- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 70 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50+ it could be faster, but you will need a lot of practice for the challenge maps
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Missable achievements: None [level select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: No

There is a lot of hate online for Mighty No 9, but I love this game. It is an old school Megaman style game. Which means hard when you first start playing through it, and has some really frustrating levels, but with practice you will be able to run through it like a master.

Some things to know about Mighty No. 9:

You can crouch dash by holding down and dashing. Beck will dash a little lower, but does not look that much different. Mechanically though, a crouch dash will allow you to dash under some attacks and environmental hazards, like in the Power Plant stage.

You can crouch dash in the air. You will quickly drop until you hit the ground. This is very useful for some SPRINTER! Technical bonuses as well as avoiding environmental hazards and some boss attacks.

The 4 bonuses you can earn as you dash through enemies are:

  • Blue – health tank. You have to absorb several enemies before the health tank is full. Once it is full you can press the “window” button or select it from the pause menu to refill your health.
  • Red – This will make all of your attacks stronger and have different properties.
  • Green – This will give you an speed boost. Generally you will earn greens before SPRINTER! Technical bonus sections.
  • Yellow – This will give you a defense bonus. Comes in handy in tough sections.

The 9 weapons you have are:

Mighty buster
Shoots yellow pellets at enemies. The Red boost will increase the damage of the shots as well as allow the shots to go through enemies.

Holding down the fire button will charge the attack. You can move while charging. When you let the attack go Beck will explode and do damage all around him. If you charge the attack fully you will have to rest for a few seconds before you can move again. Not something I advise to do. The Red boost will increase damage and let you charge the attack faster.

Shoots a ball of ice that travels in an arc through the air. The ice will slow enemies down and freeze them when they are in the weakened state. Frozen enemies give you more time to get a 100% absorption. Cryo was my go to weapon until I got Battalion. The Red boost lets the ice ball go through walls and travel farther.

Shoots 4 projectiles in a wave in front of you. The projectiles will latch onto enemies. When you are close to the enemy electricity will shoot from you to them damaging them over time. Once an enemy is weakened you can dash to absorb them without touching them as long as the electricity is connected to you. This weapon lets you attack enemies while still being able to move. The Red boost lets the projectiles go through walls allowing you to attack enemies while staying safe.

Using this weapon changes Beck's feet to treads while you dash forward. There will be a shield in front of him that will damage enemies. When you hit an enemy you will bounce backwards and a second hit will kill enemies. The cool part of this weapon is that if you use it in the air you can bounce on the enemy's heads. It is required for some of the challenge levels, and the only way I can beat the boss Brandish on the harder difficulties. I could not tell a difference with the red boost. You might travel faster but nothing that I noticed.

This weapon shoots out a missile that will stick to enemies or walls. If you hold the fire button when you shoot it the missile will explode when you release the fire button. If you just press the fire button the missile will explode when you press it again. This is my go to weapon. I used it on just about every level. The Red boost makes the explosion larger and do more hits.

When you press the fire button Beck shoots a helicopter blade out in front of him that goes up instead of forward. It will hit an enemy multiple times. Holding the fire button changes Beck's hand into a helicopter blade that he holds above his head. While holding the attack Beck will jump higher and fall slower. It will also block attacks that are coming from above. This is the number one traversal weapon for avoiding environmental traps. I would not tell the difference with the red boost. I imagine it lets the attack hit harder but it seems to travel in the same arc with or without the red boost.

Brandish is a sword. Pressing the fire button has Beck swing the sword in front of him. If you hold the button he will charge up an attack. When you release he does a spin attack. If you jump in the air and press down when you release the spin attack he will do a downwards swipe with the sword. I did not use this weapon very much, but it is useful. Standard sword swings will block enemy projectiles and does not cost any weapon meter. I could not tell any difference with the red boost. I imagine it does more damage but all the attacks seemed to come out at the same speed.

This weapon is a sniper rifle. The bullets will bounce between multiple enemies before disappearing. The ricochets will also home in on the closest enemy so you do not have to worry about aiming too much. With the red boost the bullet will travel faster and bounce around more enemies. In my tests I could not nail down exactly how many enemies it will bounce to, but its a lot.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Start playing through on Normal. The game is tough, but keep at it and you will learn how to run through. Make sure to set your lives to 9 in the settings.

Once you beat the game I recommend going to Boss Rush mode. You can turn around and play through the game on the higher difficulties but learning how to beat each boss makes the higher difficulties a piece of cake.

After mastering how to defeat the bosses you will tear through the difficulties and leave only the challenge mode left.

The final challenge in challenge mode is beating the entire game in one life. It is no joke, but doable.

All the miscellaneous achievements can be done by going back through the levels on normal. They require you beating levels and fighting the bosses in certain ways.

Mighty No. 9 is not the hardest game to complete, but it is very challenging. Beating the Boss Rush mode is something I am pretty proud of, and you will be too.

[XBA would like to thank legendaryjman for this Roadmap]

Mighty No. 9 Achievement Guide

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Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 70 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the opening stage.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    It will pop the first time you beat the tutorial stage.

  • Complete 8 main stages and rescue all Mighty Numbers.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This is not for beating the game, just the 8 boss stages. You can play them in any order so the achievement will pop once you beat the final one and unlock the next 2 stages.

    Refer to "Super Boss Killer" for tips on the bosses.

  • Complete the game on NORMAL difficulty.

    On Normal you can go into options and set the life maximum to 9 lives. This will make getting through the tricky level parts the first time much easier. After dying on a boss a few times your helper robot will show up and give you items to help on the boss. This will end up being your longest play through because you are learning the ropes.

  • Complete the game on HARD difficulty.

    On Hard you start with only 2 lives and can not increase them in the options menu. Luckily there is at least one extra life hidden in each level so you can increase you lives up to 9.

    In this mode all enemies spawn in the same locations, but have different attacks, including the bosses. You basically have to learn the whole game over again, but you get to start with all of your weapons.

  • Complete the game on HYPER difficulty.

    Hyper difficulty is Hard, but there are no extra lives. By the time you get to playing through this mode you should be an expert in fighting the bosses so the lives should not matter. What is important is making sure you build a health tank before each boss because somethings you mess up and will need it.

    Continuing does not matter to the achievement so if you do die you can just restart the level.

    The two hardest parts on this difficulty mode was Brandish and the Capitol Building stage. Brandish is a hard boss no matter what and you just have to get a good run on him to beat him. You only get one opportunity to build a health tank once in his level so you have to be very careful to get through his level without needing to use it.

    The Capitol Building stage only has one checkpoint, which is right before the boss, a lot of instant kill traps, and no extra lives. I kept dying at the 4th time you have to find Shade. I found that if you just wait he will shoot at you and then hide again in an easier to find location.

  • Complete the game without restarting on HARD difficulty.

    The hardest part of this will be beating Brandish and the Capitol Building stage. See "Super Boss Killer" for tips on bosses and "Super Turbo Hyper Fighting Robot" for my tips on the Capitol Building stage.

    The important thing to remember is that if you do lose all of your lives do not continue. Instead exit to dashboard and close the game. When you restart it will not count as a continue and you can still get the achievement.

    The achievement will unlock once you defeat the final boss.

  • Complete every SPRINTER! technical bonus.

    Here is a list of all SPRINTER! locations

    City Stage:
    1. At the first green trash can robot that throws bombs. Kill him and air dash past the second green trash can robot before the ground crumbles. SPRINTER! is awarded once you past the second green robot.

    2. When the ground falls and you are under the street quickly dash past all the enemies and climb the ladder. SPRINTER! is awarded at the top of the ladder.

    3. In the brown hallway with 5 electric fence robots. Simply take damage at the first one and then dash to the end of the hallway. SPRINTER! is awarded once you past the 5th electric fence robot.

