    Stealthily kill 15 Enemies.

    To kill any enemy with stealth, you will need to have the enemy completely unaware of your presence. You will need to kill 15 enemies in a row for this to count. If they are investigating any noise whatsoever, it will not register. You will be able to attain this early on, while silently killing enemies with the knife by clicking . Knocking them out will not work. Throwing knife kills will also count towards this achievement.

  • Set 2 Enemies on fire at once.

    The best option for this achievement is to use incendiary grenades. These grenades have a greenish tint to them, and will engulf everything in flames when thrown. Wait for a small group gather, and throw it so it will hit both targets. You'll have more than enough attempts to gain this achievement, but attaining the incendiary grenades will be the hardest part. Be sure to collect one (or more, just in case) while visiting a merchant.

  • Tesla



    Break 50 Lights.

    Any light that is out of reach are lights that you should concentrate on. Along with "Edison," this achievement should come to no trouble, as finding lights is very easy throughout the Metro. Shoot them with whatever weapon you choose to break them.

  • Edison



    Turn off 40 Lights without breaking them.

    While escaping from the Nazis, Pavel will tell you to unscrew a light. You can do this by hitting the action button. () You will see plenty of these throughout the game, so find one, unscrew it, and repeat.

  • Disarm 10 Traps

    If you notice any tripwires while playing through the game, this is what a trap is. Upon finding one, you can disarm it by clicking the action button. ()

  • Make 100 Purchases.

    During your journey through the metro, you'll visit merchants that will buy/sell you items. There aren't very many in the game, so if you come across one, take the time to check out his wares. Throwing knives and grenades are both items that can be purchased/sold for the same price. Sell any and buy back all knives and continue to do so until you unlock the achievement.

  • Collect 1000 Military Rounds.

    Military rounds are the shinier bullets that you'll see around the Metro. These bullets are the currency throughout the game. They are scattered throughout, and can be found randomly. You can also sell any wares that you've collected and earn military rounds that way. You will need to collect 1,000 rounds at one time.

  • Use all Musical Instruments in the game.

    Check out this Collectables guide for locations of all musical instruments. You must use the action button () on these instruments for this to count. This must also be done in one playthrough. If you miss an instrument, you will need to restart the campaign and start over. The uses to not carry over via saves.

  • Write 10 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages.


    See "Published" achievement guide for more information.

  • Complete all 43 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages.

    Check out the Collectables guide for locations of all dairy pages. Every page that is collected is saved immediately, so once you find a page, you may quit to the main menu. You can select any chapter in which you've missed any pages.

  • Rabbit



    Complete training sequence.

    After receiving your guns for the first time at the Gunsmiths, head to the right to try out your weapons. The Gunsmith will ask you to hit a few targets. Shoot all targets and the achievement will unlock.

  • Finish the ASHES level without taking a hit.

    Ashes is the second chapter in the game. The only real trouble that you will have to deal with is fighting the Watchers while your Sniper friend covers you. Keep strafing around them and quickly kill each one. The area you fight in is rather open, so you can be as far away from them as possible, giving your sniper friend more opportunity to kill the mutants, rather than you. As long as you don't take a hit, the achievement will unlock.

  • Escape the chasing Nazis on the REICH level without being caught once.

    The opportunity for this achievement will occur on Chapter 4; Reich. After you follow Pavel through the crowd of Nazi, he will fire his gun into the air. At this point, DO NOT get captured by Nazis, follow closely behind Pavel and be sure to jump when told to jump. After heading through the large bulkhead door and put on the railcar, the achievement will unlock.

  • Complete the SEPARATION level without killing or raising alarm.

    After Pavel is captured, you are not to be found by an enemy or kill anyone. If you are found, you may reload a checkpoint. This does not affect the achievement. Be sure to pay attention to your blue light on your watch. If this light is on, you will be seen by enemies.

    After moving past the first two enemies who move from the bulkhead doors, this large area has the majority of the enemies. You can knock out any enemy that is in your way. As long as the bodies aren't found, you can knock out as many as you want. This level is short, and shouldn't prove hard.

  • Take the Custom Pistol from the Locked Box.

    While playing through the level Facility, you will reach a group of two soldiers talking. One will ask about the others locker and ask what it contains. The other refuses to tell and begins to move away and go about his duties. If you follow him, he will return to the area where you fell out of the pipes. In this room, he will open his locker. At this point, you can kill/knock him out. His custom pistol is the Lolife pistol. Pick it up and the achievement will unlock.

  • Complete the FACILITY level without killing or raising alarm.

    After jumping out of the pipe, you are not to be found by any enemy or kill anyone. If you are found, you may reload a checkpoint. This does not affect the achievement. Be sure to pay attention to your blue light on your watch. If this light is on, you will be seen by enemies.

  • Make 10 Spiders flip belly-up.

    The Spiderbugs are the spider-like mutants that most frequent the Metro. To cause them to belly-up, hit them with a full powered light. Keep the light on them, and after a few seconds, they will flip over and show their belly. The kill doesn't matter, as long as the spider flips, it will count.

  • Mouse



    Complete the ECHOES level undetected by the Watchmen.

    You may unlock this achievement without realizing it. After following Pavel under some cover, he'll halt you before going up the stairs. A large group of Watchers will begin to stampede over you. Keep still and wait for them to pass over you to unlock the achievement.

  • Watch the entire Theater Show.

    While playing through the chapter 9; Bolshoi, you will enter a theater with Pavel. You can continue past the crowd towards the front of the stage and follow Pavel, but look off to your immediate right to find a seat to sit in. Sit down, enjoy the show and the achievement is yours.

  • Kill all armed enemies on the REVOLUTION level, including all reinforcements.

    This level is riddled with enemies. It is a good idea to attempt to stealthily kill as many enemies as possible, then make your appearance known so the remaining enemies can call reinforcements. You can kill them however you wish, just as long as they die. Check every area/room to ensure every enemy dies. The three main areas are the areas that are able to call reinforcements. The reinforcements are large armored enemies. Do not knock out any enemies when you come in close, doing so will void the achievement. The achievement will unlock when you kill the final enemy.

  • Complete the REVOLUTION level without killing and raising an alarm.

    After jumping out of the vent, you are not to be found by any enemy or kill anyone. If you are found, you may reload a checkpoint. This does not affect the achievement. Be sure to pay attention to your blue light on your watch. If this light is on, you will be seen by enemies.

    Revolution is one of the longest levels in the game, as well as having the most enemies. Take your time and sneak around all enemies. Turn off all lights when available, and knock out enemies whenever possible.

