Optimum Dive Achievement in Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

  • Optimum Dive



    Awarded for achieving an Optimum Dive in any race.


    How to unlock Optimum Dive

    Before the swimming section of each race you are required to dive into the pool. You are judged on your reaction time (how long it takes you to stand after you are told to 'GO!') and the angle of your dive (how you position your arms when you stand). The game tells you that to dive well you must have a good reaction time and dive angle. This is not entirely true as you do not have to have a remarkable reaction time to achieve an Optimum Dive. Standing up quickly will help in your efforts to win the race but for this achievement concentrate on positioning your arms as the game requires. For any of the front stroke races try to have them straight out in front of you (90 degrees from your body) and for the backstroke races angle them upwards (45 degrees from your body). As long as you do this and Kinect reads your movements correctly you will be awarded with an Optimum Dive.

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