    Oil Platform Stage:
    1. When you reach the area where the background towers fall towards you. Dash all the way to the end of the section. SPRINTER! is awarded when you drop off a platform and move on to the next section. This one is easier after you beat Aviator because he helps you out here.

    2. The second section with falling towers and robots in the background shooting fire at you. You have to dash quickly through. Dash jumps will carry you far. SPRINTER! is awarded as soon as you pass the final tower.

    Water Works Bureau Stage:
    1. When you first drop into the water air dash until you get to the ladders. This allows you to skip most of the section. Quickly climb the ladders SPRINTER! is awarded when you reach the top of the longest ladder.

    Power Plant Stage:
    1. The first section where you are under a yellow electric shooting robot. Quickly jump up the platforms and past the robot. SPRINTER! is awarded as you land in front of the next shield robot.

    2. After the hallway with the small red robots are in the foreground there is a long downward sloping hallway. Dash past all the enemies here. SPRINTER! is awarded at the end of the hall where the lights turn off.

    3. In the second pink turbine room the timer starts roughly around the green hanging robot. Quickly kill and dash your way through the area. SPRINTER! is awarded after you crouch dash past the second pink turbine You have to be quick when doing the crouch dash past the two turbines. Do not hesitate too much. It will take some practice to know the timing perfectly.

    Mine Stage:
    1. At the second drop down with pink electricity on the wall. You have to drop, dash to the left, then drop down the third area with pink electricity and dash to the right. SPRINTER! is awarded when you land safely. This is another tricky one that requires strict timing.

    2. At the section with the pink drills. You have to dash through the section avoiding the drills and the enemies. SPRINTER! is awarded at the 4th drop down, which is where you move on to the next section of the level. This one is not that tricky with the timing, but you will have to learn the drill patterns to be able to move quickly. Also the Battalion missile will be required to break some of the blocks.

    3. At the section with the 4 pink drills moving back and forth. Watch for an opening and do a down dash to drop through the section. SPRINTER! is awarded when you land safely.

    4. In the first section where you are chased by a giant drill. Use Battalion to destroy everything as you dash through the section. SPRINTER! is awarded when you drop off the platform past all the pink electricity on the walls. Drop dash off the platform to go a little bit faster.

    5. In the second section where you are chased by the giant drill. Use Battalion again to destroy everything as you dash. SPRINTER! is awarded at the end of the hall, right before you have hang off the wall to avoid the giant drill.

    Military Base Stage:
    1. At the section with the 3 conveyor belts with pink spikes on the walls. Use Battalion to destroy the screw robots and drop dash to absorb them. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you move off the bottom conveyor belt.

    2. The section with 3 conveyor belts that are moving wooden crates. There is one helicopter robot in this room. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you land on the top conveyor belt. I used Aviator to boost jump off a wooden crate and to the ladder, avoiding the robot and the explosive crate all together.

    3. After a long hallway with mines you climb a ladder and enter into a large room. There are 3 platforms in front of you. The first two have cannon robots on them. The third one has a forklift robot holding a box. You have to quickly cross the platforms to reach the forklift robot and use the box he is carrying to jump to the ladder and reach a hidden conveyor belt. If you are too slow the forklift robot drives off the platform and you cant reach the ladder. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you reach the end of this conveyor belt.

    4. In the last large room before the boss. There are boxes falling from the sky, platforms, robots. Basically everything is designed to knock you into the spikes below. Use Battalion to destroy everything as you jump across the platforms. You can not fall and must take the high road the whole time. The correct path is the one with a forklift robot and 5 screw robots. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you drop down past the screw robots.

    Radio Tower Stage:
    1. In the section when you get to the open area on the right side of the tower. There are multiple ladders you must climb. You will see a blimp in the background. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you reach the top of the final ladder and start going back inside the tower.

    2. In the open air section on the left side of the tower. The wind will be pushing to the right letting you jump to the hand holds in the right side wall letting you climb up the section faster. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you reach the top of the ladder and head back into the tower.

    3. In an open air section on the left side of the Tower. You will need to use rings to travel between platforms. SPRINTER! Is awarded when finish the section and enter back into the tower. I do not recommend using Battalion on the hanging robots. I could never seem to grab them after they were stunned. I recommend just regular bullets.

    4. In the open air section on the right side of the tower where the wind is blowing upwards. SPRINTER! Is awarded at the end of this section when you enter back into the tower. I just used the air dash to move upwards. Most of the rings just slow you down.

    Highway Stage:
    1. The section in the first part of the stage where you are jumping across the smaller cars. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you reach the large truck that transitions you do the next part of the stage.

    2. In the second part of the stage you need to rush until you get to the bus. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you land on the bus with the signs coming at you.

    Capitol Building Stage:
    No SPRINTER! bonuses

    Prison stage:
    1. The whole first part of the stage. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you pass the second locked door.

    2. The whole second section of the stage. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you pass the third locked door.

    3. Time starts after the section where you must defeat all the enemies. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you pass the locked door after the section where you use rings to move past the turret robots

    Robot Factory Stage:
    1. The whole first part of the stage. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you pass through the door where you have to hit the pink button to open it. Use Battalion to destroy everything as you dash through. Place a Battalion on the pink button and then hold it. Detonate it when you are in front of the door to give yourself time to go through.

    2. The section of pink electricity that you need to use Aviator to navigate through. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you safely land on the ground. You will go slow as you descend so make sure you dash once you see the safe ground.

    3. Sprinter starts after the first mid boss. The section where you need to climb up the room. SPRINTER! Is awarded at the top of the room. Use Countershade to ricochet the bullets off the enemies. It makes it easier to dash through them as you climb.

    4. The section with the moving platforms with the buttons in the ceiling. SPRINTER! Is awarded once you drop through the electricity at the end of the section. Use Battalion to hit the buttons in the ceiling and the hanging monkey robots. The robots will give you a red boost which will make the Battalion blast big enough to hit the 4 buttons at the end. Drop dash past the electricity to get the bonus.

    Battle Colosseum Stage:
    1. The timer starts right after the first section where you must defeat all the enemies. SPRINTER! Is awarded once you pass the room where the floor rises up to let you dash to the next section.

    2. The section that first introduces the regenerating blocks. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you get past the stack of 3 regenerating blocks. This is right before an electricity robot.

    3. The section that starts with the first electricity robot. SPRINTER! Is awarded once you get past the 4 stack of regenerating blocks and the moving platform. This one is tricky because you have to destroy the bottom 2 regenerating blocks then time your air dash to go under the top 2 regenerating blocks but also land yourself on the moving platform, all while still going fast.

    Battalion is your friend for all three of those sections. It is just one big dash.

    4. The timer starts when you enter the room that is all regenerating blocks. SPRINTER! Is awarded when you dash out of the room using the top right exit. You can use Battalion but it will end up destroying a lot of blocks. The best way is to use the Mighty Buster to only solidify the blocks you need. Ignore the extra life on the top left.

    5. The section with the air currents. SPRINTER! Is awarded once you land on the ground past the moving platforms. This is actually my favorite part of the level. Its just cool to air dash. Use Battalion to destroy the wall of regenerating blocks.

    6. The section with the moving walls where the exit is blocked by regeneration blocks. SPRINTER! Is awarded once you move past the regenerating blocks. This section is tricky. You can use Aviator to help you navigate it but you need Battalion to destroy the blocks. 2 Battalion blasts will destroy the blocks to let you past.

  • Complete every AMAZING! technical bonus.

    There are only 6 AMAZING! Bonuses.

    Water Works Bureau Stage:
    The AMAZING! Bonus is awarded for completely navigating the section where you are dropping past pink electricity on the walls. Halfway through the second set of electricity it has a hall you can dash through to get out. Ignore that. To get the AMAZING! You have to go all the way through the electricity section.