  • Scram



    Kill all Watchmen before they reach the Railcar.

    In the chapter Regina, you will reach a point where you are driving your rail car along the tracks. There will be a stationary train sitting on the tracks. You will need to push the train with your car. At this point, you will need to make sure that no Watchers jump onto your railcar. If this happens, you can reload checkpoint and try again. You can switch to military rounds to deal extra damage if you wish, and reload the checkpoint to get them back. As you push the car along the track, turn around and watch for anything that moves. Be sure to reload after every 2 or 3 enemies.

    You don't need to worry about anything overhead jumping down onto you, or anything in front of you jumping out. Everything will be coming from one direction.

  • Rescue the Women and Children on the BANDITS level without raising alarm.

    There are a total of 5 people that you must save in this level. Thankfully they are only grouped into two. You will need to complete this as stealthy as possible, as raising the alarm will void the achievement. You can reload checkpoint if this happens. The first woman you must save is in a train car off to the of the main tunnel. You should hear her talking with two other men. Sneak up to the first, kill him (or knock him out) and do the same for the next guy. When they are both taken care of, she will sit or lie there.

    Your next four targets are in the same room together. As you make your way through the tunnel, you'll come to a fork. Continue down this fork until you reach the entrance to the Bandits' main camp. Here, work your way through until you reach a door. When you open this door, a bandit will jump you. Quickly tap and he will die. Upon his death, the woman and child will run out the door and the achievement will be unlocked.

  • Soup



    Kill 5 Shrimp with Grenades.

    Shrimp are water-based mutants that are introduced in Chapter 14: Dark Waters. Don't bother attempting this achievement while your on the boat, as you aren't in control of its movement, and it will be hard to kill any shrimp. The boatman will also be shooting/throwing grenades, as well. Wait until you reach chapter 16: Sundown. Here in the swamp, you'll find plenty of shrimps swimming around. Shrimps will leave the water and attack if provoked, so provoke some, and toss a few grenades. You do not have to kill 5 at once, but only 5 total. The achievement will unlock upon your 5th kill.

  • Find and return the crying child's Teddy Bear.

    You will find the child crying with his mother across from where the shooting gallery is. He'll say he lost his bear by the shooting gallery after he was yelled at. Head over there, and begin. You will need to complete all three rounds before the curator gives you the teddy bear. Use weapons that have a medium-sized clip, and decent range. Avoid using weapons like the Helsing, Tihar or Bolt-action rifle. Stick with the Bastard, Kalash, or the Revolver. You'll need to kill 5 rats in 40 seconds in the first round, 10 rats in 40 seconds in the second round, and 15 in 40 seconds in the third and final round. You'll receive a nice amount of gold, as well as the Teddy bear. Head back over to the kid, and hand it over for the achievement.

  • Diver



    Fall in the Swamp 10 times.

    In chapter 16, Sundown, you will enter the Swamp. You'll notice pools around everywhere. If you happen to walk too far into the water, you will all in. Thankfully, after a few seconds, you will come back up near where you fell in. Do this 9 more times for the achievement. Try to avoid doing this all at once, though, as falling in too many times will cause death.

  • Find all Equipment Stashes in the swamps.

    You will find hidden caches of equipment through the levels "Sundown" and "Nightfall." You will need to find all caches within these two levels for the achievement to unlock. Most of these caches will be marked by a nearby Ranger logo. There is more than just the Ranger caches in this level. Below are the locations as follows. They do not have to be collected in any order, however, be sure to collect everything before leaving Sundown.

    Just below the guard tower is a turned up car.
    Inside the guard tower inside the compound.
    On the counter, next to the gas canisters within the Gas station.
    Within a small room past the gas station. There is a small hole in the wall you will need to enter.
    On the roof of the Gas station is a small hole where you'll find a cache.
    Within the cockpit of the plane.
    Move onto the plane and across the wing.
    Next to the generator for the ferry.
    Inside the back of a white truck within the compound area.

    Second floor of the house in front of you, as you leave the ferry.
    After the Giant Shrimp charges you, check the back of the truck in front of you.
    Inside the Mall bathroom after entering the second floor.
    Across the room from the bathroom, will be a room with three traps. Within this room.
    Before jumping out of the Mall, look down off to the left to see a truck. Within this truck.

  • Find the Hidden Ammo in the abandoned part of the station on the QUARANTINE level.

    Find the Hidden Ammo in the abandoned part of the station on the QUARANTINE level.

    After heading through the guarded gate past the crowd of people, you will enter the "abandoned" portion of the city. There are a total of 4 caches that you must find. Each one contains 10 MGR. The locations are listed as follows:

    After entering the area, begin to head down the short wooden walkway. However, walk far enough to where the door behind you will close. Now retreat back and collect the military grade rounds at the dead end.
    After walking down the walkway, in the small open area, next to the gate with the yellow sign is an open window in the building to your left. The military rounds are in the open window of the building.
    After proceeding past the previous cache, turn to your immediately left and see another opening inside the building. The rounds are in there.
    The final cache is located inside another hole in a building past a small barrel filled with fire.

  • Kill all the Reds on the THE CHASE level.

    There are a total of 25 enemies to kill on the level total. The groups of enemies can be split into 3 groups:

    • The Traincar enemies (8 total)
    • The group of Enemies on the train from your car with Khan (5 total)
    • The group of enemies while you are on the train. (12 total)

    The first group- The first group is the hardest group. The first two cars have 4 enemies on them. Aim offset to ensure your bullets make contact. If you do not kill these enemies fast enough, Khan will destroy the cars himself. If this happens, restart the checkpoint. After killing the first 4, there will be a small cutscene of a Khan destroying a car in front of you. 2 more cars will arrive with 4 more enemies. Aim offset to ensure your bullets make contact.

    The second group- The second group is a bit easier to kill, but will still need to act quick before Khan tells you to jump onto the train. As you come right behind the train, kill the Machine gunner. When Khan brings you parallel to the train, kill all 4 of the enemies shooting you. Again, aim offset so your bullets make contact.

    The third group- The third and final group is the easiest group to kill, as they are all in the narrow train cars. There are 12 enemies here, and you can kill these guys however your wish. The achievement should unlock as you kill the final enemy.

  • Kill a Demon with the Helsing.

    This can be attained on any level on the surface. An easy choice is in the level Dead City. After you climb up the ladder after some progression, a Demon will attack you and destroy the ladder. You will now be on top of the building with just you and the Demon. You can shoot the Demon with a few rounds with a separate gun, then finish it off with the Helsing. Time your shot correctly, and it should make contact. The achievement will unlock upon its death.

