Strive for Perfection Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

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    Complete every Daily Challenge in a month.

    How to unlock Strive for Perfection

    This will be the hardest achievement in the game because you'll have to do every challenge for a month, meaning you're guaranteed a bunch of expert challenges in each game type, which can be tough. Every day has five challenges, one per each of the five game types, and the challenges can range from easy to expert. Thankfully the challenges are not random and are the same every time, so if you fail one, when you retry it will always be the same challenge, allowing you to change your approach each time instead of starting from scratch each time you retry.

    As far as how hard and expert difficulties affect the game types, for Klondike you'll be getting three cards at a time from the stock pile instead of one. This changes the strategy so you can't only focus on flipping cards on the board; you also need to get access to cards in the stacks of three from the stock pile. There will definitely be some trial and error here. For Spider, you'll be playing with at least two suits, but sometimes four suits for expert. Thankfully it's very unlikely you'll have to solve the deck, but if you haven't played with two or four suits yet, this could take some practice to work through. For FreeCell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks, there is no change to gameplay, just harder layouts.

    Here are the different types of challenges:
    "Solve the Deck" / "Clear X boards in Y deals" - these challenges are basically the same as playing any normal game of any of the game modes, so you should work through them the same way you'd work through any normal game.

    "Play the X to the foundation" - you'll get these in Klondike and FreeCell challenges. For the easy and medium difficulty ones, you can typically just focus on the card(s) needed without playing through the deck evenly. For hard and expert though, especially for FreeCell, you're likely going to have to work through the deck like normal, playing as though you're trying to solve the deck

    "Earn a score of X" - these show up for all game types except FreeCell. For Pyramid, you won't be doing anything different than when you try to complete a board like normal. For TriPeaks, you should be going for the longest combos you can find since that's where the bulk of your score will come from. For Klondike, you get some points for stacking cards on the bottom but more for adding cards to the foundation, so focus on bringing as many cards down from the stock and adding to the foundation. Spider is a little different than the rest. You lose a point every time you make a move, including undoing, and you get 100 points for every stack you complete, so the goal is to complete stacks in as few moves as possible, but you really don't have to worry much about making too many moves and losing score.

    "Finish X stacks" - this one is specific to Spider and only requires you to complete stacks. Since that's what you do to win Spider games anyway, there really aren't any different strategies here

    "Clear X Ys in Z deals" - these are specific to Pyramid and TriPeaks where you have to remove a set number of a specific card from the board. For TriPeaks if you just focus on completing the board like normal, you will complete this challenge as fast as possible anyway. The only difference with Pyramid is that if the card you need to eliminate is in the stock pile and not on the board, you should try to match them in the stock/waste piles where possible, otherwise you'll have to go through additional boards to find more of the cards you need

    General strategies for each challenge don't change much from completing each game type like you normally would, aside from the hard and expert Klondike challenges which use three stock cards at a time. There really isn't a way around the Expert challenges to unlock this achievement. Some of them I spent 15-20 minutes on a single challenge trying to figure it out. Thankfully you only have to do this once, and then for the badges for the remaining months, you can skip harder challenges in game types you struggled with.

    Once you've completed all 155ish challenges for the month, the achievement will unlock.

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  • Pro tip, if you are going to change the date on your PC to knock this out as quickly as possible, go back to 01 February of a non-Leap Year as there are only 28 days so you only need to complete 140 games not 150 or 155 for a 30 or 31 day month, saving you 10 to 15 games respectively.
  • Hechos los 155 desafĂ­os de julio y no salta el logro :(

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