- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 15 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 10001-2 hours.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Two games.
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to Monopoly Plus, TDD style! This classic game is brought to life via Asobo Studio with Ubisoft. This blast-from-the-past brings the days of sitting around the table with friends to our TVs and enables everyone to play from one controller. Nothing has changed as far as the game mechanics go--the usual rules apply, the dice rolling the same, although there are a few new quirks and options you can choose from when deciding how you want to play. With high replay value, fun sights and sounds, and a gaming for multiple people atmosphere, this is a good pick up for anyone looking to pad their gamerscore, find that game when there are lots of friends over, or slot that game in for the kids to play.

The controls are very simplistic and display with every move you do limiting the level of confusion to a minimum. It's fun, fresh, and fantastic with an achievement list not taking away from those adjectives in the least!

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The game is not complicated and can be done in as few as one or two games, although it will probably take a few more to be sure you are setting everything up properly. You may want to use the one-controller technique for achievement grabbing as it will eliminate the CPU factor in player versus computer games.

One-Controller Technique:
I will refer to this quite often in many of the achievement's guides. This simply means that you select all users use one controller option and that you essentially play as all players. This will help you net several of the achievements taking the luck and difficulty factors out of play.


  • House Rules - House Rules are special modifications to the game that will end it in a specific fashion, or throw a twist to the gameplay. There are six house rules to choose from, and winning a game on Wealth Rule will actually net "Your Way."
  • Utilizing the one-controller technique will actually render this game completely docile and completed in only a few short games.
  • To cut down on wait times and animations make sure you use the skip to get through the die rolling as well as piece moving on the board.

Enter the Monopoly Board! (Set-Ups for Games):
Before we being or first actual game, quickly make a game between you and one opponent. Now simply keep re-rolling the die until you start off the game. This will unlock "Pole Position." From this point exit out of the game and go back to the game creation menu to start the first real game.

The first real game will be unlike any real game before--it will be you versus five dummy players! Play through grabbing some of the easier achievements such as "Good Start" for owning your first property, "Bargain Master" for buying a property at least 10% under its original value (easy to do with five dummy players), and "Collector" for owning one of each property. You can also snag one of each color ("Collector") by having the dummy players allow you to win an auction (because you will only pay M11 for everything). And when you are satisfied with what you have collected, make sure to throw any remaining dummy accounts out by having them declare bankruptcy to net yourself "The Master" and "Champion."

You will most likely want a new game to be able to collect rent on your first turn ("Precocious"), unless you were extremely lucky the first time around, as well as "Lucky Draw" for being awarded M100 from a card.

Overall Monopoly Plus brings the classic game we all love to new life on the Xbox One and gives us the chance to relive those countless hours around the board and table to our fun-filled Xbox community. The achievements are quite easy and the replay value is tremendous. This is a must-have for anyone looking to dip back in the past and relish in the good-ol'-days. I hope this G&RM helps you, and I congratulate you on another successful purchase!

[XBA would like to thank THE DEADLY DOG for this roadmap]

Monopoly Plus Achievement Guide

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Own your first property


    This is may be one of your first achievements. You simply need to purchase a property that you land on. Using  will have you purchase the property for the original price while using  will have you go into an auction (bidding war) for the property.

  • Build your first house


    Building your first house requires you to own all of the properties in that same color spectrum. Utilities do not count toward this achievement, they need to be colored buildings.

  • VIP



    Build your first hotel


    Building a hotel requires you to own all of the properties of a specific color first and foremost. You will need to press  to purchase it. Once you have acquired all of these properties you will need to build four houses on each one in order to unlock the hotel. Once you reach this point simply build the hotel and the achievement will unlock.

  • Be the first player to start


    This can easily be ran through until you grab it.

    1. Start a new game with only yourself and one other player.
    2. Roll the dice and see if you win.
    3. If you do not simply back out and try again repeating the step either in a new created game or by deleting the one you already used.
    4. Rinse and repeat until the achievement pops for you.
  • Get a property for at least 10% less than its original price (Auction)


    You can either buy a property outright or you can go up for auction to purchase it. In order to get this achievement you will need to win a property in the auction ( to get to an auction instead of outright sale) for at least 10% less than the original price-tag (which is posted on the right hand screen).

    This is easiest when done using your controller as more than one "human player" and simply allowing yourself to win the auction for M11.

