Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 although there is a lot of luck on getting cards and waiting.
Offline: 0
Online: 15 [1000]
Approximate amount of time to 10001-4 hours depending on luck and efficiency
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 games
Missable achievements: None
Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
Extra equipment needed: A Gold account

Ever want to play Monopoly deal style? Ever wish they would take the card game and digitize it? Well thanks to Asobo Studio we have Monopoly Deal, bringing the Monopoly variant to the Xbox One. This fun packed online game brings the social factor to life as we deal cards and hope to deal our opponents critical blows to their bank as we try to hoard the properties to win. Unlike most games though, Monopoly Deal is solely an online experience meaning that even if you simply wanted to play for the achievements, you will need at least one faithful partner to assist you along the way.

This game is online only and requires you and at least one other person to start a game, so make sure that you have a gold account before you start playing. It is also highly recommended to find a boosting partner to make this game easier and faster to complete. If you need to find a boosting partner, please check out the Official XBA Boosting Session Information and Discussion Thread.

Abbreviated Walkthrough
Because this game can be beaten in as few as two games, I will avoid putting a lengthy RoadMap here and instead provide some tips for playing and a small skeleton to look at pairing your achievements in.

Tips & Tricks

  • Familiarizing yourself with the rules (FOUND HERE) will help you understand the game faster, and assist you in earning the achievements.
  • When thinking about what can be traded for rent, understand that the universal wild cards CANNOT be used as collateral for trade. While it can be used to create sets, act as a new property, or fill the role of a missing color it cannot be traded as rent (hence the M0 value).
  • If you trade for an item (such as a house, or a pass go, ect.) it will go into your bank AND NOT your hand. So when trying to prep for achievements remember--if your partner has an item you need, you will not be able to trade them for it as it always goes into your bank. Now if your partner discarded that item, it goes back into the pile to eventually be up for re-grabs.
  • It's best to shoot for one achievement at a time with this game when going for the bigger achievements because of the nature of the requirements toward some of them.

First Game: The Heavy Shots
You want to knock out the toughest achievements first so that your second game is literally a mop-up session. Here's what we look to get rid of first:

  • "Business master" - Playing double the rent on a full blue set with a hotel.
  • "I want those ones." - Win by never playing a property card.
  • "Collector" - One of each kind of property.
  • "Settler" - Have at least 12 properties on the board.

By focusing on these ones first you will undoubtedly grab several of the easier achievements leaving yourself with only a few left to finish up.

Monopoly Deal is a simple, easy completion although it can be rather frustrating due to the luck that you will need while earning the achievements. Once luck is finally on your side, you will have another 1000 added to your Gamerscore and another completion! I hope this guide was helpful to you and that you enjoy having another completion!

[XBA would like to thank Kairi and THE DEADLY DOG for this roadmap]

Monopoly Deal Achievement Guide

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Use a “Double The Rent” card on the full dark blue set with a house and hotel.

    When tackling this achievement, you will want to make sure you have the following:

    • A complete set of blue cards (wild cards are OK)
    • A house and a hotel
    • A green and blue rent card (There are only two of these in the deck; any other rent card will not work for this achievement since it will not give you)
    • A Double the Rent card (There are only two of these in the deck)

    If you come across any of the cards listed above, please make sure you hold on to them until you need them. If your opponent ends up with a blue property before you get a complete set, they should play the card so you can either steal it, have them use it to pay rent, or force a trade. If they come across any other card that you need, make sure they discard it so you have a chance of eventually drawing it.

    As soon as you get blue property cards (or wilds that can be used as blue property cards), make sure you play them. Once you have a complete set, play the house and hotel cards on the blue property (in that order). This will unlock the “Investor” achievement if you do not already have it. When you have both the Double the Rent card and the green and blue rent card in your hands, play the green and blue rent card on your blue property and select the double the rent option when it prompts you about wanting to double the rent.

  • By using a "Forced Deal" card, both players get a full set.


    Cards Needed:

    • Forced Deal
    • One set missing a single card that is on the field.
    • Opponent's one set missing a single card that you have out on the field.

    A forced deal is an action card that forces a trade between two players. By playing it you select a card that your opponent has that you desire, but must choose something you are willing to give up for it. For instance I want a brown card, and give up one of my blue card for it.

    The key to this achievement is that you both complete sets by doing the deal. So in my instance above, by taking your brown card I complete my brown set, but you also complete your blue set with the card I gave you.

  • Never play property cards. Steal them or request them as payment to finally win the game.

