- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 0
- Online: 39 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 40-50 hours over 6+ real-life months; see below [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 10 Quickplay puzzles, 100 puzzles in a puzzle pack, and numerous daily challenges
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Go For The Bronze (20G) isn't obtainble until August 2021, Go For The Silver (30G) isn't obtainable until June 2021, and Go For The Gold (60G) isn't obtainable until April 2021. See note below for more information

Welcome to the mobile version of Microsoft Mahjong, which is compatible with all Andoid and IOS devices. If you've played the Windows 10 version of Microsoft Mahjong, this is almost the same game, with only some minor tweaks and slightly different achievements. Here, puzzles are assigned a difficulty; you don't get to choose. Aside from that, the general process is the same for obtaining achievements: lots of achievements related to Classic mode, which just has standard puzzles of varying difficulty levels; and Daily Challenge mode, where you can complete challenges to earn bronze, silver, gold, and diamond badges each month. As with the Windows 10 version, you can only earn one of each type of badge per month. More detail on this below. Let's get started.

Note on Daily Challenges and changing dates:
As with all Windows 10 versions of the Microsoft Casual Games, you can change the date on your device (Settings - System - Date & Time) to a different month, giving you access to that month's daily challenges. As a result, you can subvert the need to wait real-life months to finish all achievements related to daily challenge badges. Unfortunately, Microsoft has set this game up such that the next month's daily challenges aren't released until a certain point in the previous month; the daily challenges aren't randomly generated and all populated. This means that you can't go forward or backward in time indefinitely to complete daily challenges and earn badges. However, even though this game released in January 2021, there are challenges going back to September 2020 for certain members. What this means for you is that you can change the date on your phone back to as far as September 2020 to have more months available to earn daily challenge badges. You will still need to wait real-life time to complete this game as of the writing of this guide, but this adds an extra four months (September through December 2020) of badges you can earn, reducing the total wait by four months.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
There are essentially two sections of this game: Classic mode and Challenge mode. It doesn't matter which mode you do first, and you can definitely jump back and forth between the two modes. I have only separated the two modes below for ease of detailing which achievements to do in each mode, but feel free to play in whichever order you prefer. I do recommend getting started on daily challenges in Challenge mode as soon as possible though, since that's the rate-limiting step of this completion.

Classic Mode
Classic mode consists of two main features: Quickplay, which gives you a random puzzle of random difficulty, and Puzzle Packs, which are packs that consist of 100 puzzles each. Here is a quick list of things you must do in Classic Mode for achievements:
  • You must complete 10 puzzles in Quickplay to unlock Bring It On! (10G). It's a good idea to do these before the puzzle pack, because it seems like Quickplay will pull puzzles from the packs, and you'll find that when you're going through a puzzle pack later, some puzzle are already checked off as complete
  • You must complete the same puzzle 20 times to unlock Force Of Habit (10G). Any puzzle will work for this, but obviously a puzzle with a difficulty of "easy" is best
  • Complete any puzzle using exactly two hints to unlock Little Help Please (10G) 
  • In any puzzle pack, complete puzzle 2, then 4, then 8, then 16 to unlock The Power Of Two (10G) 
  • During a puzzle pack, purposely play four puzzles in a row starting with easy, then medium, then hard, then expert, winning each one (using undo and reshuffle as much as you want) to unlock Tail End (40G) 
  • Lastly, complete all 100 puzzles in any of the puzzle packs to unlock Endurance (60G). You will unlock many other achievements along the way to completing all 100 puzzles in a pack
Challenge Mode
Challenge Mode is where you can play daily challenges to try to earn bronze, silver, gold, and diamond badges each month, one of each per month. See Note above about changing the date on your device to avoid needing to wait real time for all of these achievements. Here is a quick list of things you must do in Challenges Mode for achievements:
  • Earn 12 bronze badges. This must be done over 12 real months, but can be earned by changing the date on your device
  • Earn 10 silver badges. This must be done over 10 real months, but can be earned by changing the date on your device
  • Earn 8 gold badges. This must be done over 8 real months, but can be earned by changing the date on your device
  • Complete all daily challenges in a month for Strive For Perfection (50G). Any month will do, but February is naturally the best choice since it only has 28 days. Along the way you will unavoidably earn a diamond badge
  • Complete a daily challenge every day for a month for Marathon (40G)Be sure to read the solution for this achievement, as you can NOT wait until the last day of the month and then go back and complete one challenge per day.
  • Complete a Match Attack challenge with at least one minute left on the timer for Faster Than Fast (30G)
  • Complete a Golden Tiles challenge where you clear the board and the last match is a pair of golden tiles, for Save The Best For Last (20G)
  • During a Lightning Tiles challenge, match a pair of lightning tiles when they're down to 1 on their counter for Close Call (20G)
Mop Up
If you still are missing some miscellaneous achievements for doing specific actions after you've completed both modes above, refer to their achievement solutions in the guide, as there are a couple that likely won't come naturally unless you get lucky.

