-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 19 [190]
-Online: 1 [10
-Approximate amount of time to 20010-15 Hours [Using Time/Date glitch]
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty settings
-Glitchy achievements: Snooker Ace glitchy, read below
-Unobtainable achievements? None
-Extra equipment needed? No

Monster Burner is a game where the basic premise is to draw a path of fireball to kill monsters before they reach the bottom of the screen. To help you out, you may upgrade the fireball size, make it bounce off walls and upgrade that to bounce more times, as well as add extra health. Also, there are power up items such as monsters speed down, speed up, fire wall, and fire wave. The fire wall can also be upgrade to make it longer.

To begin with, I suggest playing all of the High Plains levels to get the feel of the game. Don't worry about the score. After you are done with that, you probably don't have enough red orbs to unlock the Great Lakes levels yet. Go back out to the main menu and play the Gold Rush level. Now, you can do one of two things:

1. Wait 6 hours and play gold rush again. Do that one more time to get the Gold Rusher achievement.

2. If you don't want to wait, go to phone's settings and change the date back 1 month. (You may need to turn off set time automatically to change the date). Play a game of gold rush. Change the date back to today's date. Play another game of gold rush to get the Gold Rusher achievement.

Before going on to the grind, we want to try and get a x25 combo to get the Snooker Ace achievement. This may be difficult to do without some Rebound upgrades, but if you unlock this on 6/3 ~ 6/9 during the next grind step, it may glitch and never actually unlock on Xbox.com, so it's important to unlock this now. You can get this on a lot of the levels, but the easiest is to probably get 800 gold and use a Fire Wave on a Gold Rush level when there is a screen full of monsters.

This grind step can be done at any time, but doing it now will make the other achievements all the more easier, so I suggest it here. We are going to be playing Gold Rush mode during the week of June 3, 2013 ~ June 9, 2013. During this step, no other achievements will unlock except possibly for Prepared for War if you buy all the upgrades. (CHANGE THE DATE BACK TO TODAY'S DATE BEFORE BUYING THE FINAL UPGRADE!)

During the grind, as you get enough money for upgrades, upgrade Fireball Size and Rebound as soon as possible as this will help you to get bigger combos and therefore more money every time you play. Fire Wall length and Heart upgrades do not matter because you are never going to be in danger and you don't want to waste money on Fire Wall.

Credit goes to K4rn4ge from TA for finding this method:

Thanks also to Sir An1mal from TA and ipotter from this site for the following additional tip.

>When you finish the gold run and you get to the screen telling you how you've done, don't press the arrow button to continue. Instead press the back button on your phone and it'll let you replay the same gold rush. You still keep the gold from each one completed and it saves a bit of time changing the date. This was done on my HTC Mozart, don't know if it'll work on all handsets, I assume it will."

1. Change the date to 6/3/2013. Time does not matter.

2. Play a game of gold rush.

3. Push back button on the phone.

4. Go back to step 2.<

If at any time you forget to push the back button and Gold Rush becomes unavailable, you can change the date back to 5/3/2013, enter the game to reset the Gold Rush availability, and then change the date back to 6/3/2013. The reason that we want to play during the week of 6/3/2013 is that it seems to give more coins than any other level.

To unlock all upgrades, it requires about 750,000. Upgrading rebounds helps to get gold much more quickly. Always, hit off the side walls to get high combos. If you don't mind spending some cash, buying the double gold power up from via a microtrasnaction helps to speed up the grinding process, but it is unnecessary.

Now that you are done with the grind, change the date back to today's date and buy the final power up to get the Prepared for War achievement. Now, go back to the High Plains level and try to get 3 red orbs and high efficiency. Your aim is to get 100% average efficiency in each stage to get xxx Master achievements. After you are done with High Plains levels and unlocked the two achievements for it, go back out to the main menu and check the leaderboard for Plains 2 ~ 7. If your name and score is registered then it is no problem. If not, turn off your phone, turn it back on, play a couple levels and make sure the score is being registered. This is important for unlocking the Millionaire achievement so make sure the score is being registered before continuing.