  • Complete the BRIDGE level without a kill.

    You will need to take a stealth approach here. The only enemies that you have to worry about are Mutants; mostly Watchers. They will not pay any attention to you, as long as you crouch around enemies. Be sure to have your light turned off throughout, that way the Watchers won't bother you. You can switch the difficulty down to easy if you wish to power through the level.

  • See all Visions in the Dead City.

    There are a total of 7 visions that you need to view to unlock this achievement. 4 of them will come with progression, whereas the other 3 will need to be sought after. The locations for each vision are as follows;

    - Vision of courtyard park. This will come with story progression.
    - Vision of couple sitting by the piano. After reaching the second courtyard, head to the apartment building on the right. Up the stairs and the room on the right will have the vision.
    - vision of car hitting you. This will come with story progression.
    - Vision of woman in the shower. After seeing the car hit you, head to the building on the left, and head into the room. You'll see the vision of the woman taking a shower.
    - Vision of family watching the missiles launching. This will come with story progression.
    - Vision of boy sitting waiting for his mother. Before continuing downward after dealing with the demon, head straight down a small hallway and into a room on the right.
    - Vision of mother in the Subway. This will come with story progression and is your last vision. The achievement will unlock when this vision ends.

  • Hold the Platform without dying.

    This is attained on the last level. Change the difficulty to Easy before attempting this to make it easier for yourself. Throughout the last part of the game, your allies will kill almost all of your enemies. The only real situations that you'll have to deal with yourself are destroying the tank, and killing the Flamethrower.

    When being attacked by the tank, aim for the two wheels. The more damage that is inflicted upon them, the more they turn red. After a few more shots, it will get destroyed. After dealing with the tank and moving to area that's covered, don't pick up the Minigun just yet. Wait until the waves of enemies are killed, and the Flamerthrower shows up. When dealing with the Flamethrower and his posse, you can wait until he gets close and use the Minigun on him.

  • Kill 10 enemies in a row with Throwing Knives.

    This can be done on any level. Throwing knives are an easy weapon to get a kill with, both individually as well as consecutively, because you can reuse them after each kill. Because you can only carry 5 knives at a time, you will need to pick up any that you've used. Pick them up from the dead bodies and reuse your throwing knives. Any level that has a large amount of enemies is good. Levels like Revolution or Facility are the way to go. The achievement should unlock when you kill your final enemy.

  • Kill at least one Enemy with each Weapon available in the game.

    The following are all the weapons in the game that will require a kill. You do not have to get a kill with any emplacement weapons.

    Trench Knife (Melee)
    Throwing Knives
    Single-shot Pistol
    Semi-Automatic Pistol
    Bastard gun
    Kalash (AK-47)
    Kalash 2012
    Bolt Action Rifle
    Preved (Sniper Rifle)
    Saiga-12 (Automatic Shotgun)
    Uboinik (Automatic Shotgun)
    Duplet (Double Barreled Shotgun)
    Grenade Launcher
    Hand-Held Minigun

  • Install all possible Customizations for a Weapon.

    You won't have the opportunity to buy all possible customizations until you reach Venice, so save your money until you get there. Obviously, you cannot equip every customization onto a gun at one time, so purchasing each one once for a gun will unlock the achievement. All customizations are the same for each gun, unless otherwise noted. They are as listed:

    IR Sight
    2x Sight
    4x Sight
    Reflex Sight

    Extended Barrel
    Flash Suppressor
    Shotgun Silencer

    Laser Sight
    Stock+Forend (Revolver only)
    Extended Magazine
    Airtight Valve

  • Complete the game without killing any Humans unless forced to.

    This will require an entire play through on its own. This is obviously done much more easily on the Easy difficulty. There are a few points in the game that will require patience as well as cunning. The best option is to use stealth throughout the entire game, and using the to knockout opponents when you need to. Killing mutants does not void this achievement, so do not worry about killing them.

    Red Square
    When playing through the game, you will come to the Red Square level where you must face off against Pavel and his crew of snipers. Do not kill any enemies here. The best strategy is to wait near the back of the area where you are protected. After waiting for a bit, Pavel will send the snipers down to take care of you personally. When they reach you, you will have the ability to knock them out. When this group is knocked out, you can proceed to the door, as Pavel will send more guards to take care of you. Knock these guys out, too, and proceed to where Pavel is.

    There is only one point in the entire game where you are forced to kill an enemy human. This happens at the end of the game with the Flamethrower. During this point, you are allowed to shoot your opponent. You may use the Minigun to kill the shielded enemies, so killing the Flame Thrower enemy is easier to kill. However, please note that it is possible to kill the Flame Thrower enemy with a sniper rifle. You do not need to kill the shielded enemies.


Secret achievements

  • Free the Prisoners.

    This can be earned on the level "Pavel." After reaching the top of the prison, you will see and control panel surrounded by a few enemies. Flip the switch and all prisoners will be freed.

  • Escape from the Red Line.

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

  • Kill the Rhino.

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

  • Savior



    Remove your mask when Lesnitsky demands it.

    This can be earned on the "Contagion." At the end of the level Lesnitsky will ask you to take off your mask in exchange for Anna's safety. Take off your mask with and .

  • Ignore the Phone Call in the Anomaly.

    The can be earned on the level "Khan." After some progression, you and Khan will come to a payphone that begins to ring. Walk past the phone and the achievement will unlock.

  • Secret



    Find out about the Reds' plans.

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

  • Kill Pavel.

    This can be earned on the level "Red Square." After confronting Pavel, you will be given to the option to save him or walk away. If you walk away, he will die and the achievement will unlock.

  • Save the Bear from the Watchmen after the fight.

    After fighting the Bear in the chapter "The Garden," there will be three watchmen that will jump onto the Bear to ensure its death. Kill all three of these watchmen to save the Bear.

  • Make Moskvin tell the truth with help from the Dark One.

    This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

  • Destroy D6.

    This is considered the "bad ending." You will more than likely earn this achievement while playing through the game naturally.

  • Save D6.

    This is considered the "Good ending." You will need to dedicate an entire play through for this achievement. Throughout the game, you will be rewarded with "moral points" while making choices. Most of these choices are for doing certain achievements, finding special areas, or listening to conversations of NPCs. There's no real guide to follow, but just know the outcome of each choice you make during your play through. The following is some major points you'll need to earn the achievement:

    1. Listen to as many NPC convesations as possible.
    2. Listen to as many enemy converations as possible.
    3. Free the prisoners in the level "Pavel."
    4. Save all woman and children on "Bandits."
    5. Complete the shooting gallery in Venice to give the teddy back to the child.
    6. Spare Lesnitsky
    7. Do not kill any non-hostile creatures while with the Dark One.
    8. View all visions in the Dead City
    9. Spare Pavel.

