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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Unlock every character costume.

    This is by far the hardest achievement in the game. In order to get this achievement you will need to do the following to get the costumes.

    -Beat the game on childsplay
    -Obtain all level 2 weapons
    -Unlock every beastdiary entry
    -Unlock all level 3 weapons

    -Beat the game on thriller
    -Obtain all level 2 weapons
    -Obtain all level 3 weapons
    -Collect all melee weapons

    -Beat the game on horror
    -Obtain all level 2 weapons
    -Obtain all level 3 weapons
    -Collect all melee weapons

    -S rank all levels on madness
    -Obtain all level 2 weapons
    -Obtain all level 3 weapons
    -Collect all Melee weapons

  • Unlock every Bestiary entry.


    Once you beat the game you should get this achievement. There a couple you might miss though. One that everyone usually misses though is the evil doll on the level where you fight huggles. So if you don't have that one then go back and get it.

  • Kill 10,000 monsters.


    This achievement will come about 1/4 of the way through your second playthrough. If you want to get this one faster then normal, just follow the tips for "Its Mine ALL Mine."

  • Travel 1,000 kilometers


    This one really takes a long time to do even if you go through the game twice. I suggest keeping your xbox on one night and finding a safe spot to where there are no enemies and rubberband your thumbstick to keep moving into a wall or somthing and wake up and finish the level to get the achievement.

  • Collect 72 Specialty Melee Weapons!


    Ok there is 1 weapon for every chracter on every level. You must go through the entire game with every chracter at least once to find all these wepaons.

    Just remember to search every nook and cranny of each level with each character and you will definatly find each one. Some are very ovious and others are hard to find.

  • Collect 10,000 Monster Tokens across all characters.


    This is really easy if you take your time with it. Just put your game on Child's Play and go to Shopping Maul Parking Lot. Collect all the parts for Larry and bring them back to him. Then when he asks you do destroy the ferris wheel. Do it but don't destroy it completely. Just take it down to its last bar. Now the enemies will spawn forever and give you tons of coins for every enemy, even the big ones. Just keep killing until you get 9,999 tokens. Once you do completely destroy the ferris wheel and finish the level. Then go onto another character and pick any level and collect 1 coin and the achievement will unlock after you finish the level you collect the 1 coin on. Don't worry about your health becasue you lose health very very very slowly. You won't even be at half-way when you reach 9,999 tokens. You can also work twords getting your 10,000 kill achievement and your 1,000 kilometer achievement while doing this.

  • In Zack's House, use your cunning to defeat all of the enemies with traps! (on Thriller or higher)


    For this achievement you will need to destroy every monster that attacks you when the monsters break down the door to Zach's house. The game tell's you to use your special melee wepaon but don't. Only use the following traps. There are only 3 in the house.

    Fire Place - To the right of the door where the monsters break in is a fire place that you can lure the monsters into and light them on fire until they die.

    Lawn Mower - In the backyard of the house is a lawn mover that you can activate by pushing and letting it run over the monsters. (recommended trap)

    Falling Objects - There will be objects that come loose and hit the monsters, lure them over these falling traps.

  • Collect all weapon parts in Streets of Suburbia. (on Thriller or higher)


    I wish I could make a list for every weapon part but it is near impossible because there are so many of them. You need to make sure that you double check roof tops and under objects like barrels and boxes. Also stand still if you are having trouble finding some, forks and pipes like to blend in with the environment. Also I suggest doing this achievement on Madness becasue it gives you massive weapon parts for level 3 weapons.

  • Find a way to deal with that pesky Granny evil cat shield! (on Thriller or higher)


    When you get to the old grandma boss there will be a shield of cats rotating around her. You need to equip the flamethrower weapon and burn her cats. Once the entire ring is on fire the achievement will unlock.

  • Can you escape the garbage trucks of death without boosting? (on Thriller or higher)


    In this level where you get into the go cart you will eventually get to a raodway where you have to cross traffic without using the carts boosting ability. Once you get past the third road block the achievement will unlock. I suggest that you get use to the track and build up speed to move and time everything just right.

