- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 5 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: <5 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 game
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes

Welcome to MLB 2k6. This game has a total of 5 achievements worth 1000. It is very easy to get the full 1000 but it might be a little tricky getting used to the controls. 4 of the 5 achievements say that they have to be done on Pro difficulty or higher and the last achievement can be done on any difficulty. Cheat codes do not disable achievements but there are only a couple that will help you with the achievements. To enter a cheat code, from the main menu go to My 2k6 and scroll down to the cheat code section.

Derek Jeter - Unlocks all cheats
Last Chance - Super wall climbs

Once you put the cheat codes in, you have to go to the cheat menu and then select which cheats you want enabled or disabled. The cheats that help the most are:

Two strike yer out - Only takes two strikes to strike a batter out
Diamond cutter - Every stolen base counts as a run
Super bunts - When bunting, you have the same power as a normal swing

Part 1- Edit Rosters
Before starting up a game, go to Edit Rosters and pick a good team and make all of their stats extremely good. Now pick a bad team and make all of their stats extremely bad. You only have to make the 9 guys in the starting lineup good or bad but if you want to do more you can. When you make a team bad, make sure you make a couple pitchers bad so when they bring in a reliever, he is bad too.

Part 2- Play a game
You can get all of the achievements in one game. If you don’t get an achievement just play another game. Play a 9 inning game so you will have the most time to get all the achievements. The controls might be hard to get used to, if you really don’t like them you can change them from the pause menu while in-game. The only achievement that you might not get during this game if you play with the edited rosters is "Robbery!" because the opposing team will not be able to hit the ball over the wall. If you don’t get it just play another game with different teams.

This game is very easy to get the full 1000 in. If you aren’t great at the game at first, just keep playing and you will get better.

[XBA would like to thank pashos for this Roadmap]

Major League Baseball 2K6 Achievement Guide

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There are 5 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Make a wall climb catch (rob a home run.)

    Go into Play Ball mode. For the computer select the Cooperstown All stars(they are the best and will hit the most homers.) Then pick any normal MLB team for your profile. When going into stadium and conditions select, select PNC park. This park belongs to the Pitsburgh Pirates, it is the shortest and more home runs will be hit here.

    You or the computer might be up first. If you are just strike out on 3 straight pitches for 3 outs. Once you are pitching, hit and go to outfield, and hit to the right until it says your outfielders are "deep." Just keep throwing fastballs down the middle and there will be plenty of home runs hit. Although you do not need it super wall climbs can be turned on (you would only need this for a big wall like the Green Monster at Fenway Park, but the cheat is "Last Chance"). When a home run is hit, run to where it is going to go over the wall, and there will a right triagle and it says above it "Click ." So click down on to enter wall climbing mode, and then press up on and you wil rob the home run and get the achievement.

  • Hit 3 home runs in one game with the same player on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.

    On the main menu, go to management, then select Rosters, and pick the Yankees. Then select every batter and every hitter and go to "Edit Player" and max out all of their stats to 100% by sliding the bars to the right. Do this for every player who has MLB on the left (AAA means prospect/minour league and you don't have to worry about them).

    Then choose another team, and make all their pitchers and catchers extremely horrible with zero stats by sliding all their sliders to the left.

    After that is all done with go to "my 2K6" and select enter cheat codes. Then type "Derek Jeter" in and you wil unlock a cheat Super Bunts. This means bunting will be same power as a full swing. So once in the game have the horrible pitcher from the team you made stats zero be pitching. Then just bunt for every pitch you will most likely hit a home run every time.

    Make sure when you create the game is is on Pro difficulty or higher.

    Another option is to adjust the swinging in the options so you control it with the button instead of the . Then learn the timing, and swing. As long as you have every batter with maxed stats, someone on your team will eventually hit 3 homers. If you are having trouble, try going back and adjusting the pitchers' speed and giving them a little more speed in their throws, as that may allow your hits to go farther.

    "Super Slugger", "Thief", "Unhittable", and "Offensive Explosion" can, and should all be done in the same game.

  • Thief



    Successfully steal 5 bases in one game on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.

    Follow the steps for player editing in "Super Slugger". While going for that achievement, you will have numerous players on base, as you will have superior batters against inferior pitchers.

    Once you have a man on base, when the next batter gets up to the plate, hit , and this will then take you to the runner on 1st base. on the D-pad so the batter doesn't swing. After that, as soon as the picther lifts his leg, pull the then press as fast as you can to steal the base. Then do the same thing to steal third base. You shouldn't have a problem stealing as your player will have maxed stats against a very inferior catcher. Then repeat these steps unitl you have 5 bases stolen.

    **Note: you can use the button and to have your runner automatically steal the base, but this will not count towards your achievement**

  • Strikeout 15 batters with one pitcher on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.

    Again, follow the steps in "Super Slugger" for player modification. With the "Derek Jeter" code you entered, you will also have the " two strike yer out" cheat available. Turn this on. Once in game just thow 2 pitches and the batters will most likely strike out on the 2 pitches because of their inferior hitting and your pitchers' maxed out stats.

    Keep doing this until the achievement unlocks, though be sure to go into your options menu and turn it off after you have 2 strikes down on their final hitter, because the option also affects you, and while going for "Super Slugger", you will want all the chances you have.

  • Score 20 runs in one game on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.

    Again, follow the steps in "Super Slugger" for player modification. While going for the "Super Slugger" achievement, you should easily get 20 runs.

    If you ned assistance, in the "Derek Jeter" cheat, there is also the cheat "Diamond Cutter" which adds a run on for every base you steal, and another cheats that give you a run for every strike out and every double play made, but that will be up to you, chances are you won't need them.

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