While the mobile version of Microsft Mahjong is more of the same, it provides greater availability for people with both Android and IOS phones. The interface is very user friendly and easy to use, and the gameplay and achievements are just as addictive (and long-term) as before. The daily challenges definitely feel like more of a grind this time around (especially since upgrading to Premium doesn't speed things up this time), but if you actually do space it out over 12 real months, you won't get burned out. Not a whole lot of skill is required for this completion, making it largely a relaxing and casual experience. If you made it through 12 months of challenge badges, congrats on the completion!

[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Microsoft Mahjong (Mobile) Achievement Guide

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There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete a puzzle.

    As the description says, simply complete your first puzzle in any mode.
  • Complete a puzzle using the "Hint" button only twice.

    This must be done in Classic mode. During any puzzle (in a pack or Quickplay), tap on the button in the lower left corner to bring up a menu to use either hints or a reshuffle. Choose to use a hint, clear the highlighted tiles, then repeat a second time. Now just finish the puzzle (using reshuffle if need be) to unlock this achievement.
  • Change the Tile Set.

    New Tile Sets are unlocked upon leveling up, which will happen many times unavoidably as you complete puzzles and challenges. After unlocking your first Tile Set, from the main menu pick Themes on the bottom, then the Tile Sets tab at the top and pick a different one to unlock this achievement immediately.
  • Complete 10 Quickplay puzzles.

    Quickplay puzzles are accessed from the top of the Classic section of the game. Quickplay will pick a puzzle of random difficulty, and then you'll have to complete it like any standard puzzle. You can use as many hints and reshuffles as you want during each one, just as long as you complete it. Complete a cumulative total of 10 to unlock this achievement.
  • Complete a puzzle within three turns after using a reshuffle.

    The description here is pretty self explanatory, but what you may not realize is that you can use a reshuffle whenever you want; you don't need to wait until you get a "No More Moves" prompt on screen. So wait until you have 6 or 4 tiles left in a game, then choose to reshuffle the few remaining tiles, then finish the puzzle and you'll unlock this achievement.

    There's actually a pretty good chance this will happen naturally as you work on completing everything in Classic mode, but don't hesitate to get it out of the way.
  • Complete a Hard Puzzle.

    There are many Hard Puzzles you'll be required to complete in whichever puzzle pack you choose to complete for Endurance (60G). For this achievement, you can use as many hints and reshuffles as needed.
  • Complete the following puzzles in sequence: 2, 4, 8, 16.

    This must be done in Classic mode. Open up any puzzle pack and do as the achievement description says: complete puzzle 2, then 4, then 8, then 16. You can use as many hints and reshuffles as you want for this achievement, so the difficulty of the puzzle has no real impact on this achievement. Complete the four listed puzzles in order with no others in between and then this achievement will unlock.
  • Complete the same puzzle 20 times.

    The description here is self explanatory: pick any puzzle and complete it 20 times. There's no reason to do this aside from this achievement, so pick any puzzle you completed quick and just run through it 19 more times. I choose the first puzzle in Puzzle Pack 1. I was able to complete it in under 30 seconds each time, making this achievement relatively quick, but choose any puzzle you prefer.
  • Complete an Expert puzzle within 5 minutes.

    This achievement will likely unlock naturally as you progress through and complete all of a puzzle pack. Some of the easier Expert puzzles, in my opinion, are Puzzle 21 and Puzzle 75 in Puzzle Pack 1. If you haven't unlocked this achievement by the time you complete a puzzle pack and 10 Quickplay puzzles, consider using either of those two puzzles. Also note that you can use reshuffles for this achievement, so don't hesitate to just make matches quickly and use a reshuffle if you get stuck, rather than trying to be strategic with your matches.
  • After "No More Moves," undo 10+ moves in a row then win the puzzle.