    Check out this link for more information on moral points.

DLC: Ranger Mode

There are 2 achievements with a total of 110 points

  • Complete the game in Ranger Hardcore.

    Please refer to Ranger Elite for information on how to fix the DLC.

    Ranger Mode Hardcore takes your Metro experience to a whole other level. With Ranger Mode Hardcore, everything on your HUD is disabled, so you won't be able to see the action button prompted, or any of the in-game menus to choose bullets, weapons or charge your headlight. Everything still works, but its much more limited. Weapons, ammo and filters are also limited. You will want to scour as many supplies as possible when playing the game so you do not run out of anything. Enemies will also deal more damage, but your guns also deal more damage.

    Here are some tips to help you on your way through Ranger Mode Hardcore.

    1. Watch your watch. The little wristwatch is the single most helpful tool in the entire game in Hardcore. Both the timer and the blue light will help tremendously. If the blue light is on, this means that you can be seen by any enemy within eyeshot. If you have your gasmask on, and the timer goes below :59, then that means you have less than one minute left on your current filter. Save as much air as possible to extend your filters.
    2. Stick to the shadows. To accompany the blue light, sticking to the shadows is the easiest way to get through Ranger Mode. Although you do more damage, using ammunition is something you'll want to avoid. You will only want to use your guns in situations where it is a necessity. Being on the surface is one of these places.
    3. On the level "Bandits," you will have the opportunity to kill/knock out the entire level's enemies. In the beginning of this level is a merchant. If you choose to, you can pick up every weapon and every bit of ammo to sell. You will earn well over 1000 MGR, which also deal more damage to enemies.
    4. Stick to one gun throughout. If you stick with one weapon throughout your play through, not only will you be able to sell all other weapons and ammo, you can use this ammo against enemies. Stick with the Kalash (AK-47), as its the only weapon that can use MGR as ammo. The Kalash is also one of the best guns in the game, as well.
  • Complete the game in Ranger Mode.

    If you haven't unlocked the achievement by playing through the game naturally, there is a method to fix the broken DLC. Head to your dashboard and delete the DLC from your HDD. When it is deleted, head back into the game and reinstall the DLC. If you replay the game from the last checkpoint and finish, the achievement should unlock without any problems.

    This achievement does stack with Survivalist, so you can knock out both Ranger mode achievements by starting a play through on Ranger Mode Hardcore.

DLC: Faction Pack

There are 6 achievements with a total of 90 points

  • Complete the SNIPER TEAM level.

    When the level begins, your partner leads you to a rooftop perch and instructs you to snipe the guards in the courtyard below. He’ll mention that the best strategy is to start with the roof, then take out the towers and finally the patrolling guards on the ground. The rooftop guard is literally straight ahead just above the floodlight. There are two tower guards, and it is advised that you take out the tower on your far left before taking out the obvious one right in front of you. After that there are 5 patrolling guards on the ground, check near the torches and campfires to spot them. Once all of the guards are dead, your partner will then separate from you and you’ll move ahead on your own. The level is a fairly linear path and it is advised that you switch off lanterns as you go to avoid being spotted. Also, keep in mind you are outdoors and wearing a gas mask, so be sure to scavenge for filters, especially from downed enemies.

    Take the nearby zipline down to the next building and wait for the two guards to finish their conversation and move to their stations before taking them out. Go through the red door opposite the gaping hole one of the guards was peering out from and drop down the broken stairwell.
    Soon after, you will come to an area that has a series of catwalks. If you look straight ahead, you’ll see two guards talking to one another. They never move, so ignore them. The first catwalk that goes off to the right has a guard stationed at the end of it, so take him out. Follow across the catwalk and then take a short jaunt left to find a ladder leading up. At the top, you’ll begin taking damage from the extreme weather, so quickly duck into the building that is straight ahead of you.

    There are 5 guards patrolling this building, so find them and take them out. The last one you will find is standing guard next to a ladder that leads up. There is a second ladder on the next level leading up again to a ramp that allows access to the roof of the building. Once on the roof, look for the raised platform that has a zipline running down from it. DO NOT take the zipline yet.

    Looking down in the direction the zipline will take you is another courtyard filled with guards. Take out the three tower guards first, starting with the one on the left and working around to the right. There are 7 patrolling guards on the ground, several of which are solitary and can be sniped easily. However, there will be two sets of guards that are close together and can see one another. One set will move away from each other, and this is when you should snipe them, but the other set remains stationary, so quickly snipe them both in succession before one of them can raise an alarm, or make them your last two kills. Once all of the guards are dead, zipline down and make you way to the back of the compound. You will find a tunnel leading down to a closed door. Open the door and enter to end the level.

  • Sniper



    Kill 10 enemies with headshots using your sniper rifle.

    This is a fairly easy achievement that can be obtained by mid-level depending on player accuracy. If you manage to headshot all of the guards in the opening sequence that occurs before your partner leaves, you’ll have 8 headshots just from that, leaving you 2 more to get throughout the rest of the level. At any rate, be patient, wait for the guards to stop walking and line up your shots and this’ll be yours in no time.

  • Complete the KSHATRIYA level.

    When the level begins, you will be introduced to Kuzmich who will give a brief speech detailing the arms and equipment he has for sale. After which you’ll introduced to Shaman, the artifacts collector, who will brief you on what artifacts you’re going to be looking for during your trips to the surface and the Great Library. There is a panel next to his station that shows what items can be located and returned from the surface. When you bring him an artifact, it will be crossed off the list so you can easily see what you still have left to look for on subsequent trips. You can only carry 5 artifacts at a time before your bag is full and you must return to the base and trade them.

    Returned artifacts will be evaluated by Shaman, who will give you an amount of Military Grade Rounds (MGR) based on the value of each item. You can then use the MGR to purchase weapons and equipment from Kuzmich. Keep in mind that you will be using a lot of filters and that each time you buy one the price will increase, so try not to purchase too many up front. The weapons you choose to purchase are entirely up to you, but you should be saving up to purchase the Environment suit as it will extend the life of your filters and keep you from taking damage from extreme weather you will encounter on the surface.

