Back in My Day Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Back in My Day



    Won a Hard difficulty Klondike game from the Retro Star Club collection

    How to unlock Back in My Day

    Note: This achievement is actually glitched in a good way. While the description specifically mentions Klondike, any game type will unlock this achievement.
    From the main menu, go to Star Club. Scroll down a bit to find the Retro Star Club collection of challenges and go to it. You will be presented with a collection of challenges for each game type. As noted in the Note above, while the achievement description specifically states Klondike, you can actually use any of the five game types to unlock this achievement. In my opinion, Pyramid is the easiest, followed by FreeCell, but you can choose whichever game type you prefer/are best at. Once in its collection, be sure to choose a Hard difficulty challenge, then complete it to unlock this achievement.

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