    A little more clarity on the requirements for this achievement: during any puzzle of any difficulty, you must reach the "No More Moves" state. At this point, you need to either tap Undo in the lower right 10+ times in a row or pull up the Undo menu and scroll down at least 10 pairs to undo at least 10 at once. After doing that, you must then complete the puzzle without using any more undos or reshuffles

    Since this achievement can be unlocked in either Classic or Challenge mode, there is a decent chance this will happen naturally, especially while working towards Strive For Perfection (50G), which requires you to complete every daily challenge in a month. Since this will require you to complete some Hard and Expert puzzles, you will undoubtedly reach "No More Moves" multiple times. There are even times where you'll just have bad luck in Easy or Medium puzzles and this will happen. While there isn't a great way to force a "No More Moves" state other than intentionally matching tiles at the bottom of a pile instead of the top, as long as you keep aware of this achievement's requirements, you can often force the second half: you'll often reach "No More Moves" and it will be pretty clear which tile pair you need to go back to in order to make a different match. If that tile pair is 10+ pairs back in the Undo list, you're set, but if it isn't, you can still go back farther than need be, even all the way back to the start of the puzzle, and then proceed to complete the puzzle, unlocking this achievement. Just don't forget that you can't use a reshuffle, and you can only undo that one time.
  • Complete a puzzle with total chains of 20 or above.

    Unintuitively, chains have nothing to do with the speed at which you make matches. Chains are formed by making consecutive matches of the same type of tile. For example, matching two South tiles and then two North tiles would form a chain; matching two bamboo 2 tiles and then two bamboo 5 tiles would form a chain. Similarly, matching two North tiles, then two South tiles, then two West tiles, then two East tiles would form a chain of 4

    For this achievement, you'll need to complete any puzzle where your total chains for that puzzle is 20 or above. This may seem high, but you will almost assuredly unlock this achievement naturally while completing some of the larger puzzles in a puzzle pack.If you somehow haven't unlocked this achievement by the time you've finished everything else, Puzzles 11, 50, and 70 in Puzzle Pack 1 are great candidates. The tiles are spread out, giving you many options for matches.
  • Play your first Daily Challenge.

    This achievement will unlock upon starting your first daily challenge.
  • Complete your first Daily Challenge.

    As the description says, simply complete any daily challenge of any difficulty to unlock this achievement.
  • Complete a puzzle within 3 minutes.

    This achievement will almost assuredly come naturally as you progress through a puzzle pack, and it's virtually guaranteed you will unlock this achievement while working on Force Of Habit (10G). If you follow the advice in that achievement solution and play Puzzle 1 in Puzzle Pack 1 over and over, you'll be scoring times under one minute.
  • Match 3 pairs of the same suit which count up or down.

    This achievement description is relatively self explanatory: match three pairs in a row of the same suit, and they also need to count up or down. You'll either need to do this with the bamboo, the circles, or the kanji symbols with blue slashes above them. You will likely unlock this achievement naturally, despite how specific it sounds. However, if you don't, or want to ensure you get it, great candidates for this achievement are Puzzles 50 and 70 in Puzzle Pack 1. They are very spread out with a ton of available tiles to match, making it very likely you'll be able to intentionally set up this achievement.
  • Make 3 consecutive matches with flower tiles.

    This is another achievement that is pretty self explanatory, difficult to force, but will likely happen naturally as you progress. There are four types of flower tiles, and you'll need to match any combination of them three times in a row. Puzzles 50 and 70 in Puzzle Pack 1 are good candidates for this achievement, but you will assuredly unlock this naturally without needing to intentionally attempt it.
  • Make 5 matches within 15 seconds.

    This achievement will undoubtedly unlock naturally while working on Force Of Habit (10G). If you follow that achievement's advice and play Puzzle 1 twenty times, you will be flying through it, making far more than five matches in 15 seconds.
  • Match a pair of Lightning Tiles with only 1 move left in countdown.

    As the description implies, this achievement must be done during a Lightning Tiles daily challenge. While you don't need to force this because it will almost assuredly happen naturally while completing all challenges in a month for Strive For Perfection (50G), you can very easily force it in many cases: match away all lightning tiles until only one pair is left. Expose both tiles for that pair but purposely don't match them. Instead, match other tiles to lower the counter on those lightning tiles to 1, then match them away to complete the challenge and unlock this achievement.
  • Clear the board with Golden Tiles being the last match on the board.

