One with the Dash Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • One with the Dash



    Collected one of each game's Expert Dash bracelet

    How to unlock One with the Dash


    An Expert Dash bracelet is received for completing an Expert Events challenge in under 5 minutes. So, the Klondike Expert Dash bracelet is earned by completing an Expert Klondike Events challenge in under 5 minutes, and so on for each game type. You'll therefore need to complete an Expert challenge in under 5 minutes for Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks.

    • Events challenges must be done on the day of the Event to count for this achievement. No date changing allowed.
    • You cannot re-attempt completed Events challenges to try for a faster time.
    • The 5 minutes includes all time spent on that Event challenges. For example, if you retry the challenge, or Undo, all of that time adds up. It doesn't reset when you retry the challenge from scratch.
    As a result, you only get one attempt per Expert Events challenge to try for the associated Expert Dash bracelet, making these quite difficult and rare to get. On top of that, because it must be done during a live Event, you're completely at the mercy of whatever Event challenges are live that day. You'll essentially be stuck waiting for an Expert challenge of each game type to eventually show up.

    Once an Expert Events challenge does show up, there are three ways to approach it:
    1. Attempt to complete it in under 5 minutes legitimately. This is extremely risky, and extremely unlikely to be successful unless you are incredibly lucky or incredibly good at the game type available. You're welcome to try it yourself, but you are very unlikely to succeed.
    2. Use the solver linked in "Grandmaster of Bronze" to solve the challenges for you. NOTE that this is NOT a guaranteed method to get these bracelets! For example, the solver can take upwards of 10 minutes to solve a Spider game since it needs to turn over every card before it finds a solution, then executes. Additionally, it is possible to get hit with unsolvable boards in Pyramid or TriPeaks at the end of the challenge, and the solver can't handle this, so it will get stuck. It is guaranteed to work for FreeCell though, since there are no unsolvable games and it solves FreeCell in around 30 seconds. So using a solver is a good bet for FreeCell and Klondike, is possible to work fine for Pyramid and TriPeaks, and is very unlikely to work for Spider.
    3. Follow a video guide. As long as you can follow a video guide side by side with your game, this is the only method that is essentially guaranteed to work. It's not without its stress though, as you'll need to execute yourself, keeping up with the video, and do it quickly. The best resource for these video guides is Marcela Martinez on Youtube. They post video guides for all Events challenges every day (not just the Expert ones), and they are very easy to follow along with (they don't speedrun through the game and make it impossible to follow along). The easiest way to follow along is to reduce the video playback speed to 75% so it goes a bit slower and is easier to mirror the moves being done. Of course, if the video is 5 minutes long, obviously slowing it down is going to make you take longer than 5 minutes to complete the challenge. This is really only an issue with Expert Spider 'Solve the Deck' challenges, as they unavoidably take a while to clear all of those stacks.
    With these three methods in mind, my personal recommendations are:
    • For FreeCell and Klondike, use the solver (especially if you're already installing it and using it to grind levels)
    • For Pyramid and TriPeaks, if the challenge is to 'Clear X boards in Y deals,' definitely use the solver. That means all boards are solvable and the solver will be guaranteed to work. For other challenges, it's safer to use the video guides.
    • For Spider, always use the video guides. It's extremely unlikely the solver will be fast enough.

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