Renewable Energy Achievement in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

  • Renewable Energy



    Smelt wood trunks using charcoal to make more charcoal.

  • How to unlock Renewable Energy

    To get charcoal you must place 2 pieces of wood in furnace in both slots. Once you have a piece of charcoal, put it in the fuel spot of the furnace and wait for another piece of charcoal to be produced.

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  • At the moment, this can be done using coal instead of charcoal.
  • I can not get this one to pop, no matter how much wood I put in or charcoal I use, it just won't work.
  • I'm having same problem #2
  • @2 You have to use one block of wood as fuel, and another block as the ingredient. Once you do that you get charcoal. Use the charcoal as the fuel and put another block in to the ingredient and your cheevo should pop.
  • Thanks #4, that method worked perfectly :)

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