Aces High Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Aces High



    Cleared 3 Aces from the board in a sequence without using the stock pile

    How to unlock Aces High

    This achievement must be done in TriPeaks, since it doesn't explicitly mention the game type anywhere. As the description says (and implies), you will need to clear three Aces from the board in one big combo such that you don't touch the stock pile on the bottom of the screen in between.
    While it's quite possible for this to happen naturally during your time with Daily Challenges and Events, there is a very fast guaranteed way to get this achievement. From the main menu, go into Star Club and then pick TriPeaks. Go to the first collection, Easy I, and load up the first challenge in this collection. You will see three Aces available on the board right from the start, as well as three Kings to match them with. Click on the stock pile three times to reveal another King. Now, without touching the stock pile, click on Ace-King-Ace-King-Ace on the board. It will take a few seconds, but this achievement will unlock in the middle of the game without needing to finish it.

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