    Mine Stage:
    After the first section with the drilling robots that come out of the floor and ceiling there will be a rock throwing robot and you will need to drop down past some pink electricity on the wall. You can grab onto the wall and drop down safely. At the bottom of this section there is a moving platform and some power ups. You have to time it so you let go of the wall, air dash to the platform, and then crouch dash through the opening to get those power ups. The AMAZING! Is awarded once you come out of the other side.

    Military Base Stage:
    You will get to a section of conveyor belts that has one helicopter robot, and a lot of wooden crates that you have to navigate. It is a section that has a SPRINTER! Bonus. After this section is another group of conveyor belts that are dropping metal crates. When you get to the end of the top conveyor belt on the right wall there is a breakable box. You have to destroy that box and then jump through that opening. When you drop through the hole in the next section you have to air dash onto the wooden crate on the right, or I have seen a video where the player positions themselves to land on the wooden crate. The AMAZING! Is awarded when you land on the wooden crate. If you land on the mine you will not receive the bonus.

    Radio Tower Stage:
    After fighting the mini boss you will leave the tower on the right side, climb up some rings and then reenter the tower. The section has an upwards air current and some monkey robots hanging from the ceiling. You need to navigate this section without falling down to get the AMAZING!. Really its just use Battalion. One blast will stun the hanging robots.

    Prison Stage:
    You have to be quick for this one. After the first two key card sections you will enter a room with one of the large blade robots looking at you. There is a box sitting in front of him. You have to jump on the box and grab the latter to climb up. The AMAZING! Bonus is awarded about halfway up the ladder.

    Battle Colosseum:
    You will reach a hallway where the floor is moving up and down with a robot that dashes at you, and a turret robot. Before you get off the moving floor if you look up you will see a hand hold to climb up the wall. Use Aviator to jump up there and climb up to a semi-secret area with power ups and enemies. The AMAZING! Is awarded once you climb up into the section.

  • Complete every QUICK CLEAR! And NICE CLEAR! technical bonus.

    QUICK CLEAR! And NICE CLEAR! Are generally awarded for the “defeat all enemies” sections of a stage and mini bosses. There really is not a trick to them persay, just kill all the enemies and bosses quickly.

    City Stage: Defeat all enemies section – QUICK CLEAR

    Oil Platform Stage: Defeat all enemies section – QUICK CLEAR

    Water Works Bureau Stage: There are two fights against a pong style mini boss. QUICK CLEAR is awarded for each fight. Use Battalion to kill them quickly.

    Power Plant Stage: There are two defeat all enemies sections. QUICK CLEAR for each of them.

    Military Base Stage: Defeat all enemies section – QUICK CLEAR

    Radio Tower Stage: The helicopter mini boss. QUICK CLEAR is awarded for defeating him. Using Battalion on the triple guns part to kill them all at the same time. Well, I used Battalion on the whole boss, but it really helps on that one specific part.

    Highway Stage: Defeat all enemies section – QUICK CLEAR
    NICE CLEAR! Is awarded for the section early in the level where you are on a bus and have to deal with a lot of advertisement signs flying at you. Use Battalion to make sure you absorb all of the signs for the bonus.

    Capitol Building Stage: Defeat all enemies section – QUICK CLEAR

    Prison Stage – Defeat all enemies section – QUICK CLEAR. This one is a little tougher because Call can not absorb and has to destroy all of them. You have to take advantage of her being able to shoot again as soon as her bullet hits an enemy. For the small flying robots let them fly close to you before you shoot them. Then stand next to them and fire away. For the large saw blade robots you can use your hover to give yourself a little bit more time in the air to shoot them. For the turret robots just get close to them and shoot them. For the claw robots you can't do anything, you just have to wait for them to blow up.

    Robot Factory Stage: There are two miniboss fights. A QUICK CLEAR is awarded for each of them. For the mini boss that spawns more robots use Cryo. For the robot that is a beefed up version of the city stage boss use Brandish.

    NICE CLEAR! Is awarded for the defeat all enemies section where all of the Mighty Numbers are helping you.

    Battle Colosseum Stage: Defeat all enemies section – QUICK CLEAR. This is the first section of the stage.

    NICE CLEAR! Is awarded for defeating all of the enemies on the elevator. You can leave the elevator without needing to defeat any of the robots so make sure you get them all to earn the bonus.

  • Complete the game within 120 minutes.

    Refer to "Cleared Story (Super Fast)."

  • Complete the game within 60 minutes.

    You must start a new save file for this. I did it on normal.

    I started a timer right when the opening started. I beat the game in an hour and 20 minutes (80mins) according to the timer so the game has to ignore loading screens. I also died 4 times and quit out of a level once.

    I went:

    That might not be the most efficient path but it was the one I was most comfortable with.

  • Witness every helping event by Mighty Numbers.

    Once you beat a Mighty No they will appear in the level where the boss is weak to their weapon (ex: Aviator will appear in Pryo's stage after you beat Aviator).

    In theory this achievement would be earned by replaying all the levels after you have defeated each Mighty No, and playing through the Robot Factory stage. In other bad news the PlayStation version of the game does not have this achievement as a trophy.

  • Don't attack for the first 30 seconds of a boss battle.

    Easy, do not fight the boss for 30 seconds. Just dodge their attacks. This can be earned as early as the City stage.

  • Maintain ability boosts for 60 seconds in any stage.

    The ability boosts are the green, yellow, and red power ups you earn by absorbing enemies.

    I earned this achievement in the capitol building stage. The stage in one long hallway that has a lot of enemies for you to absorb.

  • Activate all ability boosts at the same time.

    You need to have a green, yellow, and red boost on yourself at the same time.

    I earned this achievement in the Capitol Building stage. A ton of enemies are very close to each other making it really easy to stack the boosts.

  • Attack and absorb enemies 5 times in the air before landing.

    I did this achievement in the first section of the Battle Colosseum Stage. Wait until all of the smaller robots spawn in the air. Shoot a Battalion mission into the group and hold it. Then jump, let the Battalion go and absorb all the enemies.

    It took me several tries because I kept exploding the Battalion and then jumping to absorb. The game wants you to knock the enemies out and absorb them without touching the ground.

  • Complete any stage with a 100% absorption rate.

    Refer to "Absorptionist" for more information.

  • Complete a stage with Call.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

  • Complete any stage without using healing items.

    I did this on the Prison Stage with call. There are no heal items that you are forced to pick up there. Dying doesn't matter, you just have to not heal yourself.

    You have to avoid: healing items in the stage, using a health pack, and the health items the support bot gives you.

  • Complete the City stage without taking damage.

    Using a mix of Battalion and Cryo and moving slowly you can get to the boss without getting hit pretty easily. The only tough part is when you are forced to fight waves of enemies but with Cryo it makes it reasonable. Use Brandish on the boss and just take him out. Some things that hit me on the boss:

    When he does his dash move you will obviously jump over him. But if you are too close when he turns around he will hit you even though you don't get hit normally. I recommend staying away until he fully turns around.

    When he shoots his 3 missile attack. You can destroy the first two missiles with sword swipes but I kept missing the third one. What I did was dash away when I saw him shooting the missiles. They then come at you in a line and are easier to destroy.

  • Complete any stage without taking damage.

    This does not stack with Invincible No. 9. Which means you have to do any stage OTHER than the City stage to earn this.

    I did this on the Power Plant stage. I used Battalion almost exclusively on the level to destroy everything before I got there. I only dashed through enemies I knew it was safe to dash at. Some enemies stop moving once you stun them, some will still attack. On the ones that would still attack I would just shoot another Battalion to destroy them. The parts where you have to fight the waves of small enemies are easy to beat once you understand the pattern. Battalion will stun every enemy in that level with one shot. The only tricky part is the instant kill generators, but you have to learn how to get past those anyway. If you die at them you just gotta restart.

