Flash! Achievement

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    Finish any level in under 10 seconds

    This won't be possible until you complete the level 'Run!' early on in Chapter 1. During this level, you'll unlock the ability to hold button-a.png to make your character(s) run, which also allows them to skip over certain interaction points. Complete the level 'Run!' like normal, then replay it and just hold button-a.png so your molecat runs past the chute and right to the door (just make sure to let go of button-a.png before the door so you don't run past it) and quickly press button-y.png to end the level. This should allow you to finish the level in 5-6 seconds.

    NOTE that using rb.png is not possible for this achievement, as it only speeds up time (time still accumulates like normal), so don't bother using rb.png during this achievement attempt at all.

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