    As you open the doors that lead into the first sewer area, you will be told that you also have the task of replacing light bulbs in the empty sockets you’ll find scattered around the map. Again, you only have so many before they run out, but you can replenish your supply from the light bulb box near the sewer entrance. This is not a mandatory task, but it does help improve navigation of the level.

    The map seems rather small to begin with, but you will find that there are doors and gates to unlock that allow further progress into the level – and shortcuts back to base. In general, if you are searching for artifacts thoroughly, when your bag fills up use that as an indicator to start looking around for a shortcut to open that will lead you back to base. You can then use this shortcut to get back to where you were scavenging and continue on. Be sure to use the Save Door when you come back to base to save your progress as well.

    Enemies on the level are randomly spawning Nosalises with Lurkers and Librarians in set positions, most of which can be avoided completely. Also, Librarians can still be stared down just as in Metro 2033. One of the biggest obstacles to be aware of is the fact that many times when you return to base, Nosalises will attack in packs as you wait for the doors to open. Bear this in mind when returning to base.

    The player can explore the level as long as they want, up until the Secret Subway Map is obtained. As soon as that artifact is returned to Shaman, the level will end regardless of how many other artifacts have been retrieved.

  • Find 30 artifacts.

    This means that the player must recover ALL 30 artifacts shown on Shaman’s board. Since only 5 can be carried at any one time, this achievement will require a minimum of 6 trips into the Library and back again. Once again, purchasing the Environment suit will extend your filter life which will in turn give you more time to explore.

    Because the artifact spawns are randomized, there is no real way to make a definitive locations guide for each item. However, it might be handy to have a list with general descriptions since you can only see list when you’re back at base. And even then some of the names of the artifacts don’t make it clear what you’re actually seeking. Also, this list should be in the general order you will encounter the artifacts as you progress and open up more of the level:

    1. Gasoline (red gas can)
    2. Book
    3. Old Phone
    4. Monitor (looks like a flat screen)
    5. Keyboard
    6. Painting (a landscape of a beach)
    7. Toy (stuffed bear)
    8. Pack of Books (actually a box filled with books)
    9. Clock (a hanging wall clock)
    10. Weapon Parts (found near a dead body, 2nd Floor Great Library)
    11. Glasses (pair of white wire-frame glasses, small and sometimes difficult to spot)
    12. Tricycle
    13. Icon (a painting depicting Mary holding the baby Jesus)
    14. Tools (looks like a blue plastic case for a power drill)
    15. Poster (primarily red, depicts silhouette of a sexy woman)
    16. Suitcase
    17. Medical supplies (metal box with red cross logo on top)
    18. Drawings (sheet of graph paper with blue geometrical shapes drawn on it)
    19. Doll (bald baby doll)
    20. Plate (white with a blue floral pattern, will likely be found hanging on a wall)
    21. Space Lattice Model (a cube made up of interconnected red and blue spheres)
    22. Technical Notes (found with a pencil on top in the ruined offices of the Depository on a desk with a corpse slumped at it)
    23. Welding Helmet (worn by a corpse)
    24. Balalaika (triangular guitar clutched by a corpse in a ruined bathroom; taking this artifact will cause a Librarian to spawn)
    25. Traffic Light (standard green/yellow/red configuration found at the end of a long alleyway outdoors on the surface)
    26. Science Book (open and flat, can be difficult to spot amongst the rest of the rubble)
    27. Terminal (hangs on a wall, has a giant, reddish screen with two knobs under it)
    28. Mechanical Parts (seem to resemble more the tape reels from a reel-to-reel recorder)
    29. Audio Speaker
    30. Secret Subway Map (taking this artifact spawns a Librarian behind the player)

    Return all of these artifacts to Shaman and the achievement will pop.

  • Complete the ASSAULT INFANTRY level.

    The level consists of a small area that the player must defend from an onslaught by the Red Army. As a heavy weapons expert, you’ll have access to the Gatling Gun, the Volt Driver and eventually the Medved grenade launcher. You must survive 5 waves of enemies, the final of which will be a tank. There is very little cover, but if you crouch and move to the back of the area, you can get a couple of seconds to heal yourself. Also be aware of the ammo cache on your left throughout the level. It has infinite ammo and health packs, so be sure to visit it when you get a spare moment.

    Wave 1 will consist of fairly standard soldier enemies with light armor. Simply stand at the front of the barrier and unload the Gatling gun into the horde.

    Wave 2 will consist of Snipers positioned in various spots detectible by their green laser sights. Before this wave begins, you’ll approach the ammo cache and pick up the Volt Driver. You can use this to snipe the snipers, just be sure to pump it back up occasionally to keep it at maximum power. You may also just continue to shoot at them with the Gatling gun.

    Wave 3 will consist of a contingent of shield soldiers protecting a Gatling gunner, but also the snipers will still take pot shots at you as well. Unload the Gatling gun on the shield soldiers until they are gone and then take out the enemy Gatling gunner.

    Wave 4 will consist of Heavy Armor troops. Before the wave begins, you will be given the Medved grenade launcher, but do not use it here. Just mow down the enemies with the Gatling Gun.

    Wave 5 will be a tank that rolls in on the rails to the right of your position. When the tank is moving forward, it will train its guns on your position, so be ready with a health pack if necessary. The real danger is when the white light on top flashes as this means it will launch a rocket at your position. It is very difficult to avoid taking damage from rockets and the player can easily be killed in one hit, even on easy difficulty, so be sure to be aware of your position when the rocket is fired and move far away from it. When you have the chance, use the Medved to launch grenades at the tank. 9 or so well-placed grenades will reduce the tank to its chassis and then a few more grenades will destroy it completely, ending the level.

  • Kill 100 enemies with heavy weapons.

    Any kills made with any of the 3 weapons at your disposal will count toward the achievement, but it is recommended that you stick with the Gatling gun until the tank arrives in Wave 5. Enemy soldiers running down the rails to the right of your position will not count toward the achievement, so don’t waste time with them, focus on the area right in front of you and the sniper positions.

    In Wave 2, snipers can be hit at distance with the Gatling gun if you wait until their light is shining right at you and aim for the center of the glow. Also, there is a relatively close catwalk on the left side on which snipers routinely appear and are easier to hit, so make sure you take these guys out every time they show up.

    In Wave 3, be sure to kill all the shield soldiers before the Gatling gunner as he will explode taking down any remaining shield soldiers, robbing you of the kill count. Also, for additional kills, since snipers still spawn allow the shield group to advance a bit and take out as many of the re-spawning snipers as you can before destroying the shield group and gunner.

    In Wave 5, while difficult to hit, the soldiers on the tank count as kills, but the tank itself will not.