    The boss is tricky to beat without taking damage but not impossible. Refer to "Super Boss Killer" for tips on how to beat her.

  • Complete any stage without using a ReXelection or missing an attack.

    I did this on the city stage. It doesn't say anything about damage so I just didn't shoot anyone. I just dashed through all the enemies until I got to the part where I had to fight the waves of enemies and was very very careful about timing my shots. At the boss I was just careful about only shooting him in the face and only enough to stun him.

  • Complete the Water Plant stage without being frozen.

    It is very tricky to avoid being frozen, but as long as you are watching out for it you can. During the second Pong mini boss you gotta watch for Cryo to freeze you. If you gotta take hits then take hits, just avoid the ice she drops down. The ice pillars that form when the plug robots pop out of the pipes will freeze you. Just stay back until they are fully formed.

    During the boss you are going to need a bit of luck and patience. Refer to "Super Boss Killer" for tips on how to beat her.

  • Complete the Factory stage within 9 minutes with all transformations.

    In the level you are going to use: Battalion, Aviator, Brandish, Cryo, Seismic, Countershade, and Dyna to get past the obstacles and fight the bosses. You only have to make sure you use Pryo on an enemy in the beginning and move through the level as fast as possible. When I did this run I beat the level in 6 minutes and change.

    Refer to "Super Boss Killer" for tips on beating the bosses.

  • Complete any stage with just a single death.

    I got this naturally through playing before I tried to get any achievements. It is really easy to set up though.

    Get to the boss of the City stage, let him kill you, and then defeat him.

  • Complete any stage by dashing only 9 times or less.

    I did this in the city stage. Use aviators ability to super jump and brandish to beat the boss. The only dashing you have to do is once in the beginning to kill the first enemy, 4 times in the tunnels and finally to beat the boss. If you get all 100%s on the boss you will be fine.

  • Complete any stage by jumping only 30 times or less.

    I did this in the City stage. If you strategically jump you end up jumping WAY less than 30 times. When I would jump I would use Aviator to get myself extra height and then dash until I had to land. For the first two screens I would only jump once and then dash to the end of the screen. On the third screen after killing the first enemy I would jump at the hill and dash until I got to the first green robot that shoots the spiked balls. I would kill him (I think it might take another jump, depending on how you land).

    After he is dead I would jump again from his platform to dash past the second green robot and into the part where the floor drops. Once the floor drops I would just start air dashing. If using Aviator you can pretty much make it to the ladder. If you can make it to the ladder without jumping you can go through the waves of enemies without jumping. You gotta jump to clear the gap and I couldn't figure out any cool dash techniques to get past the next area in one jump.

    Clear the gap and take out the first two enemies. On that first raised platform jump and you can dash clear to the next section.

    Once you go under the wall you don't have to jump again until you reach the second set of green barrier enemies. You want to clear this gap in one jump. If you gotta take damage take damage but you wont have to jump again until the end of the hall.

    Sadly you can't get to that ladder from jumping off the wall so this whole section takes two jumps up the wall, one jump to the ladder, and one jump off the ladder to the next section (4 jumps). From this section do not move off the raised platform. Kill the barrier enemy and then dash and air dash to the next one. At the end of this section its one final jump to the boss. Don't even bother jumping to avoid the boss, just take those hits.

    In counting where I said to jump that is only 13 jumps. That gives you 17 extra jumps on the more tricky places or if you mess up.

  • Complete any stage with Beck's feet touching the ground for no more than 1 second.

    The achievement is more generous than it sounds. I did this on the highway stage.
    First, it is asking that you do not touch the ground for more than a second at a time. It is not asking for you to only touch the ground for only a second in the entire level.

    As soon as the level starts start jumping. Always switch weapons in the air. I spent most of my time dashing through enemies and taking damage. Dying does not matter. I died about 7 times. Cut scenes do not matter. As long as you start jumping as soon as it lets you move it is acceptable. For the boss I used seismic and bounced on his head. I died 4 times at the boss alone and still got it. There were several times I switched weapons on the ground, took a step, shot while on the ground and got hit. I did not think I would get the achievement, but it popped. Do not worry about messing up, but make sure you are actively trying to always be jumping.

    I recorded myself doing it. This was a second run on my alt account. The xbox one does not record the achievement pop at the end so it really just looks like scrubby play, but this did earn the achievement. I die a lot in the beginning. The run where I finally get momentum doesn't start until 2:30. I left it all in there so you can see exactly what I did to get it.

  • Complete any stage without pressing normal movement inputs for longer than 1 sec. at a time.

    The achievement is also misleading. It means you can't press the direction for more than a second at a time. I did this on the city stage. To move forward I would jump and dash. For ladders I would jump and tap up to grab the ladder. Then jump and tap up again to climb. Never hold up. I used brandish to beat the boss as quick as possible only tapping the direction to turn around.

  • Beat the final boss with zero lives remaining and low health.

    I did this on the city stage. I made sure i was extra slow in going through the level so I did not get any nice clears or sprinter bonuses. I also killed all the enemies instead of absorbing them so I didn't get any 100%s. For the boss once you stun him let his HP tick back up once before you absorb.

  • Complete any stage without absorption combos or technical bonuses.

    This achievement is tricky to set up. I ended up getting this naturally by winning with 0 lives left. The head boss is hard until you know how to beat her.

    To set this up you will play through the Battle Colosseum until you get to the head boss. Once you are there let her kill you until you have zero lives left. Doing this on normal will ensure you have an energy tank or two. Once you have zero lives go on and beat the boss.

    The game considers “low health” when Beck is slouched and tired. Once you have the boss on the second stage and low on health herself let her hit you until Beck is slouching (if you don't end up that way naturally that is).

  • Get defeated by a boss at less than 10% health.

    This is easily set up with any boss. Just get the boss low in health. The best way to do it is always let the health tick up once before you absorb. That way they will have that one tick left. Then let them kill you.

  • Achieve a WONDERFUL! technical bonus.

    A WONDERFUL! Bonus is from a 6+ absorption combo, but all within 1 second of each other. This will most likely accrue naturally from the many “defeat all enemies” sections. You can try and set it up in the City Stage by letting all the flying robots in the “defeat all enemies” section group up before you stun them, and then absorb them all at the same time.

  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Opening Stage boss battle.

    1. By destroying all 3 red missiles before they hit you.
    2. By absorbing the boss as he is charging you.
  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Mighty No. 1 boss battle.

    1. Absorb him while he is running at you.
    2. Absorb him while he is jumping in the air to crush you.
  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Mighty No. 2 boss battle.

    1. Destroy the ice pillar she makes in one attack. Use either Pryo or Battalion.
    2. Absorb her while she is riding on the water stream in the second half of the battle.
  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Mighty No. 3 boss battle.

    1. Absorb her while she is charging up her lighting.
    2. Quickly destroy her shield. She forms her shield in the second half of her fight. Charge up Brandish and use a down + attack in the air to destroy it in one go.
  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Mighty No. 4 boss battle.

    1. Absorb him when he is using his dash attack.
    2. When he lifts a rock over his head to throw it at you, destroy the rock using Battalion.
  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Mighty No. 5 boss battle.

    1. Crouch dash under his standard shot (not the missiles).
    2. Crouch dash under the big missiles he fires at the start of the second half of his fight.
  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Mighty No. 6 boss battle.

    His are actually tricky because he spends most of his time away from you.

    1. Absorb him while he is flying from top to bottom of the screen (or bottom to top) shooting at you.
    2. Absorb him while he is flying over head dropping missiles.
  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Mighty No. 7 boss battle.