  • Make a mad dash to Bob Zombie! (on Thriller or higher)


    On the junkyard level you need to dash through pushing on the and go through the maze in under 30 seconds. This isn't very hard and can be done in less than 20. Just stick to the right and keep pushing the dash button. Once you reach the stacks of trash on both left and right sides the achievement will unlock if you did it fast enough.

  • Destroy all those pesky, loud cars in the Parking Lot with your mech! (on Thriller or higher)


    Ok this one is fun and you can start on other achievements here as well too. When you blow down the gate to visit Larry, he will give you a special mech that you have to use to destroy the cars in the parking lot. There will a ton of monsters that attack you everytime you use the missle laucher part of the so be carefull. You need to be sure that you destroy every single car in this parking lot. You also need to get the cars in the begining of the level where you first start out. Also you need to get the big truck by Larry's Garage. You also need to get the small truck hidden on the very left side of the mall hidden in the small side of the building. Once you get them all the achievement will unlock. Be sure that you go back to Larry's Garage frequently to buy helath packs. I suggest going back once you are at 3/4 loss of health.

  • These gold zombies trust you with their life. Show them you mean business. (on Thriller or higher)


    At the start of level 7 when you get inside the mall this stupid lepercaun will ask you to collect 2 of each golden zombie in that level. In order to attract them to you, you need to push . Once you attract them they will have a heart over there head. Once you get them bring them back into his little rainbow circle and they will be captured. Some are hiding in little pedestalls with rings arround them. You will need to destroy them to get them to come out of hiding. In order for this achievement to unlock you need to not let any of the gold ones die. This isn't hard becasue other zombies will only attack you if you touch them. The only thing you need to watch out for are the exsploding zombie's. You need to shoot them before they drop there bombs becasue they will chase after you and detonate on you and may blow up your goldens.

  • Show the monster masses that vacuuming can be fun... by using excessive force! (Thriller or higher)


    On level 8 of chapter two when you get the vacuum cleaner from Larry, you will need to kill 100 enemies by sucking up the trash and moving it around so it hits the monsters. The vacuum cleaner itself does not damage the monsters and you most kill 100 right then and there becasue you will not be able to use it after that point.

  • He's old and grumpy, so try to show him you care by not letting him get hurt. (Thriller or higher)


    Once you get to Larry's truck it is almost time to do this achievement. Before you continue buy some stero's, mines, and turrets. Proceed on into the courtyard and you will have a monsterfest to deal with. Compete this and hurry and place a turrent. This fend off against the monsters that spawn right after this fest. Then move fast twords the bleachers. Destroy the old turret and place another one a couple inches in front of the entry way behind the bleachers to keep enemies from entering. Then take the janater to the door and let him do his stuff. In the mean time place a stero infront of the door. Now take out your Minigun and keep watch and kill any enemies that get through.

  • Show them you're a ninja of the night when taking back what's rightfully yours. (Thriller or higher)


    On level 1 of chapter 3 the principle takes away your wepaons. When you meet up with him again a second time you will have to sneak past him and his monster goons to get to the room on the right of the wepaon machine. There will be times that you will say to yourself I can't make it right there but most likely you will be able to. Use the statue next to the principle and the door to the left next to the monster in the very back corner.

  • Collect all weapon parts on Hell School Rooftops. (on Thriller or higher)


    This one isn't as hard as the first collector one so it will be quite easy. Right before the third roof with the final fight with the principle you will have to get 15 more parts. Those last 15 are on that roof and you must get them during that fight or they will dissapear. Make sure to check under those boxes. Also there are parts on top of the shed on the first roof with Larry's truck.

  • Smash all the gravestones in the hidden graveyard and survive the horror! (on Thriller or higher)


    Ok, this one is a little confusing because the hidden graveyard is hard to find. Basically It is almost impossible to describe where to go so I will do the best that I can. First when you start out head all the way right until you see a wall right in front of you or until you can't go right straight any longer. Then head left and eventually you will find Larry's truck. From Here head south and you should see a cemetery on the right with like an orange light in it. What you will need to do is destroy that graveyard's headstones and a hidden monster fest will appear. Beat this hidden monster fest and the achievement will unlock. If you don't know which graveyard it is just destroy the one to the left as well.