    If you’ve managed to kill virtually everything up until the tank arrives, the achievement should pop right around that time. If not, you will have to try again from the beginning.

DLC: Tower Pack

There are 2 achievements with a total of 30 points

  • Complete the TOWER level.

    After entering the simulation, you’ll be given the ability to choose 3 weapons to take into the arena of your choice. The weapon selection will be sparse at first, but will increase in number as you complete missions. Essentially you’ll want a Kalash, the Shambler and for precision shots either the tricked-out Lowlife or one of the Sniper Rifles when these become available. Though feel free to choose whatever you’re most comfortable with.

    Mission 1:
    - Choose the only path available
    - Will consist of 2 waves of Human Enemies

    The arena is essentially a large rectangle with 3 levels, the upper level being merely a catwalk, and the lower level largely being submerged in ankle-deep water. The enemies will initially spawn from the two large doors under the sign that shows what wave you are currently in.

    However, positioned around the map are the yellow switchboxes that are used to shut off lights in the main campaign. Enemies can use these boxes to open additional spawn points around the arena. Once these points are open, they cannot be closed by the player.

    If the player has Claymores, they can be set up right in front of the two initial spawn points before the wave begins for some easy kills. Then they can stand on the upper level catwalk and kill the soldiers as they spawn in the doorways, taking cover on the right when your health is low. Or post up behind the pillar on left side of the middle level just as you come upstairs from the water-filled lower level. When posted there, enemies will slowly try to creep up on you and can get hung up on the wall. This allows you to pop around the corner and shoot them easily while they are “confused”. Though using this method you will need to keep an eye on enemies creeping down from the upper catwalk across the arena.

    Mission 2:
    - Choose the path on the far right
    - A HUGE zone that will consist of 4 waves of Nosalises

    This arena is largely similar to the one in Mission 1, a rectangle with three levels, but frankly, it doesn’t really matter.

    The only strategy to employ here is to simply run around the arena and never stop. Really, that’s it. You may end up having to shoot 1 or 2 Nosalises that get directly in your way, but overall they can be dodged very easily. Any damage you take will likely be healed before you ever have to use a health pack. Even the “screaming” Nosalises have little effect with this method.

    Simply run around the arena until the arbitrary time limit for each wave expires (there is no timer except the one between waves), the Nosalises will die and the time to the next wave will begin to count down. After completing the 4 waves, the “Willpower” achievement will unlock.

    Mission 3:
    - Choose the path on the far left
    - Will consist of 5 waves of Human Enemies

    This arena is largely a box, again with three levels. Make your way up to the top floor and post up behind one of the corner pillars on the side opposite the spawn doors that have the notice above them telling you what wave you’re in. You’ll know you’re on the right side when you find a small, open area that has an ammo cache to open for 40 MGR and a pack of health kits on a pillar to the left of the ammo. In general, enemies will only try to come at you from one direction, however a few will get clever and try to come up behind you. Like the first arena, there are additional spawn points the enemies can open, so you’ll need to keep an eye on them once they are open. Whichever side you post on, you should lay a few Claymores down on the opposite side to mitigate the number of enemies that might try to flank you.

    Also, some of the enemies will camp and there are snipers (noted by their green laser sights) that will wait for you to pop out. But keep in mind that, like the Nosalis levels, there is only a finite time for each wave. So if the enemies are just posted up waiting for you, you can simply wait them out instead and end the wave.

    Mission 4:
    - Choose the path on the far left
    - Will consist of 5 waves of Nosalises

    When the mission starts, turn 180° and run through the tunnel. You will emerge into a large, square section of the arena with a raised pathway all the way around it. This will be your flight path for the next 5 waves. Simply run around the top of the arena dodging Nosalises until the waves end.

    Mission 5:
    - Choose the only path available
    - Will consist of 3 waves of Nosalises

    There is a mingun and extra ammo for it to pick up if you feel you need it, but it will be unnecessary. This room is one giant circle and the only enemies are Nosalises, so employ the strategy of simply running around the room until the waves end. At the end of Wave 3, the achievement will unlock.

  • Сomplete at least one HUGE mission.

    Please see “Test Complete” for information on acquiring this achievement.

    Special thanks to SATYATEX for his excellent tips that helped inform this guide.

DLC: Developer Pack

There are 4 achievements with a total of 60 points

  • Complete the SPIDER LAIR level.

    This level is more-or-less linear and isn’t an overwhelming challenge, but will task you to escape an abandoned missile silo that the spiders have converted into their lair. Basically, there’s only one real path to follow and it will lead you from area to area where you’ll need to turn on lights, lamps and lanterns to keep the spiders at bay. Whenever you come to a room with a light in it, be sure to scavenge thoroughly, especially for Shotgun shells and Flame Thrower fuel which can be found in white plastic jugs and gas cans. Spiders can be dispatched in the same way as the main game, hold your headlamp on them until they flip over and then either shotgun or knife them by pressing . Be sure to keep your headlamp charged up as well!

    The most difficult portion comes at the end when you have to wait for an elevator to arrive for escape. You will be beset by spiders the whole time, so be sure to have plenty of ammo/fuel left for the ending sequence. You will recognize you are getting close to the end when you begin climbing the floors around the missile itself. Enter the elevator to end the level and unlock the achievement.

  • Kill 20 spiders with your flame thrower.

    To make sure that you have plenty of fuel enough to kill 20 spiders, be sure to scavenge thoroughly for white plastic jugs and white gas cans that contain fuel. Combining the Flame Thrower and your headlamp seems to be the quickest way of killing them though it does also cause them to run away from you. All 20 spiders must be killed on one playthrough.

    Apparently, only the spiders with a round abdomen count toward the achievement. The ones with the spiked tails similar to a scorpion’s do not count, so don’t waste fuel on them. The best strategy is to simply keep gathering fuel and not use the flame thrower at all until the ending sequence of the level when you are waiting for the escape elevator to arrive. You will only be attacked by spiders with round abdomens, and they constantly re-spawn, so there will be no shortage of them to kill. Get 20 kills here before leaving and the achievement is yours. But be careful to stay away from the door of the elevator once it arrives as getting close will trigger the escape animation, ending the level.

  • Complete the SHOOTING RANGE and ARENA.

    Upon loading the level, you’ll be dropped into a “lobby” area of sorts that connects to the levels two areas. The Museum will be on your right and the SHOOTING RANGE/ARENA area will be on your left. When entering the SHOOTING RANGE/ARENA area, it is divided again with the SHOOTING RANGE to the left and the ARENA to the right. Go left and we’ll start in the SHOOTING RANGE.


