Loner Achievement

  • Loner



    Last 3 minutes without the help of any bubblefish in Time Attack

    The hardest achievement in the game, you cannot use any bubblefish pick-ups and need to last 3 minutes.

    To last for 3 minutes you need to kill nearly every fish and avoid hiting any boomers or toxic barrels as they increase your pollution meter rapidly.

    Note the fish spawn in waves and each wave adds 1 fish, so to begin with let the 1st fish get to the edge of the screen before killing him as this will waste some time before the second wave arrives. 2nd wave has 2 fish, you can kill one fish but wait until the other is at the edge of the screen before killing the 2nd. 3rd wave has 3 fish, you can kill two but wait until the last fish is at the ede of the screen befire killing the 3rd. etc etc etc.

    If you do this correctly you can get to as little as wave 10 by around the 2 minute mark and this is when the boss fish come into play, hitting a boss makes him smaller and knocks him backward so using boss fish as the last fish in a wave is key to wasting more time.

    Using this wave method you can finish the game with as low as 192/208 fish hit.

    This is a massive reduction in the fish you need to hit (270/282) if you kill all the fish as quickly as possible.

    Special thanks to TrishTheDish for the head up on the waves.


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