Dragonslayer Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Dragonslayer



    Earned a 10,000 point Bracelet in Events

    How to unlock Dragonslayer


    Point bracelets are obtained by reaching point thresholds in a single event. Points are awarded for completing challenges (regardless of how long they take, or any other factors). As a result, the number of points available per Event is fixed, and you're at the mercy of however many challenges are present that day in terms of how many points you can get.

    Because of this mechanic, a 10,000 point bracelet is currently only known to be available a couple times a year. These are the currently known dates where this bracelet is available. I will update this list as more are discovered.
    • May 22nd (World Solitaire Day)
    • December 28th (not sure what is special about this day, so check around New Year's Eve each year)
    As noted in the roadmap, you can NOT change the date on your device. This bracelet must be obtained during a live Event. You therefore need to wait until one of these dates rolls around for this achievement to be obtainable. 

    Once one of these dates rolls around, be prepared to spend a few hours completing enough challenges to reach 10,000 points. It seems as though each of these events lasts for two days instead of the normal one-day events, so you will have an extra day to work on challenges to reach this point threshold.

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