Pool Legend Achievement in Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

  • Pool Legend



    A title awarded when you complete Season 3 in Career Mode.


    How to unlock Pool Legend

    There are 3 seasons in Career Mode and each consists of events that you must complete in order to progress. These events can be in the form of tutorials, races or challenges and are represented by hexagons, making a sort of map of the season. When you complete an event it unlocks each adjoining hexagon, allowing you to attempt new events. By reaching and completing one of the rightmost events you will be taken to the Annual Games. Participate in any of the annual games and you then have the option to be promoted to the next season (or retire if you are in Season 3). Doing so will unlock the achievement relevant to your promotion.

    The tutorials are very self-explanatory and can be skipped if you desire. It is recommended that you follow the tutorial for the first time though to learn each of the techniques for the different races. The races come in varying lengths and to complete them you must finish in 3rd or better. 50m races test how fast you can swim, 100m races require a bit more technique and 150m and 200m races are effectively 100m races with an 'endurance' section in the middle which help to boost your 'push the limit meter'. The challenges give you targets to reach such as earning a certain number of points from diving or a 1 on 1 race that you must win. Completing races and challenges will reward you with points to increase your stats.

    You shouldn't have too much trouble progressing through the first two seasons; it is Season 3 where the difficulty is really stepped up. If you find yourself unable to complete either of the opening two events in Season 3 then you may have to start Career Mode all over again, therefore it is best to follow the tips here and in the Roadmap in order to save yourself from two playthroughs.

    • Try to finish first in every race of Seasons 1 and 2. Even if you finish 2nd or 3rd, do not restart but instead continue as you will still get stat points (note that the number of stat points you get for each place does not seem to be fixed - for example, you may get 2 for a 2nd finish one time and then only 1 for the next).
    • When you reach Event 12 (50m Breaststroke) in Season 1, boost your stats as the Roadmap suggests as this is the quickest event and the easiest to control your pace in so that you don't win but still finish 2nd or 3rd. After this concentrate entirely on upgrading your speed to 10 and then move on to Stamina.
    • If you are really struggling with a specific race, move on and come back to it after you have upgraded your stats a little more.
    • Standing up straight when swimming seems to be the best way for Kinect to read your movements properly.
    • Aim to hype the crowd to 100% at the beginning of every race. The 10% stamina boost may not seem like much, but it does help.
    • React quickly when you are told to 'GO!' but try not to jump the gun as you will lose your 10% bonus. There seems to be no pattern to how long it takes before you are safe to stand up so rely on your reactions instead.
    • Look at the guides for Optimum Dive, Turn and Finish and try to achieve these every time.
    • Always try to follow the beat to keep your strokes in time to boost your 'push the limit' meter.
    • Immediately after a turn try to continue swimming as you were. The beat will start again soon after and you will lose time if you wait for it.
    • It may seem beneficial at some points to swim as fast as possible, but this will drain your stamina rapidly which makes a big difference on the speed of your swimmer. Unless you are nearing the end of the race and your 'push the limit' meter is full, stick to timing your strokes as the game suggests.
    • When you reach the 'push the limit' section, don't start flailing and spinning your arms as fast as possible. Simply speed up as much as you can whilst maintaining controlled movements so that Kinect will still pick them up correctly.
    • In Season 3 try to follow the path to the right that plays to your strengths/has the events that you find the easiest. For example, you might find 150m races easier as the Endurance section will help to boost your 'push the limit' to 100% if your timing is out on the strokes.
    • Don't bother with the Annual Games as they aren't great for stat increases. They are more difficult and each event requires you to finish two races. Instead just play one event, win or lose, and move on.

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  • It might be an easy 1000 if you can stomach playing this game...
  • could be easiest 1000 of 2011 by the looks of it.
  • Yeah this looks like a joke for sure. Hope I can redbox it...
  • This game had terrible motion recognition - I took the easy 300G's then left it alone, it became too frustrating - far easier and more reliable easy G titles to be played.
  • After nearly three years I re-rented this game and I temporarily relocated my kinect sensor up high and went through and calibrated/setup for this. It was a night and day difference for me doing this. Going for 1000/1000 now.

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