    The range is pretty typical-looking in the sense that it’s a long room that clearly has slots in the walls on both sides where targets emerge for the player to shoot. In the room you stand in and fire from are a number of interactive items. Facing toward the range, the weapon selection wall will be on your left. The ammo restock will be on your right as will be the save lever which you will likely want to utilize each time you complete a challenge or two. The Challenge selection wall will be at your back.

    Each Challenge requires the player to shoot and destroy 25 targets of various designs within a set time limit. There will be large and small flat targets and combat dummies (like the one from the main game’s gun range tutorial) that will start bare, but add more and more armor as each Challenge level progresses, and then eventually undead soldiers. In the early challenges many of the targets will be stationary, but as you progress more and more of them will be in motion.

    Leaving the room at any time will discontinue the current Challenge.

    Challenges 1-7
    The first 7 Challenges can be completed with the exact same strategy:

    From the weapon wall, choose the Gatling Gun and fill all three of your slots with it. You can choose whatever mods you like, but recommended are the extended clip and the one that allows continuous spin of the Gatling Gun’s barrels when you hold the left trigger. Be sure to modify all three copies of the weapon you hold. I found that the mod that supposedly makes the gun more stable can often lead to it not being able to spin up, and thus won’t fire, so I avoided that one. At any rate, replenish your ammo with the ammo crate and then press to cycle through the other weapons to make sure that they are fully loaded before you start any Challenge. In doing this, you will have 3 Gatling Guns with 150 rounds in each clip. When one goes empty, instead of waiting through the slow and lengthy reload animation, simply press to cycle to the next weapon and continue firing.

    You should keep your focus on destroying the flat targets and the un-armored dummies. A single headshot on an unarmored dummy takes it down, but in each successive challenge the dummies will have on more and more armor that takes too long to get through, even with a Gatling Gun. While getting the required 25 targets will begin to become a little tricky in Challenges 6 & 7, it can still be managed. Be sure to save after every couple of completed Challenges, at least.

    Challenge 8
    By this Challenge, all of the flat targets are small and in motion for most of the challenge and with the dummies far too armored to even consider, I had to change strategies as I was just shy of completing it too many times. I switched out to a rifle with a 2x scope so I could hit the small flat targets much easier. The Kalash 2012 doesn’t seem to be as good at destroying targets as the plain old Kalash, if you’re wondering. If you have the RPK DLC installed, go with this gun in all three slots. Be sure to mod it with the extended drum clip (giving it 100 rounds per clip), the 2X scope and the laser sight. Then I stood as far back from the window into the range as possible so my back was against the Challenge board.

    All of the small flat targets are oriented at the ceiling, so keep your sights trained upward and be sure to keep an eye on the ones that appear closer to you. Pulling back a little from the window allows you to see these targets in the scope’s peripheral a little better. It may take a few tries to get the rhythm of the pattern of the targets, however.

    Challenges 9 & 10
    These last two Challenges switch things up a bit. Instead of targets and dummies, squads of undead soldiers (the ones with the glowing red eyes) will appear from the slots in the wall. And they fire back!

    For these two Challenges, switch all three of your weapons to the Medved grenade launcher. Again, this will give you more ammo to begin with and allow you to cycle through each one as it empties by pressing .

    Before hitting the button to start the Challenge, throw your fire grenades into the floor near the second opening slot on each side of the range. Once they are burning hit the button and several of the undead soldiers will catch fire and die. After that, just allow as many of the undead soldiers to spawn into the room as possible and then fire a grenade somewhere in the middle of the group. The explosions are so powerful and violent that they will kill everything in the room. If you find that the amount of grenades you have has run out, you can replenish your ammo at the cache any time during the Challenge. You should clear these challenges in no time at all.

    While you aren’t in grave danger, be sure to keep an eye on your health since they are firing back at you.


    Now go back and enter the ARENA area to do its set of Challenges. When you reach the main area, you will find a large control panel looking out onto a rectangular room with chest-high walls scattered about it. Standing facing the control panel, the Save lever will be behind you (again, be sure to use this after completing a Challenge or two). There are ammo caches all over the place here, including around the outer walls of the arena itself. The Challenge wall is inside the Arena on the left as you enter.

    For each Challenge the player must kill a certain number of enemies set by the Challenge being done. Challenge 1 is completed by killing 25 enemies, and each successive Challenge will add 5 more kills to the total required for an ending total of 65 enemy kills needed to complete Challenge 10.

    Choose whatever weapons you feel most comfortable, but try to be sure to have the Flame Thrower with you for Challenges 7-10. I used the RPK with the extended clip, the Shambler and the Flame Thrower for every Challenge and never ran out of ammo. Also, the game allows you to place up to 5 Claymores before hitting the button to begin a Challenge. If you attempt more than 5, they will begin to disappear starting with the first one you put down. So perish the thought of filling the arena with Claymores.

    You can complete all 10 Challenges using the following strategy:

    Run straight across the Arena from the control panel and entrance. In the middle of the opposite wall is a partition with opening on the left and right, take the left opening and look right and it should immediately dead end. Post up here with your back to the dead end and all of the enemies will spawn on the end of the arena opposite the Challenge Board (aka, behind you). From this position, all enemies will have to creep around to you and you can either wait for them to do it (which becomes necessity on later Challenges) or peek out and take them out one-by-one.

    For the first 4 to 5 challenges, there will only be human enemies, but after that Noslaises and those Shrimps that look like giant praying mantises will be added to the mix. To conserve ammo, you should let the Nosalises get close and take them out with your combat knife by pressing . When the Shrimp do finally start showing up in Challenges 7 & 8, they will largely get themselves stuck on the opposite side of the wall from your position and will not attack you, though they will eventually navigate around the wall depending on how much you move around. At times, parts of their body will clip through the wall and you can knife them to death, though this takes a while. Better to pop out when it’s clear and use the Flame Thrower on them. In Challenges 9 & 10, the Nosalises will return and the human enemies will be undead soldiers. Be sure to use the Flame Thrower on the undead soldiers as they tend to be very heavily armored and it cuts right through them.

    With a little patience and persistence, you should be able to do all 10 Challenges in no time.

    After completing all 20 Challenges (10 Challenges in each area), the achievement will unlock.

  • Spend 3 hours on the DEVELOPER level.

    Pretty self-explanatory, just spend at least 3 hours on the DEVELOPER level.

