ELDER GOD Achievement in Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection




    Win 200 matches

    How to unlock ELDER GOD

    Win 200 Mortal Kombat matches (not rounds) in ANY of the three games either offline OR online. All wins are stacked so you could get the following and it would still pop:

    40 Mortal Kombat Arcade Mode wins
    30 Mortal Kombat Ranked Online wins
    30 Mortal Kombat II Arcade Mode wins
    40 Mortal Kombat II Friendly Kombat Online wins
    30 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Quick Match Online wins
    30 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Arcade Mode wins

    Can be done with a 2nd controller and inputting Kombat Kode 044-440 (exactly the same as Mortal Kombat 2011 kode) before the fight. Player 1 presses + 4 times, Player 2 presses + 4 times)

    There is no record of your wins so you need to keep track manually.

  • Hope this is offline
  • I understand match as an online competitive game...
  • I think it would have said Online if it was. Winning 200 matches across all games sounds more reasonable.
  • UMK3, Smoke Infinite Combo. Here we go again!
  • @ 4 No, no. Do real combos like Ermac 14 hits 65% damage. Big boy stuff instead of being ceap.
  • cheap*
  • Wow, are you being serious? Ermac is the definition of cheap.
  • @5 I was referring to what online games on UMK3 were like.
  • On MKvsDCU they had an achievement just like this & it counted for both online & 2player with a friend. I still wish this list had a cheevo for getting a fatality with all players across all 3 games.
  • i would have 9999999999999 wins by the time i get sick of MK2! :)
  • offline???
  • You can always use Rain's lightning over and over and bounce people around. XD
  • @ 12 UMK3 is going to be the port we got for Arcade. Rain isn't in this port.
  • It doesnt specify online... Im almost positive this is total online and offline
  • These achievements are gonna be incredibly easy to get. I'll give it about one afternoon.
  • As soon as this come's out who want's to boost the multiplayer one's with me??
  • MK 2011 has an achievement like this, and it counts both online and offline versus matches. It's probably the same here.
  • Hope it has the same glitch as UMK3. As someone leaves the character select screen the other player wins. :)
  • Only 15 points for this achievement? It has to count offline as well, meaning this is eventual for everyone to have it. Winning 200 online would take longer and warrant more of a reward. Either way, gonna be fun.
  • Hoping it can be unlocked by just playing arcade matchs and such.. No way am I going to stomach playing 200 or so matches online.
  • It unlocks offline as well as online, very easily gotten if you use the No Power code in MK3.
  • Just wanted to verify that you can do this on local multiplayer across all games and also single player wins count I just unlocked it.
  • There's no way to see how many wins you have, is there?
  • No there is not @23. I am in the same boat. I have no idea where I am at, but I think I am close!
  • IIt took me a night of MK2 playing the first 7 fights over and over and over..... you get the point, I get the achievements.
  • Fuck this achievement. Lmao. I hope I'm close..
  • I like to call upon a second remote and let that person die while I kcik butt. This should not be too hard especially with another remote controller with no one using it.
  • Okay for those who need a ton of wins, this is the absolute BEST method: 1. Have two remotes with one being dummy and your on playing MK3. 2. Press start w/ second controller and press a for both (You Kit, player 2 Scorpion). 3. Enter code 000-707(hit a and b seven times w/ second remote). This gives oppoent 25% health. 4. Jump towards player 2 and spam x in air then ground, kills w/ 98 ticks on clock. 5. When says finish him, just hurry and hit the person by moving up and hit x. 6. Press start w/ player 2 controller to play again and repeat steps 2-6. Do this once you have all other achievements since the others require you to win. To let people know, at battle 100 in a row, you play space invaders for some reason.
  • Sorry for the many posts, but I didn't have enough room. Overall if you do the process I mentioned, you can get 2 1/2 battles in. Times that by 60 minutes will give you roughly 150 wins in. I actually got this when getting win #118 in a row. Doing the math it took me 47 minutes. This also helps you keep track on your win total as long as player 2 keeps on playing. I now have 12/12 achievements for this game thx to this method :)
  • Sorry type error, that is 2 1/2 battles per "minute". I'll stop now with the many posts.
  • this was a surprise for me it popped up when i was playing offline
  • So to be 100% clear! Has anyone had this pop up whilst boosting with another conroller? You all say "it popped up offline" but its not clear if thats against the CPU. Also do the wins you get on a ladder count if you dont finish the ladder? Just dont wanna waste my time boosting this last achievement i need if it wont work. Cheers.
  • Scrub that! I had a spare hour and just boosted with another pad. Got it after 76 wins. 100% without any patch. Very proud!! :)
  • How do I know how much you win round
  • do rounds count or is it the whole match against someone
  • read the what it say....win 200 matches.
  • Some online matches, some offline in MK, MK 2 and UMK3. Defeated Reptile in UMK3 for 200. No stupid cheating to gain it.
  • can I use 2 controllers and beat the 2nd one 200 times?
  • i found this on the web Hoping to help someone :) Do this after you've nabbed all the other achievements as they'll count towards the 200. The quickest way: Two controllers. Select UMK3. Pick the first characters that are selected. On the 'Kombat Kode' screen you want 044440. That is to say on controller 1 press RT and B four times and on controller 2 press RT and A four times. Do this simulateously. It's a bit fiddly at first but it makes the next match one hit kill (and just one round too!). Speeds things up A LOT. The achievement will pop right away when you get the 200th win. Note: this can also be done in single player and online matches (but will take a bit longer).
  • finally 200/200 this game!
  • are you kidding me? offline matches count? AND not just against cpu?! why hadn't I joined x360a sonner...
  • offline i hope
  • This video will help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WimKOzOIkIg
  • I don't get boosting achievements with a second controller by yourself... Don't you want to play the game? You need that 15G right now and so badly that you can't enjoy just playing all 3 of the original trilogy of MK games normally. Jesus Christ. Just play the damn game.
  • @Papa Gooch Another self-righteous post on a forum dedicated to "tricks and tips".
  • I will help boost this achievment GT Blood Knight83
  • Sorry if I seem thick, but do the 200 wins all have to be in one sitting?
  • @45 Ain't nobody got time 4 that CRAP!!

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