Perfectionist Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Perfectionist



    Won an Expert difficulty game in any classic game mode without using an undo

    How to unlock Perfectionist

    Note: This achievement is buggy in a good way as of the time of writing this guide. You can complete any game on any difficulty without using an Undo and this achievement will unlock. If this gets patched, I have including the "normal" solution below. 

    Two things to clarify here: it must be on Expert difficulty (not Master or Grandmaster), and it must be a regular game (not Events challenge or Daily Challenge or Star Club challenge). 

    While it is possible to do this legitimately, it could potentially be tough and come down to quite a bit of luck. Thankfully, if you use the solution above for "Elite Gamer" and follow the video guide, ensuring you don't use an Undo, it will unlock this achievement too when you win that game.

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