    As the description implies, this must be done during a Golden Tiles daily challenge. While there is a chance this may happen naturally, it likely won't unless you make it a point to try for this achievement. You won't even be able to unlock this achievement on any Golden Tiles challenge, but this achievement requires that the last pair of golden tiles be on the ground, with no tiles underneath, otherwise you won't be able to have them be your final match. However, during any Golden Tiles challenge where you do have a pair on the ground (you will encounter this scenaroi many times), purposely don't match the last pair of golden tiles until you clear out all other tiles, then match the golden tiles last to unlock this achievement.
  • Play the Daily Challenge 5 days in a row.

    This achievement simply requires that you complete any of the five available daily challenges for five consecutive calendar days. You do NOT need to complete them on the actual on day (e.g. if today is the 30th, you can use the calendar function in Challenge mode to play a challenge on any earlier five days in the month, as long as they're consecutive). Assuming you complete the challenges in order, this will come naturally when working on Strive For Perfection (50G).
  • Win 12 Bronze Daily Challenge badges.

    Refer to Go For The Gold (60G) for more information.
  • Complete 4 puzzles using 4 different Tile Sets.

    You won't have four different Tile Sets available until you level up a few times, but as you work towards the completion (by completing all 100 puzzle in a puzzle pack, and completing daily challenges to earn badges) you will unavoidably level up enough to unlock all Tile Sets available. Simply change to a different Tile Set, complete any puzzle (preferably a fast and easy one), and then repeat for two more Tile Sets you haven't used yet.
  • Make 100 matches.

    Refer to You're Basically Cupid (30G) for more information.
  • Make 1000 matches.

    Refer to You're Basically Cupid (30G) for more information.
  • Make 10000 matches.

    Despite sounding like a huge amount of matches, these three cumulative achievements will all unlock naturally well before you finish all other achievements. To put it in perspective, I unlocked this achievement after finishing all 100 puzzles in a puzzle pack, and after earning only two gold daily challenge badges.
  • Complete 4 different Expert puzzles.

    This achievement will come naturally as you work toward completing all 100 puzzles in a puzzle pack for Endurance (60G). There are nine Expert puzzles in Puzzle Pack 1, for reference. You can also use as many hints, undos, and reshuffles as needed to complete each puzzle.
  • Complete a Match Attack with at least 1 minute left on the timer.

    As the description implies, this achievement must be earned in a Match Attack daily challenge. Match Attacks are, in general, the easiest type of daily challenge, and as long as you can move quickly (and especially if you use both thumbs) you should have no problem whatsoever unlocking this achievement naturally.
  • Win 10 Silver Daily Challenge badges.

    Refer to Go For The Gold (60G) for more information.
  • Win a Diamond Daily Challenge badge.

    Refer to Strive For Perfection (50G) for more information.
  • Complete 10 chains of 5 or more.

    The achievement description here is actually slightly misleading. A chain is formed by making consecutive matches of the same type of tile (and actually has nothing whatsoever to do with the speed you make matches, so no need to rush), for example North, South, East, and West tiles, or bamboo tiles, etc. To complete a chain of 5 or more, you need to match six pairs of the same type of tile in a row, not five. This is because the chain starts with the second match, not the first.

    This achievement is cumulative over all games played, and as a result will likely unlock with natural progression, especially if you play Score Attack daily challenges in a way to maximize your chain to get huge scores. If you don't end up unlocking this achievement (either during the puzzle pack, the daily challenges, or when grinding out Force Of Habit (10G)), playing Hard and Expert Score Attack daily challenges typically presents good opportunities for making chains this long. Alternatively, Puzzles 50 and 70 in Puzzle Pack 1 are very spread out, giving good opportunities for making long chains.
  • Match the following tiles in sequence: N, E, S, W.

    As the description says, you need to match four pairs of the direction tiles in a row in order of North, East, South, and then West. While this may happen naturally, it would be entirely coincidental. If you don't happen to unlock this during natural play, good candidates for this achievement are Puzzles 50 and 70 in Puzzle Pack 1. They are very spread out and therefore offer many opportunities for multiple tile matches.
  • Win 4 puzzles of different difficulty in a row from Easy to Expert.

    As the description says, play four puzzles in a row (starting with Easy, then Medium, then Hard, then Expert) and win each one. In terms of this achievement, you can use as many hints, undos, and reshuffles as you need, so long as you win. There is therefore no real luck or skill involved in this achievement.
  • Complete 5 Expert puzzles without using a Reshuffle, Undo, or Hint.