Continue on to the next Great Lakes level and so on making sure to get 3 red orbs and 100% efficiency. Remember that efficiency is an average so if you get very high efficiency in some levels, it's ok to get low efficiency in another. Do this for all stages until you have the orbs and master achievements for all stages. For some stages, it may help to use Fire Wall and Fire Wave to help you out, so don't hesitate to spend money on them. (Do the June 3 trick if you need more money)

Finally, go to Challenge and buy the Survival for 25,000 gold. (Do the June 3 trick if you need more money) Play the challenge level to get at least 100,000 points. Use the power ups if you are overwhelmed.

Now go back and play the Four Seasons levels to get 3 red orbs. This should unlock the Game Master achievement. By this time, you should be close but do not have enough points overall to get the Millionaire achievement. Check the leaderboard and improve your scores until the achievement unlocks.

Enjoy your 200G!

[x360a would like to thank sanger for this roadmap]

Monster Burner Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Scored a *25 combo

    Pretty easy to get by using a Fire Wave or after upgrading Rebound 3-4 times. Just buy a Fire Wave and double tap when there is about 30 monsters on the screen or Rebound off the side. Good level to try this is any Gold Rush level that doesn't have ghosts.

  • Saved 25 princesses

    Sometimes Princess will come down the screen. Be careful not to hit her and it counts as 1 saved princess. This is cumulative over all games.

  • Got all the High plains Orbs

    Get all 3 orbs for all of the levels in High Plains. You need high combos for higher score, so upgrading Fireball Size and Rebound helps a lot. Also, if you just can't seem to get high enough score, buy a Fire Wave or Fire Wall and use them to get very high combo. The levels are always the same so just keep at it and you will get it.

    If you need additional points, when there is a lot of monsters coming down. User a speed up and fire wave together for massive combo.

  • Got all the Great Lakes Orbs

    See "Plain Walker".

  • Played 3 gold rushes

    There is a special level called Gold Rush. You can play it only once every 6 hours. If you do not want to wait, check the roadmap for a date/time trick. Always make sure that your date is set to today's date before unlocking an achievement.

  • Got all the Snowy peaks Orbs

    See "Plain Walker".

  • Got all Misty lands Orbs

    See "Plain Walker".

  • Got all the Soul Yard Orbs

    See "Plain Walker".

  • Got 111 Orbs

    Just get 111 orbs out of all your games. You can only get a maximum of 3 orbs per level and you can't replay the level multiple times. There are more than 111 orbs in the whole game so you can fail or get only 1/2 orb on some levels. However, there is an achievement for getting all orbs in each stage, so you will still need to get 100% orbs.

  • Got over 1 million points on the world leaderboard

    This is to get 1 million points by adding up the highest score for each level. You can check it by clicking leaderboard. This includes Four Seasons and Survival levels.

    Note: If score is not registering for some reason, quit the game and launch it. Then, play a level to check that it is registering.

  • Scored 100 000 pts. to the survival mode

    Go to Challenge. Buy Survival for 25,000 coins. It is pretty easy to get 100,000 points in this mode. Just do not hesitate to use a Fire Wave or Fire Wall as you get them.

  • Blasted 25 players


    Some times, icons will come down instead of monster. This is a marker for player's scores. Just shoot a fire ball to "kill" them. This is cumulative over all games.

  • Upgraded all to Max Power

    Earn enough money to upgrade Heart, Fireball Size, Rebounds, and Fire Wall Length to the maximum. You need about 750,000 to do this. For fast way to earn money, check the Roadmap.

  • Got 100% Efficiency in all the High plains levels

    This is to get an average of 100% efficiency across all levels. 100% is achieved by using x number of fireball to clear the level. If you use less than that, you can get higher than 100% efficiency. You can easily achieve this by using Fire Wall and Fire Wave if you are having trouble with certain levels.

  • Get 100% Efficiency in all the Great Lake levels

    See "Plains Master".

  • Got 100% Efficiency in all the Snowy peaks levels

    See "Plains Master".

  • Got 100% Efficiency in all the Misty lands levels

    See "Plains Master".

  • Got 100% Efficiency in all the Soul Yard levels

    See "Plains Master".

  • Get 100% Efficiency in all the Transylvaniac levels

    See "Plains Master".

  • Got all the fire Orbs in Transylvaniac

    See "Plain Walker".

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