Optimum Turn Achievement in Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

  • Optimum Turn



    Awarded for achieving an Optimum Turn in any race.


    How to unlock Optimum Turn

    In Season 2 of career mode you will be introduced to turning every 50m in a race (it is done automatically in Season 1). As you reach the end of the pool the camera will change to show your swimmer turning and time will slow down. At this point you can stop swimming and put your arms at your side. There is a bar that will fill up from left to right and what you must do is push your hand out in front of you, palm open, when the bar fills up completely. This will result in an Optimum Turn. However, note that the game can award the achievement even if you mess this up (as for some reason it still thinks you have managed an Optimum Turn).

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  • HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET THIS????????? I dont know what to do at the turn. it doesnt tell me to do anything and the tutorial doesnt say anything about turning either
  • Same here. The tutorial shows a weird power-charging icon of some sort where you're supposed to do a pushing gesture when the bar charges towards the right (towards the wall), yet I have never seen that happen. I'm only on Season 2, though.
  • Don't worry, in season 3 it shows you a tutorial on turning, and then all your races will have the turning thing in them.

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