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There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Nerd



    Complete all trainings

  • Master



    Complete all championships

  • Collect all stars

  • Discover all secrets

  • Collect 30 stars

  • Discover 5 secrets

  • Activate the ball in the attic and play with it

  • Activate the holographic bridge over the wheelbarrow in the garage

  • Open the safe in the sitting room

  • Burn $10,000

  • Neron



    In Challenge mode, burn the card bridge

  • Greedy



    Collect 3 coins during the jump

  • Flash



    In championship mode, overtake your opponent an entire lap

  • In the Climbing minigame, get to the finish line in less than 2 minutes

  • Par



    In the Minigolf minigame, bring the ball to the hole in less than 3 minutes

  • In the Abracadabra minigame, collect 15 coins per minute

  • Rocket



    In the Billiard minigame, score at least 60 points in 1 minute

  • In championship mode, detonate a nitro bottle so that it hits your opponent when it's in the air

  • Newton



    Activate the gravity core in the children's room

  • Payout



    In challenge mode, smash the piggy bank

  • Crash



    In challenge mode, collide with the helicopter in the corridor

  • Take control of the drone in the training room

  • In the basement, make an epic jump by doing an air flip through the rim on the bicycle handlebar

  • In challenge mode activate an alternative checkpoint above the kettle in the kitchen

  • Championship - do at least 30 air flips on the first route in the garage and be the first to finish

  • Cougar



    Championship - make 3 epic jumps on the second route in the upstairs room and be the first to finish

  • Sly



    Championship - collect all 20 coins on the first route in the corridor and be the first to finish

  • Leader



    In championship mode, collect all 20 coins on the first lap on the first route in the bathroom

  • In championship mode, drive through the alternative gravity panel on the first route in the basement

  • Worthy



    Turn off the force field in the training room

  • Take a gift from the cyber chest located on the second route of the attic

  • Championship - in the attic, blow up the monitor when the enemy vehicle is in range of the explosion

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Mini Madness Achievements FAQ

  • How many Mini Madness achievements are there?
    There are 32 achievements to unlock in Mini Madness worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.

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