Expedition Leader Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Expedition Leader



    In TriPeaks, take 14 cards off the board in a row without using the stock.

    How to unlock Expedition Leader

    As the description says, you'll need a 14-card combo without stopping to use the stock pile. Obviously you'll be starting with the stock pile, but then you need to tap off 14 cards in a row.

    This one is pretty tough to have happen naturally, since 14 cards is over half of the board, and you're completely relying on luck of the cards. One thing you can do to expedite this process is to choose to start with a wild card at the start of each game. If you have the Premium upgrade, you'll be prompted before each game, otherwise you'll only get it every few games. Even with a wild card, you're still going to have to wait for the cards to be set up perfectly.

    The October 1st 2017 TriPeak daily challenge is perfect for this. Load it up, and right from the start of the first board you can take 19 cards off the board in a row: Ace, King, Queen (either), Jack, Queen (the other), Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 (the middle one), 3, 2, Ace, King, Ace, King.

    The achievement will unlock immediately upon eliminating the 14th card.

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  • anyone know a game number to easily get this. cant go back to october challenge.

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