Gold Rusher Achievement in Monster Burner

  • Gold Rusher



    Played 3 gold rushes

  • How to unlock Gold Rusher

    There is a special level called Gold Rush. You can play it only once every 6 hours. If you do not want to wait, check the roadmap for a date/time trick. Always make sure that your date is set to today's date before unlocking an achievement.

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  • This can only be played once every 6 hours however, changing the phones date/time will allow you to play it again. This can also be useful for earning more coins quickly for other items...
  • There's also a bug in the game, after you complete the Gold Rush stage and your result screen is showing, press the back button on your phone and you can play the Gold Rush game again, and again. This bug is confirmed working as per today on WP8 phones, not tested on WP7. Since this is a bug, it might be fixed in later updates of the game.

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