- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 25[1000]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25-35 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 Recommended
- Missable achievements: 5 ["Forever Alone", "Life is Suffering", "Face Off", "Seeker of False Truths" and "Bars Tended"]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

Mortal Shell is a deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. Your adversaries spare no mercy, with survival demanding superior awareness, precision, and instincts. Possess lost warriors, track down hidden sanctums of the devout, and face formidable foes.

Step 1: 100% Playthrough
There are two opposing achievements for getting all the shells in the game and for going through the game with never getting any of the shells. So for this playthrough, we will be getting all four of the game's shells, all of the etching collectibles, and getting to max familiarity with every item possible. In addition, you will need to grind out "tar" (money) to spend in the shop for the 50k achievement, pick all the mushrooms you come across, and work on the combat and miscellaneous achievements. You can use this Youtube walkthrough to follow along and get every item in the game. I would suggest having every achievement completed except for a few minor ones prior to the final boss.

Missables: Make sure you get all the etchings and the Mango in the Seat of Infinity area before killing the boss or those will be unavailable in this playthrough. You can always get them in NG+ though.

The only achievements you should have left before the final boss should be the following:

  • "Felled the Glandfather": Achievement for beating the final boss
  • "Crossed the Threshold": Achievement for completing the game
  • "Face Off": Killing Hadern in the tutorial is difficult when you first start the game and don't know the combat well, better to do quickly on a fresh save later
  • "Life is Suffering": Will be done in Playthrough 2
  • "The Nihilist": Will be done in Playthrough 2
  • "Forever Alone": Will be done in Playthrough 2

Step 2: NG+ (Optional)
After beating the final boss, you can choose to enter NG+ by fully killing the final boss or stay in your current playthrough and free-roam by walking away. Choose to proceed to NG+ if you missed anything in the Seat of Infinity or have any other business to tend to.

Step 3: No Shells, Obsidian Dark Form
This will be a fresh, separate playthrough from the two steps above. Here you will play through the entire game without bonding to any shells, which means that you will always die in one hit. The upside to not having a shell is that you will use less stamina for everything, allowing you to avoid almost all combat by sprinting and dodging constantly. Since you won't need tar to upgrade anything, you can run past almost every enemy, just getting the items necessary to proceed and killing the game's few required bosses. This isn't a permadeath mode, you'll still respawn like normal, but it will be frustrating at times and you'll need to perfect every boss.

Kill Hadern in the tutorial for that achievement a make sure to renounce humankind to get the Obsidian Dark Form right away when the game starts. This isn't a shell, so it won't void that achievement. You'll still die in one hit in this form, but it does add the Hardened Plunge attack to help a little bit with certain situations. Complete the game in this form, and without ever bonding to the four main shells, to get the last three achievements.

This is a pretty nice bite-sized Dark Souls clone. The atmosphere is on point, the combat is fairly fluid (though some of the timing can be wonky), and it's a good length for the price. The second playthrough where you die to everything in one hit will be quite difficult, but if you can nail the few required boss encounters, it will only take 2-3 hours to rush through the game.

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Mortal Shell Achievement Guide

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There are 37 achievements with a total of 1300 points

  • Beat the game without ever bonding with a shell.


    For this achievement, you will have to beat the entire game as your basic Foundling form that you start with in the tutorial, or the slightly upgraded Obsidian Dark form. Be very careful never to bond with one of the four shells in the game. This should be done on your second playthrough so that you know the locations of the shells to avoid them, as well as the layout of the game world and the patterns of the bosses.

    In your Foundling form, you will die in one hit from literally everything in the game. Your main goal will be to beat ONLY the required bosses and run from EVERYTHING else. Since you can't upgrade your shells, tar is useless, healing items won't help, and fighting enemies will only lead to frustration. The only items worth picking up are weapon upgrades. The video below is a great speed run you can follow for help.

    Note: You should combine this achievement with "Life is Suffering" and "The Nihilist" for renouncing all shells and then beating the game in Obsidian Dark form.

