Treasure Chamber Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Treasure Chamber



    Remove cards from the pyramid using the top three cards of the waste pile.

    How to unlock Treasure Chamber

    To unlock this achievement, you need to remove three cards from the pyramid in a row using three cards from the waste pile (aka the discard pile, in the bottom right of the screen).

    Refer to the "Careful Excavation" achievement solution for more information. Your strategy will essentially be the same as for that achievement, except that once you've got three cards in a row in the stock pile that pair with cards on the pyramid, move them all into the waste pile and use the third card first, using all three in a row from the waste pile.

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  • got it
  • I've done this multiple times but I think it's glitching on me :( it won't unlock...
  • Just got it to work - don't do it in any of the challenges. Just play the normal game and do it.

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