  • Zeppelin Flyer X and The Leprechaun has challenged you to beat his record! (Thriller or higher)


    This one isn't hard but is challenging. On the second to last cematry level you will need to collect tokens to unlock the grim reapers gate. When you are going for the blue one you won't be able to get it until you beat the Leprechaun in a race. You just need to go through the rings. It will take you a couple of trys before you beat him but you will eventually do it. He will try to push you so try to stay away from him and remember to jump. You need to be in front of him by 3 seconds.

  • Why waste ammo when a massive, angry ball of death will do the work for you? (Thriller or higher)


    On the catacombs level in chapter 4 after you beat the Vampires's monster fest, a little bit further down the tunnels there is a huge room with a huge ball. You will need to dash around that room until the ball kills all 56 monsters in the monster fest. You need to do this without shooting a single bullet or using a single grenade, powerups are ok though. Some enemies are slower than others so you will have to time things correctly.

  • Let the monsters know that you're looking after their best gold interests. (Thriller or higher)


    On the level "Road to the Castle," when you run into the green lerpcaugn, you must protect his pot of gold without it taking damage just kinda like the grump old man achievement except this one is a lot harder. This one is almost impossible for you to get unless you have at least 3 people helping you. What you need to do is have a friend working the tank, you on a turrent and another friend planting turrets and radios to keep those monsters off of that pot. If you do this right you should get it. Remeber that the pot canno't take ANY damage at all.

  • There has to be something useful in the castle jailcells... right? (Thriller or higher)


    A couple minutes into this level you will come across jail cells on both the left and right sides of the walls. To open then you need to flip the switch to any color. Then go find the corresponding color on the other side of the wall and enter that cell. Do this for every color and head on. Next right you will have another set. Do the same thing and the achievement will unlock. NOTE: there are monsters in each cell that you must kill.

  • Resupplying is for the weak! Beat the final showdown without buying more ammo! (Thriller or higher)


    Once you climb the castle wall you will see Larry's truck. Load up on every single secondary item and get health and ammo to max. Go forward and you will encounter a monsterfest where you have to fight every single monster you have encountered so far in the game in waves. Go ahead and use only your melee weapon through the entire thing until you get to Goul Gang. Once you get to them take your Mini gun and let them have it. While doing this do not buy any ammo from those ammo machines over by the pillars. You can buy health though. Use your items where you need to keep you from dieing. You will get a checkpoint before the witches so don't worry about dieing and having to start all over again.

  • Bring out the white knuckled driver in you and blast through the escape! (Thriller or higher)


    You must complete all the race sequences on the last level using the boost button on certain parts with each vehicle.

  • See if you can get far enough going solo in the Co-op Dojo!

    For this you need to go online in a player match and make it area, Co-op dojo, and make it training dojo. Do this byourself and beat the first 10 waves. This can be done in about 8 minutes.

  • Grab some buddies and see how many waves you can wade through in the Co-op Dojo!


    You need to make it to wave 100 and beat wave 100 to get this achievement in the co-op dojo. You will never be able to do this by yourself so You need to get 4 people and do this together and make sure that you do not collect 1000 tokens while doing it or the game will end. So if you are getting close to 1000 die a couple of times because each time you do you lose 100 tokens. You have infinite lives so don't worry about that. Make sure to always use monster tokens on yourself because if you don't you will be dieing every 5 seconds making it very long and tiring on yourself. This achievement will take about 2 hours if done right and 3 if not.

  • Get 50% of the total kills in a ranked FFA Deathmatch game!

    In a ranked free for all death match you need to get at least half of all the kills that were obtained by all players combined. This has to be done in a ranked match.

  • Perform all flag captures in a ranked CTF match!

    This one can be done legit but hardly possible. I say boost for this one. You need to make a team Capture the flag match and have 1 person on you team capture every single flag to how ever many captures you set it to. This has to be done in a ranked match.

  • Frag 4 players in under half a second in any ranked match!

    Get some friends and boost for this one. Have 4 people stand in one spot and throw a regular explosive grenade at them. Also set it to 1 shot kills. This has to be done in a ranked match.

  • Try to win a 10 minute or longer ranked Monster Hunter game without being turned in a monster!

