Playing the Odds Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Playing the Odds



    Completed all the odd-numbered challenges in an event before playing the even-numbered challenges

    How to unlock Playing the Odds

    As the description says, during a live Event, complete all of the odd-numbered challenges first. What it doesn't explicitly say is that you don't actually need to complete the even-numbered challenges to unlock this achievement. So, on any given day, go into Events mode. You'll start on Challenge 1 (and can click the left arrow to jump to the final challenge to see how many there are). The amount of challenges per day can vary greatly - as few as 5 but as many as 40. Naturally this achievement is much easier the fewer challenges there are. Simply skip each of the even-numbered challenges and complete only the odd ones, and this achievement will unlock as soon as the final odd-numbered challenge is completed.

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