4-Piece Silk Suit Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • 4-Piece Silk Suit



    Won a 4-suit game of Spider

    How to unlock 4-Piece Silk Suit

    Note: This achievement will unlock retroactively if you did this before the title update was live.
    This is definitely one of the hardest achievements in the game, as 4-suit games of Spider are quite difficult (unless you get lucky or use a solver). The lowest difficulty you will be allowed to choose for a 4-suit game is Expert, so be sure to choose that to make it easiest on yourself. Since all games are random, it's impossible to provide strict steps to follow, but I have provided some tips that allowed me to win a game.
    • Remember you can Undo as much as you'd like. This is critical to being able to "look ahead." For example, if you have a 5 and then three available 4s, move one of the 4s to see what card flips over under it, Undo, move another, etc., to see which move gives you the best card underneath. While it may sometimes seem like no cards are good, or impossible to tell which is best, there are times where there is an obvious better choice.
    • Along the same lines, before using the draw pile in the corner, make a note of what can be moved around. Use the draw pile to see where cards end up, and don't hesitate to Undo the draw pile, shuffle things around a bit, and then use it again to get a more optimal layout.
    • You first priority should be emptying out one column of cards such that you have a blank space to move anything you want there. Maintain an empty space as long as possible by moving there only what'll allow you to reduce more columns. Get more columns (at least two) empty as soon as possible.
    • Try to balance how many suits you mix on a single column, as it can be extremely difficult to move things around later on. I would recommend no more than three mixed suits on a single column at any given time, on average. This may need to be adjusted though if it means emptying out a column.
    • Try to mark "branches" in your head of when you make significant decisions, such as filling up a blank column, mixing three or more suits on a single column, etc., that you can revert to if you get stuck, and then try a different approach from those points to see if you can be successful.
    • Remember that every stack you clear is a huge win, as it eliminates half of an entire suit, making it much easier to move things around on the board.
    Expect to spend multiple attempts over multiple hours attempting this achievement, as there will typically be quite a lot of Undos being used, restarts, and trial and error. Keep at it though, and you will eventually succeed.
    SOLVER METHOD: refer to "Grandmaster of Bronze" for a link to a solver that is capable of solving every game type and mode in this entire game. Using it will get you this achievement in less than ten minutes.

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