Classic Speed Run Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Classic Speed Run



    Get your fastest win times in Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell to add up to 10 minutes or less.

    How to unlock Classic Speed Run

    This is one of the tougher achievements in the game, and will definitely take a little practice along with some luck. As with all achievements, you can play on easy to make the games as simple as possible. You should definitely be playing 1-suit games of Spider so you can put it on easy. Also, it should go without saying, but always choose to play a solvable game so you don't waste time on a potentially unsolvable one.

    The best advice I can give is to not spend much if any time thinking about your next move. Especially in Spider where you will constantly have options of which card to put on which stack. Just move through, constantly making any available move. On Easy difficulty, it's very unlikely that you'll get stuck anyway.

    Klondike is the easiest since your options are pretty limited anyway and you're just following the cards you're given. Move an available move as soon as you see it and don't think about which to make. Again, play on easy so you only have one card from the draw pile at a time. You can spend time putting up cards to the foundation manually, but I highly recommend focusing on getting all of the cards flipped and from the stock pile to stacks on the bottom. Once you do this (no more unflipped cards and no cards left in the stock pile) you will get a "Solve" button right next to the stock pile. When you press this button, cards will shoot up to the fountain much faster than if you were doing it yourself, so your goal should be to get to this situation as fast as possible, and not try to put cards to the foundation unless it's required to progress. For a time to shoot for, my fastest Klondike time is somewhere just under 2 minutes.

    Spider is the slowest of the three game modes, since you have multiple decks of cards to clear instead of just one. As noted above, the most important thing for Spider is to not overthink your moves. Make any move available with the goal of completing stacks as fast as possible, and don't spend time looking for any available moves left. As soon as there is nothing immediately obvious left to do, immediately draw a round of the extra cards and keep going. This will be the hardest game type to get a low time on. It took me a bunch of tries, and my best time is now just over 4 minutes, to give you some sort of target to shoot for.

    FreeCell can really be a toss-up as to how long it will take to finish. Just like Klondike though, your goal should be to get all cards ordered in stacks on the bottom, because then they will automatically shoot up to the foundation. Also be sure to take cards out of the cells too, because they shoot up faster if all cards are in the bottom area instead of having some in cells. As far as working through a game quickly, don't hesitate to use the cells as much as possible. Your goal is to make ordered stacks on the bottom. Cards going to the foundation will happen naturally as you go. Move quickly and don't overthink moves. To give you a time to shoot for, my best is just over 2 minutes.

    Once your combined best times add up to less than 10 minutes, the achievement will unlock. To check your best times, from the Home screen or main menu, go to Statistics and you can see your best win time for each game mode.

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  • got it
  • my times are : 2.26, 3..58 and 2.29, for a total of 8.53, but the achievement dont drop... anyone know why?

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