    Some times doing these do not register as a FINE PLAY!. You just have to keep trying until the game accepts it.

    1. Absorb him while he is spinning on the ground. You have to interrupt the attack.
    2. Absorb him while he is spinning in the air. You have to interrupt the attack.
  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Mighty No. 8 boss battle.

    1. Do enough damage to interrupt his attack where he is going to fire his rifle.
    2. Do enough damage to interrupt his attack where he throws out all the targets.
    3. Do enough damage to interrupt his attack while he has a clone out.
  • Get 3 100% Absorption combos in a row.

      Refer to "50 Combo!!!!!" for more information.

  • Get 5 100% Absorption combos in a row.

      Refer to "50 Combo!!!!!" for more information.

  • Get 10 100% Absorption combos in a row.

      Refer to "50 Combo!!!!!" for more information.

  • Get 20 100% Absorption combos in a row.

      Refer to "50 Combo!!!!!" for more information.

  • Get 30 100% Absorption combos in a row.

      Refer to "50 Combo!!!!!" for more information.

  • Get 40 100% Absorption combos in a row.

      Refer to "50 Combo!!!!!" for more information.

  • Get 50 100% Absorption combos in a row.

    Do this on the radio tower stage with the cryosphere weapon. Do not absorb any enemies that you can't absorb instantly. Just take it slow. There are more than enough enemies. I got to a 62 combo before I realized the achievements stopped at 50.

  • Drop 100m without touching anything.

    I did this in the water works bureau. In the section where you drop down through the spikes just drop and avoid the floors.

  • Ascend 100m without touching anything.

    I did this in the radio tower stage. There is a section where you have to ascend via air currents. If you dash over the air it pulls you up. Kill all the enemies in this section then drop back down to the start of the section. All you have to do is avoid the rings on your way up.

  • Achieve an S rank result.

      Refer to "Absorptionist" for more information.

  • Achieve an A rank or higher and 100% Xel absorption rate result.

    I did this on the City Stage using Cryosphere. None of the enemies are hidden. Just make sure you get all 3 of the small flying robots before the floor drops. You can't go back up if you miss them.

    If you absorb all of the enemies while getting 100% (easy to do with cryo), beat the level without taking damage (has to be done for another achievement anyway), and move quickly (getting all the SPRINTER! And NICE CLEAR! Bonuses) you will walk away with 100% absorption, and an S rank, thus earning 3 achievements.

  • Score 10,000 points in total.

      Refer to "Mighty Millionaire" for more information.

  • Score 100,000 points in total.

      Refer to "Mighty Millionaire" for more information.

  • Score 1,000,000 points in total.

    Every level you beat adds to your total score. I earned this through natural play, but I also played through a lot of levels for the bonuses and the FINE PLAY!s.

  • Defeated a boss with 1% or less health on Beck.

    This is easily gotten on the City stage boss. Get him down to low health and then run into him until you are very very low. As low as you can get it. Then kill him. The bricks he drops do less damage than running into him so if you need to fine tune your health lower let yourself get hit by those.

  • Defeat all Mighty Numbers with only normal attacks.

    The achievement only requires the 8 robot masters.

    Refer to "Self-Imposed Challenge" for more information. 

  • Defeat all bosses with only normal attacks.

    This achievement is specifically for the bosses at the end of the stages. Not the mini bosses.
    These are the bosses you need for the achievement:

    1. City Stage boss (you have to beat this one with your mighty buster anyway)
    2. Pryogen
    3. Cryosphere
    4. Dynatron
    5. Seismic
    6. Battallion
    7. Brandish
    8. Aviator
    9. Countershade
    10. Prison Stage boss (Call has no other weapons so this one is automatic)
    11. Robot Factory Stage boss
    12. Trinity (Trinity counts as two different bosses, but you have to beat both sections in one life for it to count as the achievement.)

    The hardest part is Trinity. You can't use any of the weapons to avoid attacks. You will need a health tank in order to survive. I ended up getting the “I'll see you in Xel” achievement while attempting this fight. For the first part of the Trinity fight you need to memorize the order of the projectiles she shoots out to dodge them. While playing on normal the projectile pattern is the same every time so it just takes repetition.
    For the second section most of the damage you do will come from when she is moving back and forth. Do not wait until she is just a head on the floor to damage her. Every time I destroyed a base I would jump and shoot her head as I dropped and then destroyed the next base. Beating her is slow going so you gotta be patient.

    The rest of the bosses are easy. While not as damaging as the weapons the boss is weak to the mighty buster and you will be able to take them down.

  • Complete all themes in single-player Challenge Mode.

    The challenge modes are unlocked as you beat the game. I will explain what set of challenges are, but they are too complicated to try and explain in text. There are very good YouTube guides out there that I ended up using to beat the harder ones.

    Challenge levels 1-6 are platforming challenges that require you to use your knowledge of the game mechanics to get through the end. By beating the game you will be able to dominate these. For 5 it wants a chain of ten 100% combos. Just make sure you absorb quickly. 6 is the trickiest of this set because you need to avoid instant kill electricity. For the ladder section you need to be able to time and angle you jumps between ladders.

    Challenge levels 7-14 are target challenges using each weapon. The map and location of the targets are the exact same so its really easy to run through them.

    Challenge levels 15-23 are different challenges that use each weapon. These ones get tricky. Level 23 is a platforming level gives you access to all of your weapons but is a very tricky challenge.

    Challenge levels 24-35 are playing through each stage of the game but you have to beat them all in one life. Some of the stages have tricky sections when you only have one left. I will go over them in a second.

    Challenge level 36 - Beat the entire game in one life. I recommend mastering boss rush first because then the bosses will be jokes to you and you only have to be concerned with the levels themselves. One big thing is to make sure you have an energy tank build up for each boss just in case.

    There are only a hand full of spots where I died. Any spot you find tricky I recommend practicing in the normal game until you have mastered it.

    Oil field: the falling pillars. The game wants you to rush, but that will get you killed. I found more success with taking it slow. There is no time achievement. Wait for the pillars to fall and for the background robots to fire. There is plenty of time to jump in between the fire disappearing and the robots firing again.

    Water works: there is a part in the ice section where a plug robot will create a wall with two helicopter robots behind the wall. The tricky part is right after that. You have to jump from that platform and air dash to a platform ahead of you. The problem is there is another helicopter robot and a worm robot right there ready to damage you and push you into the spikes. You can not grab on to the ledge because of the ice. I died many times on mis-timed air dashes.

    I found the best solution is to use aviator to slowly descent to the platform, then kill the worm before moving on.

    Army base: the room before the boss is a series of conveyor belts and dropping boxes with enemies and mines to push you into the spikes on the ground.

    I found the best course of action is to Battalion the whole room. The rockets will destroy mines, enemies and boxes. Once everything is clear it is safe to jump to each platform.

    Brandish: He still the hardest boss. Make sure you slow play the level and build up an energy tank for the boss. You only get an opportunity for one. The only blue enemies are the billboards and while there are a lot, if you use your tank in the second part of the stage you will not have enough enemies to build a second one. Battalion rockets are your friend.

    Prison: the call stage spikes are the trickiest environmental hazard in the game. I made sure to practice this one part until I could do it blind folded. As you float down between the two gun turrets position yourself close to the turret on the left. That way when you dash forward you do not dash into the spikes on the roof of the corridor. Then you can time the second dash to get out of there.

    Final stage: there is nothing tricky here but I got really fed up with the regeneration blocks. It took me forever to figure out the trick. The blocks do not regenerate if you are close to them. So if you are jumping at them when you blow them up they will not reappear.

  • Complete Boss Rush Mode for the first time.

      Refer to "Super Boss Killer" for more information.

  • Complete Boss Rush Mode in less than 20 minutes.