  • Defeat Hadern in the tutorial


    You will only face Hadern in fresh playthroughs, so you can't cheese this in NG+ unfortunately, However, once you know the pattern of this boss he is extremely simple. Watch the video below for when to bait his attacks.

  • Unlock all secret lore


    For this achievement, you must collect the 17 Etching collectibles. There is another collectible type called Inscriptions, but those are not required. The walkthrough linked in the Road Map will lead you to all of these, or you can use this text guide if you prefer. There are only three etchings that can be missed in the Seat of Infinity area, as you must collect these before killing the boss of the area or you won't be able to get them in that playthrough. If you miss anything, you can start NG+ and run straight to any etchings you missed to grab them.

  • Pick 50 mushrooms

    You will find a large amount of Weltcap and Tarspore around the game world that count for this achievement. Grab any twinkling items on the ground you come across and this will unlock in no time.

  • Kill an enemy with a bear trap.

    There are a ton of bear traps scattered around the Fallgrim area. If you or an enemy step on one, it does minor damage and stuns for a few seconds as it gets rearmed. You can bait an enemy to step on one over and over until it dies, or hit them once or twice first to speed up the process as only the killing blow needs to come from the trap.

  • Waste your life away with Baghead.

    Baghead can be found in the Fallgrim area by heading right from the tutorial location, past Gorf the frog, and then up and around the sloping trees. Follow the video below to find him. You will need to have a Roasted Rat and Superior Moonshine in your inventory to give him, then choose "yes" when he asks if you want to hang out with him forever. You will receive an ending sequence and then load back into the game as if nothing happened without losing any progress.

  • Become familiar with all items.



    For this achievement, you must find every item in the game, and use each one a specific number of times to max out your "familiarity" with the items. Each time you use an item you will learn more about it and it will be more effective. There is one missable item, the Mango in the Seat of Infinity, that you must collect before you beat the boss.

    The walkthrough linked in the Road Map will lead you to all items, and you can follow this guide to know how many times you'll need to use them to max out your familiarity.

  • Find your first Shell.

    See "You Seem Different…" for more info.

  • Kill an enemy by kicking them off a platform.

    Each shell has an ability called "Recollection of Strength" that can be unlocked which will allow you to perform a kick ability by pressing when you have at least one bar of resolve. There are many locations to unlock this achievement, though you have to knock an enemy into a pit rather than killing them with fall damage onto the ground. There's a very obvious enemy with its back to you looking out over a cliff on your way down to fight the Enslaved Grisha boss, but any cliff will do.

  • Spend over 50,000 Tar in the Vlas's Shop

    Vlas can be found at the top of Fallgrim Tower by taking the stairs on the outside of the tower starting from the back and winding up. See "Purrfect" for a video if you can't find him.

    50k tar is actually quite a lot, but by the end of the game you should be very familiar with the combat and can kill enemies very quickly with a fully upgraded weapon. Grind out tar in the later areas and reset the enemies by talking to a Sester; rinse and repeat until you have enough tar and then go on a shopping spree. Check your item familiarity and purchase things you may need to use more of, and buy the Tools he has to create the balistazooka for another achievement.

  • Parry over 100 attacks.

    To unlock the parry ability, you must free the giant prisoner inside Fallgrim Tower. This will give you the "Tarnished Seal" item, and allow you to parry with . The parry in this game takes about a half-second to perform, as you actually grab the seal off your back and raise it to block the incoming attack. It will take some practice to get right. You can actually just farm all 100 of these off the same basic enemy outside Fallgrim Tower if you'd like, or use it naturally in combat. I'm a roll-dodger myself, so I didn't use this much.

  • Unlock all of the Shells in the game.

    There are a total of four "shells" to be found in Mortal Shell. These act as classes and adjust your total health and stamina, as well as offer various upgrades that you can unlock with tar and glimpses. You can use this guide to find all four of them.


Secret achievements

  • Beat the game in obsidian dark form.