    This one will take some careful planning and coordination with your partner to successfully obtain. Although it may be one of the most attention intensive, it will not have a large guide because you'll simply need to move based off of what you and your partner draw in via cards. Here are the cards you should be keeping an eye out for:

    • Happy Birthday
    • Forced Deal
    • Sly Deal
    • Deal Breaker
    • Rent Cards

    The above cards are how you will be able to take your partner's properties to eventually win. Any time your partner get's a property it should be played so it is up for grabs by you. Your partner should also be discarding all rent cards, all action cards that will take from the other person, and should be banking houses, hotels, and money to remove them from the deck.

    Remember, all you need to do is finish off three sets and the achievement is your's--just remember, no playing property cards (this also means wild cards).

  • Counter a "Just Say No" card with a "Just Say No" card.

    Cards Needed for the Person Going for Achievement:

    • Some sort of action card (birthday, sly, deal breaker)
    • Just Say No

    Card Needed for Partner:

    • Just Say No

    The person going for the achievement will need to play some sort of action card against their opponent. For example you play a debt collector card. Your opponent will then in turn play their "Just Say No" card to try and counter your action card. This is where you play your "Just Say No" card and successfully complete the requirement for the achievement.

  • Have 1 property of each kind on the board, including Stations and Utilities


    You need to have one of each of the 8 colored properties on your board for this achievement. Play as many property cards as you can and use wild cards as often as you can so you can get different colors filled on the board. If your opponent has a color that you need, have them give it to you via a deal card or a make them pay it as rent. Since you will have at least 8 cards on the table after earning this achievement, it would not be a bad idea to go for the “Settler” achievement right after this achievement unlocks.

    The colors that you need in order are:

    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Black (Stations)
    • White (Utilities)
    • Brown
    • Light Blue
    • Pink
    • Orange
    • Red
  • Have a full set composed of only


    You will need to use property wild cards for this achievement. There are several property wild card in the game, so feel free to mix and match any of the following cards (the number indicates how many of the card is available in the deck):

    • 2 Rainbow (can be used for any color)
    • 2 Pink-Orange
    • 2 Yellow-Red
    • 1 Green-Blue
    • 1 Green-Black
    • 1 White-Black
    • 1 Black-Light Blue
    • 1 Brown-Light Blue

    I recommend trying to go for completing the Blue, White, or Brown properties because they only require two cards, which is the least number of cards it takes to complete a set.

  • Have at least 12 properties on the board, including Stations and Utilities


    Twelve properties on the board simply means you need to have 12 cards on the table. This is easy to do, but remember that three completed stacks means a win so be careful not to finish off every stack.

  • Use 5 "Rent" cards during a game


    You will need to use 5 Rent cards during the course of one game for this achievement. Once you have a property card on the board, you can use a rent card of the same color on the property. Keep using rent cards in the game until this achievement finally unlocks.

  • Win without having a "Property Wildcard" in your full sets


    You will want to avoid using wild cards for this achievement; I recommend discarding any wild cards that you pick up so you do not accidently use one. Keep using cards that are only a single color to create sets. If your opponent ends up with a single-colored property card before you get a complete set, they should play the card so you can either steal it, have them use it to pay rent, or force a trade.

  • Never pay with properties during the game


    Paying with properties means that when you owe rent you do not use one of your properties on the field as currency for the rent. Simply avoid using your properties and stick to currency, or banked items. Playing with one other person will make this easier as you can coordinate moves more efficiently.

  • Use "Deal Breaker" as a final move to win the game


    Cards Needed for Person Going for Achievement:

    • Deal Breaker card

    Partner Needs:

    • A full set.

    Once you and your partner have the cards above, simply throw down a deal breaker on a set that your partner has that consists of anything BUT an all-colors wild card that is included in a set as you cannot deal break that. The deal breaker will allow you to take a completed set from an opponent free of charge, but you must ensure that you do not have any cards of the set you are taking on your own board.

  • Be the first to have a full set


    You simply need to be the first person in the game to complete a set of cards.

    From Left to right the items are.
    Yellow (3), Green (3), Dark Blue (2), Rail Road (4), Utilities (2)
    Brown (2), Light Blue (3), Magenta (3), Orange (3), Red (3)

  • Play 3 "Pass Go" cards in a single turn


    You will want to hold on to Pass Go cards until you have three of them on your hand. After you have three cards in your hand, play all three of them on your next turn, or play them all three of them on your current turn if you have not taken a turn yet.

  • Add a hotel


    Cards Needed:

    • Complete set of any color.
    • House
    • Hotel

    Adding a hotel requires you to have a complete set (all of the cards for a particular color), then adding a house to it, and finally a hotel.

  • Use a "Rent" or "Multi-Colored Rent" card on a full set of properties.


    Before going for this achievement, you will need to have a complete set. Once you have a complete set, use a rent card of that color or a rainbow colored rent card on that property for this achievement to unlock.

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