    This mode is no joke. It requires you to beat all of the bosses in the game, in a row, with only one life and two health tanks. Your health does not recharge in between fights. All the bosses are also on hard mode where they have different attacks. It took me 2 months of practice to be able to do this. Prepare yourself.

    What it comes down to is being able to beat Brandish with only using one energy tank. By the time I beat it I was able to beat each boss up to Brandish without getting hit, and then each boss after Brandish without getting hit. When I finally won I used one energy tank on Brandish and didn't use the second one.

    Here are the detailed tips on how to beat the bosses you have been waiting for.

    Constructor Robot: Weakness – Really anything, but I used Brandish
    He has 3 different attacks.
    1. He dashes across the screen at you. To dodge you need to jump and air dash over him. You can damage him while he is heading towards you.

    2. He will fire 3 red rockets out of his back. These rockets will float in the air for a second then home in on you. I found the best way to dodge them is to dash to the far side of the screen and then destroy them as they come in.

    3. He will fire a blue energy beam into the ceiling. The energy beam will never hit you, but it does drop rocks out of the ceiling onto your head. There is always a safe place to stand to avoid the rocks.

    There is no second half of the fight. He just repeats attack 1, then either attack 2 or 3, then attack 1 again.

    On hard the missiles will home in on you faster and the rocks will not have a safe place to stand. Dashing across the screen to destroy the missiles works the same. To avoid the rocks you have to time your dash to go under one, away from where they are falling.

    Pyrogen: Weakness – Aviator
    He has 3 tells both audio and visual for which attacks he is going to use.

    1. He drops down into a football stance. He is going to run across the screen leaving a trail of fire after him. To dodge this one you need to jump and air dash away from him.

    2. He pounds his fists together and yells “Here it comes!” He is going to run forward, but once he gets near you he stops and explodes. To dodge this stand near him as he signals the attack. Once he stops quickly dash to the other side of the screen to avoid the explosion.

    3. He holds his arms up in the air and yells “Crush!” He runs towards you, but then jumps into the air and does a belly flop. To dodge this dash under him when he jumps.

    He signals the second half of the fight by jumping towards the screen and powering up with a pink glow. While this glow is active he will instantly kill you if he touches you, either by running or in the air. Once you absorb him the glow goes away.

    In hard mode his explosions are twice the size of normal. To dodge attack 1 you need to be on the far side of the screen away from him and then only jump over him when he gets to you. This will give the fire trail time to disappear. For attack 2 you need to be right next to him before he starts the attack to set him off and then dash all the way to the far side of the screen. Attack 3 is the same.

    Once you know the tells if you are holding the aviator power and are near him when he jumps across the screen he will get damaged. One activation of Avi will damage him enough to absorb him. He should never launch an attack. The only exception is when he powers up at half health. If you can damage him when he jumps to power up you will be able to hurt him enough to absorb him, otherwise you will have to avoid his attack.

    Cryosphere: Weakness – Technically Pryo, but I preferred using Battalion and my Mighty buster.

    She starts the fight by flying up into the air on a pillar of water and chasing you. The pillar will not damage you. If you stand in one place she will freeze the pillar and then start attacking you from the top of the pillar. To avoid this attack stand on the far right side of the screen. From this location she can not freeze you with the pillar, or hit you with her attacks.
    Once she forms the pillar you can destroy it with Pyro or Battalion. Once you explode the pillar quickly dash under Cryo to the other side of the screen. If you destroy the pillar in one shot she will be stunned and you can attack her with your mighty buster until she can be absorbed. If she is not stunned she will still try and attack you but the attacks will not make it to you.

    She has two types of attacks.
    1. Her standard ice ball that travels in an arc and stays on the ground. If you touch the ice while it is on the ground it will freeze you.

    2. She will shoot an ice ball that will bounce across the ground. This attack will travel the full screen, bounce off the wall, then travel back. To dodge it you need to watch its bounces and position yourself so it bounces over your head.

    If you get hit with any of her ice attacks you will be frozen and she will then stop what she is doing, cover herself in ice, and then jump on your head. If you mash hard enough you can get out before she drops on you.

    For the second part of the fight she will hover at about half screen and move across the screen waving her ice attack in front of her. To dodge this you need to wait until she raises the ice attack upwards and then dash under and behind her. After a few moments of doing this movement she will fly back up to the top of the screen and form an ice pillar again. You can attack her while she is hovering but I always found it too risky.

    On hard mode she uses attack 2 more often and it is near impossible to mash out of being frozen before she lands on you.

    This is a tip for something I noticed at the start of the second part. It is not 100% but it's like 90%. When she activates the second half of the fight she turns to face which ever side you are standing on. If you kept her in the right corner of the screen you can stand under her as she starts to hover in the air. As long as you are closer to the right wall she will turn right, bounce off the wall and go left. If you just stand there she will finish her attack before she gets back to you. When she flies over to to make the ice pillar dash through it to activate the pillar and shoot it with a battalion. She will drop but not be stunned. You should be able to do enough damage with your mighty buster to kill her but she will do at least one bouncing ice ball.

    Dynatron: Weakness – Brandish
    Dyna will fly around the screen in 3 different patterns.

    1. She will start at one side of the screen and bob up and down as she floats to the other side. This is very easy to dodge and where you will get most of your damage in.

    2. She will drop to the very bottom of the screen and fly across. If you dash to the corner of the screen in the direction she is heading you can get a few attacks in and she will not hit you.

    3. She will float through the middle of the screen. Easy to dodge just stay on the ground. Unfortunately I would sometimes think she was doing to start movement 1 when she did 3 instead and would end up getting hit, thus ruining an Unbreakable run. I would recommend staying away from her until you see what movement she is going to do and then plan accordingly.

    After she moves from one side of the screen to the other she will then shoot out her projectiles. She does these in a variety of patterns but the patterns do not matter to how you react. The projectiles themselves do not do any damage to you so being hit by one will not end an Unbreakable run. Once they hit the ground or wall you can destroy them. If they do land on you you can knock them off by mashing left and right on the d-pad.

    If the projectiles are left on the ground Dyna will use her second attack. She will fly to the top corner of the screen, power up, and shoot electricity to each of the projectiles that are still out, including the ones on you. If you happen to dodge all of the electricity she will drop to the bottom of the screen almost always ensuring you will take damage.

    She starts the second half of the fight by flying into the foreground and then creating an electricity shield around herself. You can destroy the shield with a charged up air drop attack with Brandish. Once you destroy the shield she resumes her normal routine.

    On hard there is almost no difference. The only thing I noticed is her using movement 3. I never saw her do that on normal.

    Try your very best to always stun her before she does the lightning, or destroy all the projectiles.

    Seismic: Weakness – Battallion
    Seismic is probably the easiest boss, hard or otherwise. He has 3 different attacks, but generally you will only see 2 because you are going to wreck him so hard.

    1. He says “Coming Through” and dashes back and forth across the screen. Touching him will damage you. To dodge you need to just jump and air dash over him.

    2. He jumps to one side of the screen and says something like “Watch your head.” He will then shot both of his hands at you one after the other. His hands stretch out and you will take damage if you touch them or his arms. To dodge this attack climb up the wall opposite him and air dash to the wall over him. He will never shoot up.

    3. He jumps into the air and lands on the ground hard. The ground shakes and boxes fall from the ceiling. There is always a safe place to stand so make sure you find it before the boxes fall. If you do not stun him fast enough a box will fall on top of him, which he will catch. He will then throw the box at you.

    For the second half of the fight he will punch the ground and two new walls will drop from the sky effectively making the area smaller. His attack patterns do not change.

    Nothing changes on hard mode, he is stupid easy. It always takes 3 battalions to stun him for absorption.

    Battalion: Weakness – Cyrosphere
    Battalion is also easy. When fighting him correctly he will generally only get off one attack.

