Become a Superstar Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Become a Superstar



    Complete an entire collection of challenges in the Star Club.

    How to unlock Become a Superstar

    To unlock this achievement, you'll have to complete (earn every star) in an entire collection in the Star Club. There are a lot of collections to choose from, but in terms of getting this achievement done as quickly as possible, the fewer stars, the better. Each challenge gives you one star regardless of difficulty.

    There is the 25th Anniversary collection with only 40 stars, which is the smallest one, but every challenge in that collection is an expert challenge. If you're confident in your abilities, feel free to work through this collection, but I preferred to go with the "Easy" mixed collection. This is the second collection in the Mixed collection group, and has 80 stars to earn (so 80 challenges). I know it is way more than the former collection, but they're all very easy so you can move through them much faster than expert challenges.

    In this Easy Mixed collection, there are 8 challenges for each of the 5 game types, and then a second tier of another 8 challenges for each of the 5 game types. Completing one pack of 8 challenges will unlock the "Become a Star" achievement, and you'll get a gold crown on that pack. You'll have to complete all 10 packs (so all 80 of these challenges) to unlock the achievement.

    As for the challenges themselves, they are the same types of challenges you'll be doing for the Daily Challenges, so refer to the "Strive for Perfection" achievement solution for more information on how to complete each challenge.

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  • When doing this achievement I went for the 25th anniversary collection being only 40 vs 80, there are plenty of youtube videos for reference BUT!!! Some deals change with in a game. It does not mean the game is over it just takes multiple videos of the same game are needed. Fast forward through the video till you see the exact card layout to progress forward.
  • Its only 10 games total.
  • I did all of the easy mix pack and no achievement

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