    This achievement's requirements will often come down to luck, because sometimes you'll just get bad tile placement and not know until it's way too long. However, one important thing to note is that you do NOT need to do 5 different puzzles. You can play the same puzzle five times, if you wish. 

    If this doesn't unlock during natural progression for you, I've found that Puzzles 21 and 75 in Puzzle Pack 1 are both very easy, meaning you don't have to worry so much about picking the right matches. There is still a bit of luck, but these puzzles are smaller and more "linear" than others, making them good candidates for this achievement.
  • Complete at least one Daily Challenge every day for a month.

    *Important Note* To unlock this achievement, you CANNOT wait until the last day of the month and then use the calendar function to play and complete a daily challenge for all of the previous days that month. You must complete a daily challenge every day on that day. Also be aware that it must be a calendar month, not just 30/31 consecutive days.

    There are two ways to go about this:
    • Starting on the first day of the month, in real time, complete at least one challenge every day for a full month. This is obviously how the achievement was intended.
    • No matter what day of the month it currently is, change the date on your device to the first day of the month, Complete a challenge that day, then change the date on your device to the second day of the month and complete a challenge that day. Repeat for every day of the month, changing the date each time and completing at least one challenge.
    Both methods have their advantages, but the latter is the method I used, so I can confirm it works. It avoids not only the need to wait for a full month in real time, but it also eliminates the potential for accidentally missing a day, such as if you're busy, and having to start over in a fresh month. Choose whichever method you prefer, but just remember that you must do the challenge on that day If you miss a day with the first method, you could always opt to change the date on your device back to that day and do a combination of the above methods to ensure you don't miss the achievement.
  • Complete every Daily Challenge in a month.

    This is the most difficult achievement in the game since you'll have to complete every daily challenge in a month, which means you'll be doing Expert challenges of each type. Even so, the challenges are the same each time you retry them, so if you fail, you can retry and it'll be the same challenge. It's also important to be aware that it is a good idea to pair this achievement with Marathon (40G).
    There are five types of daily challenges. I have listed them all below with how they work and how best to complete them.
    Golden Tiles - there are 2-5 pairs of golden tiles throughout the puzzle, which are treated the same way as wild tiles, and you have to eliminate them all by matching them to win. There is no time limit or move limit, and you can undo whenever you want. These basically play like a classic puzzle, except you don't need to clear the whole board, just the golden tiles. You should still progress through it like it's a classic puzzle though, since that will result in your getting to the golden tiles and matching them all. Remember if you get stuck you can undo back to a point where you made a wrong decision and then continue on to finish the challenge, so there's really no reason to fail these and start over.
    Lightning Tiles - there are 3-5 pairs of tiles that each have a number on them of how many moves you can make before they explode. The pairs are color coded, with each pair having its own number of moves. Obviously this means you should try to match the pair with the lowest number first to get rid of it, but this won't always be the case. Like the Golden Tiles challenges, there is no time limit, so you can take your time, and you can also undo whenever you want and as many times as you want (the lightning tiles will dial back when you undo too) so there is really no reason to fail these and start over, since you can just undo back to when you made a wrong decision and then make a different choice.
    Score Attack - in this mode, you have to obtain a certain amount of score within the time limit. You gain score by matching tiles, and you get an exponential increase in score if you match tiles of the same type in a row. For example, if you match S, E, N, and W tiles in a row, the score you get from each match increases exponentially. This makes these challenges (even on Expert) insanely easy. I was completing them all in around 15-30 seconds. Don't overthink your matches or plan anything out, just focus on one tile type (the directions, for example), match all the ones you can find, then switch to a different tile type and match all of those that are available, and so on, and you'll cruise right through all of these.
    Match Attack - in this mode, you have to make a set number of matches within the time limit. There really isn't any strategy here except to not use a strategy and just move quickly. Don't try to plan out any specific matches, as the chances of you reaching No More Moves is very slim. Just match every pair you find as soon as you find it without stopping to think. Remember that you don't need to wait for the match animation to finish before making another match, so don't let it slow you down. Just keep matching one pair after another at will and you'll find that these challenges are all very easy even on Expert.
    Classic - these are your standard classic puzzles where you just need to eliminate all tiles. The only difference between this and a classic puzzle is that you can't reshuffle in a daily challenge, but you can undo. Treat these the same way you treat classic puzzles and they will be simple enough, just time consuming.
  • Match three identical pairs in a row.