    He starts the fight by jumping towards you. Sometimes he will do a long jump to get right on top of you. Sometimes he will do a short jump. If he does a long jump you can easily dash under him. He he does a short jump you can still dash under him but you have a much smaller window. Sadly there really is not a tell for which jump he is going to do. He has 3 different attacks you need to avoid.

    1. He shouts “Suppressing Fire!” and shoots a stream of bullets forward, followed by a wave a bullets diagonally in front of him. To dodge this you need to jump straight up. The first shot will go under you and the second volley will go over you as you land back on the ground.

    2. He shouts “Fire at will!” and fires 4 white and red missiles at you. The missiles fly at you until you attempt to jump over them. Once you are above them they turn and go straight up. You can dodge this in two ways. First you can jump and air dash to get over them quickly. Second you can crouch dash to go under them.

    3. He jumps into the air and yells “Death from above” and fires a wave of bullets in an arc in front of him. If you see him do this you just need to dash behind him. He does not turn around after he shouts.

    The second half of the fight begins with him jumping to one of the far sides of the screen. He transforms into a giant pistol and shouts “Ready...Aim...FIRE!” on “Fire!” he shoots a large missile at you that attaches to the opposite wall. Touch the missile while it is traveling to the wall will kill you instantly. If you do not defeat him quickly he will detonate the missile and damage you. To dodge this attack you need to dash to the opposite side of the room and wait for him to fire. Once you see the missile come out of the gun crouch dash. It really doesn't matter where you are because you will be dashing towards Battalion and the missile will be traveling away from him and you will avoid it every single time.

    On hard it doesn't matter what is different. He is weak to Cryo. When he is being frozen he can not jump, thus he can not travel around the screen. If you rapid fire cryo shots on him he will never get an attack off. While doing Boss Rush he would be the first boss I would get hit by because his first jump would often hit me, but I would destroy him after that.

    Aviator: Weakness – Countershade
    He has three attack patterns that are fairly easy to dodge. One thing of note about the stage is that it has the air currents pushing up from the bottom of the screen. This means that as long as you air dash you will not fall to your death.

    1. He starts at the top of one side of the screen and dives down towards the platform, then rises up again in a V shape while his small satellite flies back and forth over the platforms. This is the time I would get the most damage in. The countershade shot ricochets off the satellite and into Avi.

    Once he starts moving it is hard to hit him so I would always do the most damage right when the satellite would drop down signaling he was going to do this attack. Fire two shots while he is floating above the satellite and then wait until he is diving at you to fire the third. I found if I tried to rapid fire I would miss on the third shot, but if I waited for him to dive I would always hit and stun him.

    2. He will appear on the top or the bottom of one side of the screen and then travel down (or up) fireing a spread of bullets towards you. He then appears on the other side of the screen and repeats the attack. To dodge this attack just hang off the ledge opposite his direction.

    3. He will fly across the top of the screen and drop missiles. He will always first drop missions on one of the two outside platforms. He will then fly back and drop missiles on the middle platform. I would stand still on the middle platform, then dash and hang off the ledge of one of the hanging platforms and then jump back to the middle again.

    The second half of the fight starts with him flying into the background. He will then shoot a rapid fire machine gun at you and follow you as you move. I would start on the right floating platform. I would wait for the gun to get close then jump and dash over it to the left platform. I would then walk off the left side of the platform and dash until I grabbed the ledge of the middle platform. By this time he generally would be done and fly off. His flying off can hurt you but I found hanging off the middle platform would keep me out of the way.

    On hard the only thing I really noticed is that he would do his missile attack 3 times. He would drop on the outside platforms, then the middle platform, then the outside platform again. Still is very easy to dodge.

    Brandish: Weakness – Seismic
    I got nothing for you. His attacks are random. I could not find a pattern to exploit. He has two types of attacks, which his swords and without his swords. You can break his swords by hitting him with seismic.
    He has several attacks both on the ground and in the air. While holding his swords he might do any of the attacks. Without his swords he will not do any attack that has him spin.

    While on the ground he will either do a dashing kick or spin with his swords toward you. You can dodge by jumping and air dashing over him.

    While in the air he will do a spinning sword attack towards you and either drop down on your head, or stop in mid air and dive kick towards you.

    The second half of the fight starts with his ultimate strike attack. He homes in on you but always attacks in the same pattern so it can be dodged once you understand.

    He strikes vertical, horizontal, towards top left, vertical, towards bottom left, vertical, horizontal over your head.

    To dodge you dash right, jump, air dash left, drop dash, walk right, crouch dash. It sounds easy on paper but is very very hard to avoid.

    He is already hard. On hard I did not notice any difference in his patterns.
    I mainly used seismic and tried to bounce on his head to get the most hits in. You kinda gotta hope for a good pattern. I'd get hit sometimes by his ultimate strike but this attack wasn't a big deal. If you can kill him he will only do it twice at the most. I would take more damage from his normal attacks then anything else. Another thing to note is that he will sometimes float up off the ground and glow blue. When he does this he can not be hurt. You have to wait until his feet touch the ground again to damage him.

    Countershade: Weakness – Dynatron (though I really only used Battalion)
    Shade will randomly appear in one of 5 places on the map and do 2 different attacks. He can appear on either of the two upper platforms, behind the left and right couches, or on the chandelier. He will never appear on the lower middle area. That is a safe zone/kill zone.

    He will either take aim with his rifle or throw targets on the screen. If he aims with his rifle you will see the trajectory of the shot and can easily avoid it. If he throws the targets up his shot will bounce across the targets and the final one will aim towards you. To dodge it you will have to hide behind one of the couches.

    He might fire two different types of projectiles. He will fire 5 standard green bullets. These follow whatever trajectory he has and do normal damage.

    He might also fire 1 purple bullet. This bullet with follow the trajectory but if it hits you it will confuse you. All of your buttons are reversed making it very difficult to dodge the next wave of attacks.

    The second half of the fight starts with him putting up a shield in front of him and throwing a target into the foreground. You can not damage him during this attack. He will rapid fire green bullets at the target which will bounce towards you. When you see this attack starting stand on the couch closest to him. The bullets travel to where you were once they bounce off the target so you can avoid all of them by moving around the room and not double backing on yourself.

    After he finishes the attack he will appear with a clone in one of the spaces. The clone is transparent so you will know who is real by looking at them, but you have to be quick or he will get an attack off. The clones do not attack, or take damage. They are only there to distract you.

    On hard the purple bullet keeps you confused for an obscene amount of time. If you get hit you might as well restart. Once he gets to the second half of the fight he will make two clones, which is more confusing but they still don't attack you.

    The secret here is that two rockets will make him disappear. He should never get a shot off. In the second half of the fight with the clones the rocket explosions take up a lot of space so you will only have to guess a little.

    I feel this is the easiest boss to defeat with your Mighty Buster, thus the first one I tackle during all of my speed runs.

    Prison stage boss:
    This boss has two stages, with eye and without eye.

    It will always start the fight by jumping across the screen towards you. You can easily dash under it while it is in the air. If it has its eye it will turn and fire directly at you. You can block the bullets with your shield but the goal is to destroy the eye. Call is able to fire another bullet once the first bullet disappears. The best way to damage the eye is to be close to the boss, jump up, and rapid fire into the eye.

    After you take out the eye it will jump to the other side of the screen. Dash under when it jumps and then crouch under it's mouth when it shoots. It will not fire directly under it, but once it stops you will need to quickly dash away or else you will get damaged when it puts its head down.

    The only tricky part is dodging the crates the boss summons. They will hover over you, but they do not drop on a set pattern. You have to watch for the crate to shake and then dash away. Once the crate drops there will either be an arm robot or a shield robot. If it is an arm robot the blind boss will eat it and explode causing more damage. If it is a shield robot the boss will regain its eye (but not its health) and you have to start the whole pattern over again.

