Super Moves Master Achievement

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    Perform all Super Moves and Promoves

    See this thread on the Midway forum for an overview of all special moves and promoves. To do a Promove, you have to time the execution of your second move perfectly to the flash on screen while executing your first special move. You can get this achievement in Practice Mode.

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  • is this have to be for every character
  • Yep, every character.
  • Here's a tip for nailing the pro moves easier. If you have to input a directional command and then an attack button, press the directions about a second ahead of time and then mash the attack button as fast as you can. It'll activate the pro move much more often than not. Just have to hope you hit it at least once during the correct frames. It really helps during the Kombo Challenges where you have to input pro moves with tight timing at the end of a long string of attacks.
  • cant u get this just by doing kombo challenges??
  • Comment #4, you can get the most of the super and promoves in kombo challenge. There are some that the combo challenge leaves out, so it is up to you to figure out the promove and/or special move. I looked up the list and was working in order and then the achievement popped up and I still had 3-4 people I didn't use, but used during the combo challenge.
  • what a pain lol
  • of course this is the biggest scoring achevoo!!

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