    This won't be available on every puzzle, since some only have two pairs of each tile type. This is very easy in many of the daily challenges though, particularly the Score Attack and Match Attack daily challenges. Many of them have many of the same tile types in a wide open puzzle layout, allowing you to easily plan this out so that six identical tiles are available, and then match them all in a row. I found the direction tiles to be very common in many of the daily challenges, so just make six of one direction available and then match them all in a row.
  • Complete a Puzzle Pack.

    The game app, by default, comes with one Puzzle Pack, but you can download two more for free. However, all three Puzzle Packs have 100 puzzles each, so there is no benefit to doing one versus another. The puzzles range in difficulty, but you can use as many hints, undos, and reshuffles as you want to complete them all. Simply work your way through all 100 puzzles of any Puzzle Pack to unlock this achievement.

    Note - it seems that Quickplay will sometimes pull puzzles from Puzzle Packs. As a result, I recommend completing Bring It On! (10G) first, as it will likely result in some puzzle from the Puzzle Pack being checked off as complete as you progress through it.
  • Win 8 Gold Daily Challenge badges.

    Note: Go For The Gold (60G) isn't obtainable until April 2021, Go For The Silver (30G) isn't obtainable until June 2021, and Go For The Bronze (20G) isn't obtainable until August 2021. This is because daily challenges exist starting from September 2020, even though the game didn't release until January 2021. So, you can change the date on your device back as far as September 2020 to get more challenge badges, shortening the wait for more after the game released.

    In order to unlock these achievements, you'll need 12 bronze badges, 10 silver badges, and 8 gold badges. Unlike the Windows 10 version of this game, you do not get coins that accumulate to earn badges. Instead, there seems to be a pretty linear progression from one badge to the next regardless of the difficulty of the challenge you play. As a result, there doesn't seem to be any benefit to completing Hard or Expert challenges versus Easy and Medium ones.
    Unfortunately, because there aren't coins in this version, and because it's now a linear progression for badges, upgrading to Premium for $1.99/month doesn't seem to have any impact on how quickly you can earn badges. Therefore DO NOT upgrade to Premium to try to speed up this completion.
    The fastest way to earn badges for each month is to change the date on your device to the last day of the month, and then go to each day and complete the Match Attack and Score Attack daily challenges. These are by far the fastest and easiest daily challenges to complete, even on Expert difficulty, in my opinion. Score attack is incredibly easy even on Expert, whereas Match Attack is only slightly less easy but is very doable as long as you move fast. Go through every day of the month completing these. This will get you a silver badge. Then, if you've completed those two challenges every day for a month, you'll need to complete approximately one more challenge per day for the month to get gold, or around 30 more challenges. Since difficulty doesn't matter, pick whichever of the three has an Easy rating. I tended towards Classic challenges because I found them easier and less stressful than Lightning Tiles, but use whichever you prefer. Completing three challenges per day for an entire month should be enough to reach a gold badge.
    As far as the challenges themselves, refer to the Strive For Perfection (50G) achievement description for more information on how each type of daily challenge works and how best to complete it.
  • Complete 10 Hard puzzles without using Reshuffle, Undo, or Hint.

    As the description states, you need to finish any 10 puzzles rated Hard difficulty without using a reshuffle, hint, or undo. It can be any combination of puzzles, or the same puzzle 10 times.
    As far as strategy for finishing puzzles without using a reshuffle or undo, you should be focusing on matching high tiles (ones with a lot of tiles under them) and outside tiles (ones that are blocking in lots of tiles) evenly. You want to be lowering the puzzle and moving it inward at roughly the same pace. Also, don't make matches with tiles that you don't need to in order to free up new tiles. What I mean by that is, if you have matching tiles but they are both on the lowest level, and if they aren't blocking in any tiles, leave them there in case you find more identical tiles to match them with. Leave them in place for as long as possible until you know you need to match them.

    By the time you finish a puzzle pack for Endurance (60G), there is a decent chance you'll have unlocked this achievement already. If not, good candidates in Puzzle Pack 1 are Puzzles 8, 15, 60, 72, and 73. These are some of the easiest Hard puzzles, in my opinion. Remember, if you find one very easy, you can just replay it over and over until you unlock this achievement.
    After you finish your tenth puzzle without a reshuffle or undo on Hard, the achievement will unlock.

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