    Robot Factory Stage boss: Weakness – Dyna and Cryo
    This boss has way too much nonsense to describe. I didn't bother learning all of the ins and outs. Instead I will give you the best way to kill it and leave it at that.

    First go into the weapon options and set Dyna as you Y button. Set Seismic as your 1 and Brandish as your 2.

    Once the fight starts use Dyna on the eye and try and stay as close as possible to damage it quickly. The boss will be using the conveyor belt to push you away. The boss will then detach its two arms and attack you. One arm will attack from above while the other will come at you horizontally. Use seismic bounce on the arm that comes at you on the ground to destroy it and ignore the arm in the air. It should take two applications of Dyna to destroy the robot.

    When the eye is destroyed switch to brandish and go ham on the real boss. If you are fast you can get two absorptions on it.

    The Eye will regenerate and you will use the same Dyna technique. This time the conveyor belt will push you close to the boss. This will make it easier for you to get hit, but also the Eye should die faster. Once it is dead switch one of your weapons to cryosphere. The real boss is incredibly weak to cryo so about 3 or so absorption and you are done.

    The reason you use brandish on the boss first is because you will not be able to kill it with one wave of Cryo. Once it gets to half health the Eye changes tactics and the fight gets a whole lot harder. Doing the way I described lets you avoid the entire second half shenanigans.

    Trinity: Weakness – Battallion
    Trinity is the hardest boss until you understand her weaknesses. I spent hours memorizing the patterns of her projectiles for the first wave, but now I can beat her without using an energy tank.

    The first stage has 3 different attacks.
    1. She will start at the bottom corner of one side of the screen and shoot out square projectiles in a pattern. Once she shoots enough out she will weaken and you can damage her. She will then draw all the projectiles back into her making her invincible again. The projectiles are always in the same pattern so you can learn to dodge it, or if you use brandish it takes out all of the work. A swipe from brandish nullifies the projectiles so you can stand in one place and cut them without needing to dodge.

    2. She will fly up to the top of one corner of the screen When she does this platforms will raise on the opposite side of her. She will then fly across the top of the screen dropping projectiles below her, and weakening herself. When she gets to the platforms they will lower. Platforms will then raise on the other side and she will move across the screen drawing the projectiles back into her. To dodge this one make sure you are on the tallest platform and then air dash over her. You can damage her once she is weakened with some Battalion missiles.

    3. She will move to the center of the screen and platforms will raise on either side of her. She will shoot out projectiles in a circular pattern, and then draw them back in in the same pattern. You can easily dodge this attack by jumping up the platforms and air dashing over her ahead of the projectiles. You will have plenty of time to damage her during this attack.

    She will rotate through the 3 attacks until you can bring down all of her life.

    When she is on the ground you can stand in front of her and mash Brandish. This will nullify all of the projectiles and then let you damage her once she is weakened. When she draws the projectiles back into her you have to stop and either dodge or cut the projectiles to not get damaged. When she is in the air you can stick a Battalion missile on to her while she is strong and then once she is weakened you can explode it to damage her. When she is in the middle you can let loose with Battalions. If you maximize your damage you can kill this form in one or two rotations.

    On hard mode she will have two different patterns for projectiles while she is on the ground. Using The Brandish method it does not matter which pattern she uses. Her other attacks are the same.

    The second half of the battle changes everything. She has 3 new main attack patterns.

    1. She will raise up in flower form on one side of the screen. She will then move back and forth across the screen several times before she goes into the wall to move on to the next attack. You only do damage when shooting her head. To dodge this attack you need to shoot the body segments until they are weakened and then dash through them. This will absorb a body segment and lower the head so you can easily damage it. Once she is down to just a head she will walk through the wall and move on to the next attack. Using Battalion you can damage all segments at a time and the head.

    2. She pops up in the middle of the screen and platforms will rise on either side of her. She will then shoot projectiles out of the top of her that rain down. These projectiles do not move in any particular pattern, but they will shoot towards you. To dodge this attack you need to quickly destroy her two body segments. Then when you climb onto the platforms the projectiles will not go far enough to hit you. You can still damage the head with Battalion but you will most likely take damage when trying to absorb her. I did find that using Dynatron I could damage her and absorb her safely but it wasn't a lot of damage.

    At about half health she will do her final attack that is a real pain to dodge. This killed me more than any of her other attacks.

    3. Platforms raise up on the right side of the screen and she appears on the top right corner. She shoots a stream of projectiles as she moves down the right side wall. As she moves down the platforms lower and they raise up on the left side of the screen. When she reaches the bottom she then moves across the bottom of the screen shooting a stream of projectiles upwards. As she moves the platforms on the left side of the screen lower and raise up on the right side of the screen. Finally she moves up the left side of the screen shooting the stream of projectiles as the platforms lower.

    You have to dodge this attack in three stages. For the first stage you need to be on the middle platform on the left to be able to jump through the break in her stream of projectiles. For the second part you need to stand on the highest platform and then air dash through the break. For the final part you need to stand on the highest platform on the right side and when you see the break jump and drop dash through it to avoid the rest of the projectiles.

    She rotates through these attacks mainly doing attacks 1 and 2. Using Battalion you might be able to kill her before she does the third attack, but at most you will only have to deal with it once.

    On Hard mode nothing changes. Using battalion will kill her dead just like on normal.


Secret achievements

  • Complete Mighty No. 9 on the 9th.

    I did this on the 9th just like it asked and the game did not give me the achievement.

    What I then did was take my xbox offline, restart it. I then changed the date to be the 9th at like 3pm, and restarted it. I then went and did the final stage again and beat the game. You do not have to beat the entire game.

    I then put the system back online and restarted it again and I got the achievement.

  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Prison boss battle.

    1. Avoid all the projectiles it shoots out of its mouth. You can use Call's shield or hide under its mouth.
    2. When the boss eats the bomb arm robot and takes damage.
  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Robot Factory boss battle.

    1. When the Eye robot fires its arms at you use Seismic to bounce on the lower arm and destroy it.
      1. The other two require you to get the boss to half health. My strategy Super Boss Killer is to kill the boss without having to deal with the second half improvements. Let the Eye robot regenerate a second time to get these FINE PLAY! bonuses.
    2. The boss will shoot a barrage of missiles at you. Use Aviator and hold the attack. This will destroy all the missiles being fired at you.
    3. The Eye robot will dash at you to try and damage you. Absorb the robot as he dashes at you.
  • Achieve all FINE PLAY! technical bonuses in the Last Stage boss battle.

    There is one fine play for each stage of the fight.

    1. In the first stage do not take damage from the projectiles from Attack 1. You can dodge them like a savage or use the Brandish method.
    2. In the second stage of the fight you need to destroy all 3 body segments at the same time. Use two Battalions fired at the middle segment to damage all 3. Once they are all weakened dash through them.
  • Get more than 10 game overs in your play lifetime.

    You will easily get this naturally. Especially while going after the other achievements.

  • Defeat any Mighty Number without letting them heal.

    This is far easier then it sounds. Letting them heal means you get them into the weakened state but do not absorb them. As long as you are absorbing them efficiently they will never heal.

  • Defeat Mighty No. 5 before he detonates his special attack.

    It sounds difficult but if you follow my directions on how to easily beat him he will never get close to detonating the attack. Cryosphere all the way.

  • Attack the final boss with every single Mighty Number ability.

    The problem with this achievement is that you need to kill the boss. Attacking with every weapon is easy, but make sure you defeat her. I am not sure if both forms of the boss count as one, but I ended up attacking each form with each weapon just to be sure. It is far easier to damage the second stage form than the first one.

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