Total Beelocation Achievement in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

  • Total Beelocation



    Move and place a Bee Nest, with 3 bees inside, using Silk Touch.

    How to unlock Total Beelocation

    If you already have an established world, this should be easy. If not, I would recommend using a tutorial world or something similar to make acquiring a silk touch pick axe easier than starting from scratch. You can also import realms from previous editions of the game! Bee Nests are common and typically generate in forest biomes.

    When you find one, you will likely see a trio of bees setting out to gather some pollen. Be patient and wait for the bees to return to the nest. They will, but it can be a pain waiting for all three to enter at the same time. Once they enter, quickly use your silk touch pick axe to collect the nest with the bees inside.


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