Extreme Altitude Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Extreme Altitude



    Clear 100 TriPeaks boards.

    How to unlock Extreme Altitude

    Note that boards in the Star Club and Daily Challenge modes (when you get the "Clear X boards" requirement) don't count towards this achievement unfortunately.

    If you have the Premium upgrade (which I highly recommend for the Daily Challenge badges), then you'll be asked at the start of each game if you'd like a wild card or an extra deal. If you don't have Premium, you'll be asked this every few games. Always choose the wild card. There is no point to an extra deal, since you can just start a new game and that's the same as a new deal. Save the wild card for situations where you only have one or two cards left on the board, then use the wild card only if it will guarantee you a completed board. If you use it and you still can't complete the board for some reason, undo to back before you used the wild and save it.

    As far as strategies for completing boards:
    • Go for the longest combo you can get to eliminate as many cards per card from the stock as you can.
    • If you have two options to make, choose one and then Undo and choose the other and see which gives you the best result. By that I mean if you have two Jacks to choose from, pick one, Undo, and then pick the other. If one has a 10 underneath, use the 10 to remove the second Jack. That's an easier example of how to prioritize which one to pick. Another example is if you have two Jacks, and under one is a 4 and the other is an 8. Neither may seem useful now, but see what other cards are left on the board. If there is a 7 or 9, then choose the Jack that gives you the 8 so you have cards that you can combo.
    • Another type of decision you'll have to make is, for example, you have a 9 and there is an 8 or a 10 to choose from next. Your first choice should be whichever option gives you the bigger combo, BUT when you run out of moves, watch what card flips next on the deck. So if you have a 9 and go with the 10 instead of the 8, finish your combo, but then if you flip the next card on the deck and it's a 7, then you should probably Undo, use the 9 on the 10 instead, and then use the 7 on the 8 to get rid of both.

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  • This appears to by glitched. I have over 120 boards cleared, yet my progress hasn't moved from 77% all week. I think it may have something to do with the update in the last week or so. I also noticed that other achievements are ahead of where they should be based on the in game stats.
  • Same here. Got Alcatraz Escape with only 95 wins. Have 125 Tripeaks boards cleared and still haven't gotten this one. I got a couple others early too.
  • I was have the same problem w/ the count not going up, hadn't moved in several months. just so happens that last week I was having issues w/ the laptop freezing. I had it wiped & reset to factory specs. reinstalled the game & voila, it fixed 2 birds w/ 1 stone. my laptop is no longer freezing & my count is now going up again. not sure if it'll fix your problem but it fixed mine. I've already picked up 2 of the 100 board clear achievements since the fix.

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