  • Collect a rent during your first turn


    This achievement is heavily luck based. You need to go out on your first turn, purchase a property and then have an opponent land on it in their first turn netting you rent.

    This is easiest when done with the using one controller technique and having yourself start first (need to work on getting your character to start first) and then land on a property you can purchase, buy that property, and have an opponent land on that same property to pay rent.

    This will simply take some grinding to get it to land just right, but it can happen rather easily in a full six-player game when you go near the beginning. Also remember to have any players who may start before your main profile to allow your main profile to purchase the properties in an auction to increase the chance later players land on something you own.

  • Complete two color sets in one trade


    Trades are conducted at the end of your turn by pressing .

    This is easiest done when using the one-controller technique. You will have to purchase from another player pieces from two different color sets that will complete what you have.

    For example:

    1. Currently own one brown property and two light-blue properties.
    2. In the trade you ask the player that owns the other brown property and the other light-blue property for them.
    3. Using the one-controller technique you can purchase those other properties very cheap and can easily unlock this achievement.
  • Get more than M100 thanks to a card


    When playing Monopoly there is a chance you will land on a space that gives you a card. There are a few types, but when you land on this card space you have the chance to draw a random card. In order to pop this achievement the random card needs to yield you more than M100.

    This ultimately is not too hard as most of the random draws I have seen give at least M100.

  • See the bank run out of houses


    The bank owns 32 houses. There are 23 properties on the board that can have houses on them totaling up to 92 possible spots for a house meaning that the bank will exceed the number of houses it owns long before every property can have max houses. This can be done by a savvy player who owns enough color patches and can just put houses on their property to run the bank dry or by using the technique below.

    One way to see this happen is to use the one-controller technique and to have each controller own a specific color and work on building houses in that color. Once the bank runs out you will net the achievement.

  • Get one property of each color


    You must own one property from each of the eight different colors. Utilizing the one-controller technique is an easy way to amass one property from each color. If one of the dummy players lands on a property you need simply have them go into an auction to purchase and then have you be the sole bidder for it.

    These do not include railroad stations or utilities.

  • Collect a rent payment of more than M700


    In order for you to collect greater than M700 you will need a property high enough (pink in color or higher) and will need to have it stacked with a few houses or better yet a hotel. A hotel can be acquired when you have built four houses on the property and then trade them in for a hotel by again using the .

  • Build an hotel on each property of at least 2 color sets during the same game


    In order to unlock this you must essentially max out the potential of two different colors in the board. In order to max out the colors you will need to do the following:

    1. Own all of the properties in two different colors (Dark Blue and Brown for example).
    2. Purchase four houses for each property of those two different colors (Eight houses total between dark blue and brown).
    3. Turn the houses into hotels for those properties (Four hotels total).
  • Win a game using one "House Rule"


    "House Rules" are the little special rules that you can choose to play your game with. These appear as little cards on the right hand side of the screen when you are choosing what style of game to play. There are six of them total, but only one that will help you towards this achievement as you need to win on a house rule. They are as follows with Wealth Rule being the only house rule that will ensure completion of this achievement:

    • Free Parking Cash - Whenever you must pay a fine or tax, the money goes into a fund that you can collect by landing on the Free Parking tile.
    • GO and Movement - When you land on GO, you have the choice of either collecting M400 or moving your token to any place on the board. In addition, when landing on a Chance space, you can choose not to draw a card.
    • Snake Eyes -When you roll two ones, you receive M1000.
    • Rent and Auctions - When landing on a free property you can only buy it through an auction. In addition, while in jail you cannot collect rent.
    • Wealth Rule - The first player to reach M3000 in capital wins the game.
    • Property Improvements - You can build Houses without necessarily owning all properties of the same color. You also don't have to build 4 Houses before building a Hotel.

    You can easily win this by playing a round or two and then just trading all of the money to your main account to hit the M3000 required to win via this House Rule.

    You may also be able to win a traditional game of Monopoly by playing through till the end while you selected one of the house rules, but this has not been tested--only hypothesized.

  • Win a 6 players game (in local multiplayer)


    You must simply win a game when there are six "players." You can easily run through this using the one-controller technique. Have everyone play one turn and then one the next turn have each "other player" simply bankrupt. When you emerge as the last one, victory--and achievement!

  • Win a game


    Refer to "Champion".

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