    The achievement is cumulative, so the time doesn’t have to be spent in one sitting. Depending on how long the Challenges take you to complete, this achievement could unlock over the course of your initial playthrough. If it does not, simply load up the level and stand around in it, you don’t have to do anything other than that for the time to count. As an alternative, you could check out the Museum area on the level to kill some time. It is unknown if pausing the game stops the clock, so if you are not in an active Challenge, do not press pause, just in case.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to check your progress, so you’ll just have to be patient until it pops.

    Special thanks to SATYATEX for his excellent tips that helped inform the ARENA guide in particular.

DLC: Chronicles Pack

There are 6 achievements with a total of 90 points

  • Complete the PAVEL level.

    A largely linear level that has one branch point, but both branches still eventually lead to the same room. It can be played with stealth tactics or straight assault, but in general stealth is preferred due to initial scarcity of weapons and/or ammo. This level is no more difficult than any presented in the campaign. So if you’ve managed that, simply completing this level should not be an issue. Oh, and don’t worry about stocking up on ammo at the end when it lets you, you won’t need it. The level ends and the achievement unlocks when Pavel boards a railcar.

  • Open 8 safe boxes on the PAVEL level.

    There are only 8 safe boxes on the level so you’ll have to locate all keys and safe boxes available. It is advised that you kill/knock out any and all enemies to help make your search easier. The keys themselves will have a bright red string that they hang from to help you see them a little better.

    Key/Safe Box #1 - The first safe box is literally in the first room where you encounter your first enemy just above the table where you grab the knife. The key is just around the corner on a little table on the left side.

    Key/Safe Box #2 - Just after the first safe box, you’ll encounter two guards having a conversation, one of them is behind some bars in a little room with a bright light. The second key is in this room inside a little box and the safe box is nearby sitting on a table between a different set of guards having a conversation. There is a lamp nearby and you can clearly see the yellow and black stripes on the side of the safe box.

    Key/Safe Box #3 – You will eventually reach a room that’s a shooting range. Provided you still haven’t alerted anyone, the guards will be occupied with targeting dummies. You’ll know the room as it’s full of barrels tied together in sets of 4. Through the doorway straight ahead, you should see the safe box and the key is on the right side of a set of barrels on the right side of the room.

    Key/Safe Box #4 – Behind Safe Box #3 is a set of stairs. Upstairs there is a path to both the left and the right. Take the left side first, and at the end of the path before it turns, on the wall is an orange box with the key inside. Further to the left from the key you’ll find a lever that opens a gated area on this level but on the opposite side behind you. Make your way there and inside the once-gated room will be the safe box.

    Key/Safe Box #5 & #6 – The order in which you find these will depend on which side you search first. This is the water-filled area with the “bridge” and lots of little shacks. Search these shacks thoroughly. One of the keys will be hanging from a panhandle on a book shelf just next to a very bright light and just outside that shack (slightly to the right facing out the doorway of the shack) look for a small set of stairs leading to the level above and follow the path around. The safe box is in a little room at the end.

    The other key is on the countertop inside a lighted shack near the tunnel dug into the ground that leads to/from the radioactive water. Not the shack that has a guard in it, but the one next to the guard above the tunnel watching out over the radioactive water. Move past this shack a little way and spot a metal door with a green light over it. To the right of this door is a short bridge that leads to a little shack with a guard sitting in it, relaxing. The safe box is behind him.

    Key/Safe Box #7 – When you pass through the metal door with the green light over it, immediately go down the stairs to your right. On the next landing you should see an orange box on the wall, the key (among other items) is inside of it. Continue on onto the catwalk around the edge of a room filled with shallow water. Move around the catwalk counterclockwise, and take note of the open doorway on the right. Disarm the trap just inside this door and go through. To the right is a panel you can interact with that opens a cage just to its left. The safe box is inside this cage (don’t panic, the cage will eventually re-open).

    Key/Safe Box #8 – As soon as you open the door just down the hall from Safe Box #7, move around to the right behind the door. Inside that room dangling from a battered bed is the final key. The safe box is on the other side of the room with soldiers patrolling catwalks above the water. It is sitting on the left side of a well-lit hallway that leads to the end of the level and is very difficult to miss.

    The achievement will pop upon opening the 8th and final safe box.

  • Complete the KHAN level.

    A very straightforward mission that begins with the player as Uhlman who blows up a Hansa train captured by Reds only to find that Khan was aboard. You will then follow Khan to Polis and you will encounter anomalies along the way. In the sequence with all the rats and fire, there are two sets of “backup batteries” you have to switch on, one on each side of the tunnel. Eventually, you’ll meet with the ghosts of some people from Khan’s past and the gameplay will shift to Khan’s perspective as he relives a tragedy that befell them.

    You will have to fight off an assault of Nosalises, but will then become trapped within the station. You will then have to find a bomb to blow up an airlock that the Nosalises are using to get in. The bomb is behind the partition on your left as you begin this sequence, you will have to move forward and then around behind it. Then you have to take the bomb and plant it in the airlock. Use the compass on your notepad to help you navigate.

    The achievement will unlock after the perspective changes back to Uhlman.

  • Kill 20 Nosalises on the KHAN level.

    The achievement is not cumulative and so all 20 Nosalises must be killed on one playthrough. While there are a few opportunities to kill Nosalises during the segment as Uhlman, such as when recharging the batteries during the rat sequence, the bulk of the kills can be made after the perspective shifts to Khan.

    Khan begins with weapons and must fend off an assault by a pack of Nosalises. Eventually Khan will be trapped in a station overrun with Nosalises, so they are quite literally everywhere. More ammo and weapons can be acquired from dead bodies found around the level. Kill 20 Nosalises and the achievement will unlock.

  • Сomplete the ANNA level.

    A very easy and straightforward level, especially since Anna has a decent arsenal. Your first task will be to help Artyom fend off a Watchman attack from a sniper’s perch. Then you will have to climb down and work your way to Artyom through a series of enemy encounters. Many of these encounters occur initially without the enemies knowing Anna is there so stealth tactics can be applied, though you will likely end up having a shootout with one of the groups. Finding Artyom will begin a cutscene and unlock the achievement.

  • Kill more Watchmen that Artyom does.

    The opportunity to get this achievement will come at the beginning of the ANNA level while you are up in the sniper’s perch covering Artyom. The sniper rifle she has will kill a Watchman in one hit, so line up your shots anywhere on the body and fire. There will be several waves of Watchmen, and if you manage to kill about 8-9 of them the achievement will unlock.

    If you feel you aren’t getting enough kills, you can reload the checkpoint from the pause menu and you’ll begin again right in the sniper’s perch.

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