    Have a somone host a ranked monster hunter match with 10 people. YOU NEED 10 PEOPLE TO DO THIS. Start the match when everyone is ready and just sit there for the entire 10 minutes without doing anthing. When the match is over everyone will have 1st place and you will all get the acheivement.

  • Enter and never leave the hill in a ranked King of the Hill match!

    This can be done in a solo king of the team king of the hill. All you have to do is just sit inside the hill for the set amount of time. Never leave or jump or you wont get the achievement. You also won't get it if you die, you must stay in the hill the entire game. This has to be done in a ranked match.

  • Destroy the opposing team by having your team win with 100% of the kills in a ranked Team Deathmatch

    Start up a team deathmatch and you need to have your team have gotten the et number of kills without the other team getting any themselves. I suggest boosting for this one. This has to be done in a ranked match.

  • Defeat all challengers using only your melee weapon in a ranked FFA Deathmatch!

    You need to win a free for all deathmatch getting kills only with your players special melee wepaon. This has to be done in a ranked match.

  • Become a flag capping beast by using the flag to kill 4 players in a single ranked CTF match!

    In a capture the flag match you need to grab the flag and get 4 kills with it. Use it just a like a special melee wepaon or any other wepaon and push the . This has to be done in a ranked match.

  • Become a saint and win a ranked friendly fire token race match without killing any other players!

    This achievement may still be glitched but it works for some people. Basically you and your firends need to take turns winning this race without attacking or killing anyone.

  • Take road rage to the extreme and frag 20 players while driving a vehicle!

    While you are in any game type match player or ranked you need to kill 20 players while in a vehicle. You need to do this in 1 vehicle so do not switch or die. This achievement is glitched and so can be done in player or ranked matches.

  • Score 10 frags by summoning homing explosive zombies while in zombie form in a single ranked match!

    This achievement is glitched, I got this in the player co-op dojo. You still need to summon exsplosive zombies but pushing and kill 10 people with them. The zombies go after the first thing they see so make sure they see your enemies monsters to kill them.

  • Don't just hide. Fight back! Score 30 monster stuns in a single ranked monster hunter match!

    When somone is in zombie form just hit them with your melee weapon. They will be stunned for second and then you can do this again. Just do this 30 times and the achievement will unlock on the 30th one.

  • Score all frags using only grenades in a single FFA Deathmatch game!

    Just go into player or ranked and get all of your kills using grenades. Flame grenades do not count they must be the exsplosive grenades only. You must get at least 5 kills for the achievement to unlock.


Secret achievements

  • Beat the game on madness!

    Like the achievement says just beat the game on the madness difficulty.

  • Complete Chapter 1 Suburbia Nightmare


    Simple enough, you just need to complete levels 1-5 to complete this chapter.

  • Completed Chapter 2 Shopping Maul.


    Just complete levels 6-8 and the achievement will unlock after you complete level 8.

  • Completed Champter 3 Hell School.


    Just complete levels 9-11 and the achievement will unlock after you complete level 11.

  • Completed Chapter 4 Cemetary Scary.


    Just complete the 3 levels in chapter 4 to get this achievement.

  • Complete Chapter 5 Evil Castle.


    Just complete the 3 levels of chapter 5.

  • Play at least 24 hours of the single player adventure.

    You don't have to do this all at once it is accumulative. Once you get 2/4 through your second play through assuming that you take your time and play each level correctly. You can also check the online leaderboards to find out how long you have played total.

  • Attained all Level 1 weapons.


    By the time you reach the catacombs level of chapter 4 you will have been able to purchase all weapons. They all start out at level 1 so just buy all weapons to get this achievement.

  • Attained all Level 2 weapons.


    Just keep collecting weapon parts until you are able to upgrade every level 1 weapon to a level 2 weapon. Upgrading does cost money depending on the weapon.

  • Attained all Level 3 weapons.


    Again, I suggest getting weapon parts for level 3 weapons on either horror or madness mode because you get way better parts on higher difficulty levels. You will run out of money to buy weapons so just go back to the parking lot and do the little token trick to get fast tokens to buy more parts and dont forget to finish the level to keep everything you did.

  • Carried all secondary items at once.


    Again once you get to the last level of the gravyard level's you will be able to buy all powerups. All you need to do is just buy 1 of all of them from Larry and you will get the achievement.

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