Local Brewery Achievement in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

  • Local Brewery



    Brew a potion.


    How to unlock Local Brewery

    To create a potion stand, you will need three pieces of cobblestone and a blaze rod. Once you've created the stand, you will need a glass bottle; glass bottles are made using three pieces of glass. Glass can be made by smelting pieces of sand. Fill the bottle up with water, now place it inside of the potion stand; now you will need either a ghast tear, a fermented spider eye, blaze powder or magna cream. Those pieces are all items that enemies drop when they're killed, with the exception of the spider eye all of those can only be found in the Nether. Once you have one of those pieces, place it into the potion stand; wait for the potion to brew and you now have the achievement!

    If you want the achievement ASAP, a potion stand and the right supplies can also be found in the Tutorial world after the first set of stairs.


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