    Obsidian Dark form is unlocked by interacting with a shrine found through one of the crawl holes in the Fallgrim area. Accepting the offer at this shrine will remove any shells you have collected and not allow you to access any shells for the rest of the game. You will now be in a variant of the Foundling form, but will still die in one hit to any attack like the basic Foundling form. The only special move you will have is the Hardened Plunge. You could either do this at the very end of your first playthrough and beat the final boss in this form, or couple it with the "Forever Alone" achievement and beat the entire game without every bonding to a shell. The latter is preferred, done on a second playthrough. Use the video below to find the shrine.

  • Bring a gland to Dark Father.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Jam with a brigand.

    For this achievement, you will need one of the two lute types in the game. The Simple Lute will likely be found first, and can only be played a certain number of times (to max familiarity) before it breaks (though it stays in your inventory which confused me as I couldn't use it anymore). The Impervious Lute will be found later or can be purchased from Vlas, and this can be used as many times as you'd like.

    To unlock the achievement, have the item on your quick slot and scroll to it with the D-Pad, then press when you're near an enemy who is sitting on the ground playing a lute of their own. You can be a pretty good distance away, so long as you can hear their music. If you get too close, they'll stand up to attack and stop playing. Once you are both playing at the same time, the achievement will unlock.

  • Defeat all the different versions of Grisha.

    There are a total of three different Grisha to kill for this achievement. The first two are boss enemies, while the last appears as a normal enemy after Fallgrim is transformed and covered in fog. These can be found in the following locations (and found in the video below):

    1. Normal: Directly across from Fallgrim Tower, out the door next to the Sester. This is your first mini-boss of the game.
    2. Enslaved: Likely the first major boss you'll face, found in the Crypt of Martyrs.
    3. Weak: After delivering one gland to the Father, Fallgrim will be covered in fog. Grisha will now spawn as regular enemies found near the entrance to the Crypt of Martyrs.

  • Complete Mortal Shell.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Defeat Imrod, the Unrepentant.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Defeat Tarsus, the First Martyr.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Defeat Crucix, the Twiceborn.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Defeat The Unchained.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Kill two or more enemies with one shot from the balistazooka.

    The baslistazooka is a large nail gun, essentially. You need 8000 tar to purchase the "Tools" item from Vlas to be able to repair it inside Fallgrim Tower and you'll need "Large Bolts" to fire it. Once you have these, head outside the tower and aggro a bunch of enemies so they are following you, then press Down on the D-Pad to go into aiming mode on the weapon. Wait until two enemies are lined up and press to fire. The bolt will kill any normal enemy in its path in one shot, so if two were lined up the achievement will unlock.

  • Kill an enemy with a hardened plunge.

    Hardened Plunge is an ability that can be unlocked on any shell by purchasing the "Recollection of Knowledge" upgrade. Once you have this, if you press to harden as you are falling of a ledge, you will essentially do a ground pound attack and kill any normal enemy that happens to be below you. There are a large number of areas in the game to get this done, one such can be seen in the video below.

  • Renounce humankind.

    For this achievement, you must interact with the shrine mentioned in "Life is Suffering" to renounce all shells and accept Obsidian Dark form. See that achievement for a video of the shrine's location.

  • Pet Vlas's cat.

    Vlas can be found at the top of Fallgrim Tower. Follow the video below to find him, then press to interact with the cat sitting next to him to unlock this achievement.

DLC: The Virtuous Cycle

There are 12 achievements with a total of 300 points

  • Spend 100,000 tar in The Virtuous Cycle

  • Unlock all Shell Shades for The Virtuous Cycle

  • Max familiarity with all of the game's lutes

  • OP AF



    Acquire 100 instincts in one cycle

  • Return a seed with Hadern in The Virtuous Cycle

  • Acquire all 4 weapon Instincts for the Axatana in one cycle

  • Complete a run in The Virtuous Cycle with the Dark Form Obsidian Shell Shade

  • Fully Upgrade Hadern's skill tree

  • Transform the Axatana between different modes


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