- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
- Offline: 24 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: N/A

* Thanks to Pokedude97 for a character list.

Come roam the halls of Monster High and get to know your new classmates. Join clubs, make friends and dress up in fierce fashions. But be aware, there’s something strange going on at Monster High! Cleo’s new amulet has been cursed by the spirit of Spookenhamen, and the student body is falling under his spell. Use your skills and savvy to help save the school and all your new classmates from the mummy’s curse! Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The game plays fairly straightforward. You will be given tasks or events and simply have to collect something for a classmate, talk to someone in the school or do an activity in order to complete the event. There are some collectibles littered all over the school (see the achievements for more info) and you need to collect coins in order to purchase clothing. None of the achievements are difficult and you won't even have to check this guide more than a couple times at most in order to get full completion.

You don't need to worry about completing tasks in a time frame or order. It's somewhat linear but you can choose the order you do the events and there are no steps or sequences that affect the achievements (or gameplay).

You will probably have to grind out some coins for a bit if you weren't diligent in collecting during the game and/or didn't spend wisely when clothing items came on sale. Just tour around the school collecting coins, head back home (remember to get points for making your bed and cleaning your room) and start over the next day. See individual achievements for more detail.

I'm a heterosexual man in my late 30's. I don't think I'm part of the demographic they intended the game for. That said, it wasn't a completely terrible game. Would I buy it or play it again? Not a chance. But to kill 10 hours, it wasn't too bad. If your child is into this cartoon, it's probably great for them. If you're just looking for an easy 1000, then this one is as good as it gets in terms of ease and time.

[XBA would like to thank fvkasm2x for this Roadmap]

Monster High: New Ghoul in School Achievement Guide

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There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete first Fearleading Event.

    As you play the game, you need to talk to classmates all over the school. They give you events (quests, tasks, etc.) and once you complete them, you will get more from them or other classmates. They are all story related. Can't be missed.

  • Complete first Council Event.

    Story related. Can't be missed.

  • Purchase Clothing Online.

    See "Full Wardrobe" for more information.

  • Find and use a Locker Code.

    As you play the game, you will see little golden locks drawn on the walls all over the school. Simply approach the icon, hit the button when prompted and the lock code is stored in your cellphone. You don't need to remember the code or worry about it. As you pass lockers in the hallways, the will allow you to be opened and show you the locker code when prompted. They contain coins and collectibles. You need to open them all in order to finish the collectibles and other achievements, so always pay attention to the walls when you're in a room.

  • Complete a Fundraising Event.

    Story related. Can't be missed.

  • Collect all Cheer Steps.

    Story related. Can't be missed.

  • Leave for school with a Tidy Room.

    Every day you head home, change your clothes. Head back to the closet and you can clean up your room. You can also make your bed after you wake up and both options net you extra coin bonuses for being a good little ghoul and having a clean room.

  • Ring the Bell in the Bell Tower.

    Make your way up to the bell tower and ring the bell once for an achievement. Ring it multiple times until a robot character falls out. Talk to him and you'll also bag yourself 1000 coins!

  • Have over 1000 Spirit Coins.

    Collect them every chance you get. Floating coins in the hallway have an order that they can be collected that will give you 2x the value. Make use of those whenever you can (the coins reset every day).

  • Upgrade the Creepateria.

    Story related. Can't be missed.

  • Upgrade the Casketball Court.

    Story related. Can't be missed.

  • Complete Fashion Club Events.

    Story related. Can't be missed.

  • Complete Environmental Club Events.

    Story related. Can't be missed.

  • Complete Robotics Club Events.

    Story related. Can't be missed.

  • Complete Cooking Club Events.

    Story related. Can't be missed.

  • Complete Comic Book Club Events.

    Story related. Can't be missed.

  • Complete Standalone Events.

    Don't turn down anyone when they ask you to do something. Talking to all the students will give you events to complete. While they aren't technically "story related", you still have to complete them all in order to finish all the mini-stories and get 100% completion in the game. Just talk to everyone and do all the quests.

  • Find all the Shortcuts.

    There are a couple little side rooms off hallways that look like closets. Just go in there and move a box or statue out of the way, which reveals a hidden passage. You only need to go through three of them (hallway, attic and graveyard) and they are fairly obvious, so don't fret about finding them.

  • Meet all the characters in Monster High.

    Talk to anyone and everyone you see. What I did, was make my way through the school near the end of the game and tried to talk to anyone and everyone I met. Since some of the characters move around and most of them you talk to while completing quests, I found it pointless to keep track of who I talked to when and where. Making my way through every room and farming coins while I talked to people netted me the achievement and coins in the process. Here is a character list:

    • Abbey Bominable
    • Bloodgood
    • Bonita Femur
    • Catrine DeMew
    • Catty Noir
    • Clawd Wolf
    • Clawdeen Wolf
    • Cleo De Nile
    • Deuce Gorgon
    • Draculaura
    • Elissabat
    • Frankie Stein
    • Ghoulia Yelps
    • Gigi Grant
    • Gilda Goldstag
    • Gil Webber
    • Heath Burns
    • Holt Hyde
    • Howleen Wolf
    • Invisi Billy
    • Iris Clops
    • Jackson Jekyll
    • Jane Boolittle
    • Jinafire Long
    • Lagoona Blue
    • Lorna Mcnessie
    • Manny Taur
    • Marisol Coxi
    • Meowlody
    • Mr. Hackington
    • Mr. Rotter
    • Neighthan Rot
    • Operetta
    • Purrsephone
    • Robecca Steam
    • Rochelle Goyle
    • Scarah Screams
    • Sirena von Boo
    • Skelita Calaveras
    • Slomo Mortavitch
    • Spectra Vondergeist
    • Toralei Stripe
    • Twyla
    • Venus McFlytrap
  • Collect all Dusty Pennants.

    Little school pennant collectibles are littered throughout the school. They are in corners, on top of shelves and in lockers. They are pretty easy to spot and you shouldn't have trouble finding them. As I played, I only had trouble with two of them. There is a pennant by the gate to go home, opposite of the cemetery in the corner.

    There is also a pennant in a locker and the can be found in the courtyard where the plant club was or giant plant. It is on ground level in one of the corners on the stone wall, it is hidden behind a bush.

  • Collect all Spirit Spiders.

    Little spider collectibles are littered throughout the school. They are in corners, on top of shelves and in lockers. They are pretty easy to spot and you shouldn't have trouble finding them.

  • Save the School!

    After your last mission/event, you will end the plot to take over the school and save everyone. Story related and can't be missed.

  • Obtain All Clothing Items.

    This DOESN'T mean online through Xbox, nor does it mean you need Xbox Live. This simply means you bring up your phone in the game and order clothes via your character menu. Don't buy ANYTHING as you play the game, except for items that come on sale. You need to buy the entire wardrobe and this costs a fair bit of coin. Help alleviate the grind by hoarding coins and making use of the Daily sales for 50% off.

  • All other Achievements Complete.

    One you get all the other achievements, this one will unlock for the last and full 1000.

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