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    Completed 100 Puzzles

  • How to unlock Call me Master

    This achievement requires that you complete 100 puzzles. To complete a puzzle, you must correctly fill all of the numbers. This can be done on Very Easy difficulty from the Main Menu. Turn all three Guides on (Block Duplicates, Show Incorrect, Show Guides). This will make completing the puzzle a breeze and should take less than 1 minute per puzzle. In total, this will take one to two hours to complete. See "Speed Demon" for the best technique to complete the puzzles.

    The counter for this achievement (found under Statistics>Global>Games Played from the Main Menu) has been found to reset every time you close the app. Therefore, it is currently required that you complete all 100 puzzles in a single sitting without exiting the app. This will more than likely be patched in the future. 

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