Humiliation Achievement in Military Madness: Nectaris

  • Humiliation



    In a Ranked Match, destroy an 8-troop strong unit in a single attack.

  • How to unlock Humiliation

    A technique to cut the defense of an opposing squad (x) in half is to "surround" it with 2 allied squads (o) on opposite hexes like so:

    _/ _
    / _/o
    _/ _/
    / _/

    Additionally, allied squads added to the hexes around the opposing squad will lend offensive support further increasing the potential damage done on your opponent.

    The achievement is easily done by moving several squads around an infantry squad such as a CHARLIE, KILROY or PANTHER without attacking it then use a tank squad to deliver the killing blow. You will be able to eliminate all 8 units with one hit. Must be done in a Ranked Match.

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