Feeling Lucky Achievement

  • Feeling Lucky



    Make the Fortune Wheel spin 25 times

    The Fortune Wheel will appear as a "?" over certain levels you've unlocked already. If you select the level and spin the wheel, you have an opportunity to try to play the same challenge for that level in a different area. Meaning if the original area was in Gru's Labs, then you could try to play the same requirements at the beach.

    You don't have to play the level for the achievement, you only need to spin the wheel. You can choose to spin the wheel again for five Gru coins, or wait until more open up as you open up more levels.

    Please note that once you spin and get another location, you're stuck with that location unless you spin the wheel again.

  • Look for de lvl's with an questionmark on the map. selecting these wil give you the opertunity to spin the wheel.

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