Careful Excavation Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Careful Excavation



    In Pyramid, remove at least 3 cards in a row using only the stock pile.

    How to unlock Careful Excavation

    This one will almost definitely come naturally while working on completing 100 boards for the "Golden Pharaoh" achievement. To unlock this achievement, you need to remove three cards from the pyramid using cards from the stock pile at the bottom left of the screen where you draw cards from (the discard pile on the bottom right is called the waste pile). In other words, make three matches in a row from the stock deck without turning any cards over in between, and don't make any matches where both cards are on the pyramid.

    This one is technically luck based, since you need the cards to be set up properly, but it can be set up (if you don't want to rely on it happening naturally while working on your 100 boards) by scrolling through the stock pile for cards that will match with available cards on the pyramid. You'll then have to search for three in a row that will match. If you find ones that are close, you can try to match away cards in between so the ones you're after are consecutive. Remember that you can match a card on the stock pile with a card on the waste pile to eliminate them both. Also remember that you can use the Undo function if you make a mistake, or find a better way to coordinate this. You can also set this up, unlock the achievement, and then undo back to before you did it if doing this achievement screwed up the possibility of solving the board you're on.

    Don't stress too much over this achievement, because as I said, it will almost assuredly happen while working toward 100 boards. At a minimum, you will definitely encounter situations where this is possible. Just make sure to keep alert for an opportunity.

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